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HTC has posted up a short video on their YouTube page, giving everybody a "first look" at the Evo 3D.  Maybe they missed ours (but you shouldn't -- see it here).  It's 48 seconds of CGI wonderment letting us all know that we want and need 3D on our phone.  Even if we don't, it's still worth a look.  [HTC's YouTube channelThanks, Ira!

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Shadnic says:

I don't believe I've heard of read anything on this subject yet, but are any aspects of the UI itself that will be in 3D? HTC's weather app, for example, would be a really nice 3D touch. Also the revolving carousal effect could look really cool in 3D. So far I've only seen mention of pictures and movies.

crxssi says:

Yep, I asked the same question in another thread- does the UI have any 3D elements. I suspect not.

Carousel effect stolen from Linux's Compiz :)

BlackHawkA4 says:

From what I saw on one video from ctia the weather app does not have 3d ui was not specified.

Nothing looked like it was in 30 in any of the previous demos. I thought it might be that I wear glasses. I didn't see what the reviewers were talking about.

Now I see it! Rotate the phone a little left and right and it is as though you are looking around the objects. Fun!

But 3D is not the reason to get this phone.

The reason to get this phone is that it is a beast.

HTCSense says:

I noticed there isn't any Sprint branding? Launch in different countries?

xcharles718 says:

probably nothing intentional. most phones that are sold by HTC similar to the evo doesn't launch outside of Sprint or the US with the name or all the same features.

Can't wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys. Way to go htc. I already love my evo but 3D? Wow!

Flip says:

Dude u ain't the only one...I'm so mad that I have to wait til summer, I want it noooow lol

slacksci says:

I've never been able to see in 3D but just had lasik on my bad eye and am now interested in getting a 3D display to try to learn stereoscopic vision on. A phone like this might be a good tool for me. No doubt it will be frustrating for a few months.

crxssi says:

?? The entire world around you is 3D. You need need a 3D phone to learn 3D?

fludkilla says:

Honestly I dont what all the hype is about 3D. Not just this phone but 3D anything.

I felt the same way until I saw this video. I was thinking that the phone is a beast but I would have to find a way to turn off the 3D.

But then I saw this video. Turn the phone slightly left or right.It is actually really fun.

crxssi says:

I don't see anything like what you describe in the above video...

likwidsoul says:

For real I hear 3d on a phone and I think you could actually watch the battery drain with your own eyes in 3d lol

Muffspring18 says:

I hear that you can turn off 3D when you dont need it. So you can watch your battery drain slower.

Dark_Blu says:

Ok, the EVO 3D is starting to grow on me. Unless something else pops up on Sprint (which I doubt at this point), then the EVO 3D with Gingerbread is it.

inuchan says:

Sprint will get the Atrix as well. There will be choices

I'm going to wait until the Epic 2 and then compare. although i do find the idea of 3d to be somewhat interesting...

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Shiggitay says:

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crxssi says:


Shiggitay says:

Ahem, and now to post something on topic:

I currently have an Epic 4G running Cyanogen Mod 7 Alpha 1, and it works really well. The Evo 3D has a dual core 1.2 GHz CPU.... I can only IMAGINE how fast CM7 will run on that. I'll definitely be upgrading to this phone in September when I'm eligible. It'll be my first HTC device. I almost got the Evo 4G, but I'm not unhappy with my Epic 4G. :)


Jiggy Widit says:

3D + 4G EVO = awesome geekhood. Sprint's been doin' great by me.

inuchan says:

I am so excited. This is a nice ad as well. Even though the 3D is not my interest I still want the phone for all the other specs it packs.

Is EACH core in the EVO 3D 1.2 Ghz or do both of them share the 1.2 Ghz's?