AT&T One X

HTC has (finally) released the kernel source for the AT&T One X, bringing themselves into GPL compliance and giving independent developers a chance to build out custom kernels. Normal folks won't need to download this one, but soon enough we'll be enjoying the fruits of dev labor and get all our flashing on. Custom kernels can make the biggest difference when flashed, and for many folks part of having an Android phone is the fun of squeezing every drop out of them.

If you're a kernel developer, or aspiring to be, grab it at the source link below.

Source: HTC Developer; via Android Central forums

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jcastag says:


This phone has been out for months WTF took them so long

I am started to like HTC less and less as time passes

joshua.worth says:

Tell them to release the ICS kernel for the 9 month old Evo Design 4G

Shadowriver says:

As i see they already relesed kernel for older android, so it does not matter. It's not like Linux changes dramaticly and drivers modules from older versions may work fine without any modifications and if there is any need modifications people can do that, hardware won't change it's behavior ;]

icebike says:

All of the sources released are older than the one on my International version HOX.

There is nothing newer than build number but my phone has for the build number. I suppose the kernel itself might not have changed between these builds, but it seems unlikely.

This is AWESOME! Perfect camera plus CM9 in no time.

Holy crap there's already a Jellybean ROM!

locote25 says:

Im just gonna say the more I look at the HTC One X... I see beautifull design being second to none. Specially the white version..... Samsung should take note....