HTC Inspire 4G

For all you folks out there asking for an easier solution to rooting the HTC Inspire 4G, some of the world's greatest scientists and nerds are on it. And maybe this will help -- HTC just released the source code for the 4.3-inch Android device (check out our review). In the meantime, keep a close eye on our Inspire 4G forums.

And for what it's worth, HTC's also released the source code for the Gratia and Droid Eris Eclair update, if you're into that sort of thing. [HTC Developer Center]


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HTC releases Inspire 4G source code


Got my hands on this last night at an ATT store. Build quality is probably the best IVE seen on an HTC device. Definitely better build than my EVO. BUT, what that baby battery 1230mah it will suck. Especially since you can't swap for a bigger battery because of the build.

I've had the phone since it's release date, and it's a fantastic device. The battery life is totally acceptable. I take it off the charger at 7:30am and I go below 20% around 10pm. That's way better than my Aria got, and about the same as my old BB Bold.

This makes me incredibly happy that I took the time to root last night. Can't wait to see what kinda ROMS start getting cooked.

I charge my Inspire in the evenings after dinner. I take it off the charger when I go to bed and it wakes me up in the morning. It runs all day without being on a charger until the following evening after dinner when I put it back on the charger again. I'm hesitant to leave it on the charger all night for fear that I'll end up "burning" the battery with that many hours plugged in.

I live on a charger ;( but I can assure you with cm7 I can go 10 hours over wifi blasting my metal through Google music try that with sense your dreaming 10 hours later its at15 percent but keep in mind it was in my pocket blasting music while iworked I work late nights so the boss don't care as long as the dishes are washed and breakfastis on time I do mybthing and they do theirs hehehe