HTC Thunderbolt auto-rooter

The HTC Thunderbolt is the latest in the line of new HTC products that are less than hacker friendly, and the steps needed to root it have proven to be a thorn in the side of many, leading to the emergence of "easy root apps..  Now I still say you should read up and be familiar with what you're doing when you hack your phone, but if you still need a bit of assistance (or are just plain lazy like I am) Android Central forums adviser DroidXcon has you covered with a new option -- one that includes an un-root function should you find a need to roll back.  He's written a Windows command script that does it all for you, and all that's needed is to read and say yes or no.  He says it's he has ideas to streamline things (hence the alpha tag), but as-is it works just fine and will get your TBolt rooted, or un-rooted, in a jiffy. [Android Central Thunderbolt forums]


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HTC Thunderbolt [Auto] Root and Unroot [from the forums]


Dang, my Shift has been out since January and the rooting all still has to be done via adb and is not very user friendly. I will definitely wait until I know for sure how strong of a developer presence there is on a phone before buying my next one.

Though some may say it is nice to know how to use adb, or you have no business rooting if you can't use it or whatever, I find it is rather worthless for someone like me and was a lot of messing around to be able to tether my phone and remove programs that were forced upon me. I shouldn't have to be a programmer to use my phone how I want.

It would be nice if this root/unroot tool was available for the EVO, but if rooting involves wiping my phone of everything on it,it's not worth it.

I used this on my TB last night. The process is abit long but i am as of now fully rooted. my only heads up is that i was unable to fix permissions from this tool in SU after install (kept getting errors) i went to the market and installed busybox fresh then tried again and was able to give SU to all programs i needed. So just a heads up to anyone who uses this. You may need to manually reinstall busybox from the market. Big thx though for the program!

PS. do NOT hit a key on your keyboard in the term window until you have done everything it asks... otherwise you may miss something and screw your phone up.