HTC One Max

'Max' coming to Europe first, with UK launch this week; Verizon and Sprint getting it by year's end

A little earlier than we were anticipating, the HTC One Max is official. So just when will you be able to get your hands on HTC's latest super-sized handset? Well, the good news for folks in the UK is that the Max will be launching there later this week. Vodafone UK will be the first launch partner (though no exclusive deal is in place, HTC says), with the rest of Europe following soon afterwards.

Stateside, the HTC One Max will be coming to Verizon Wireless and Sprint in time for the holidays. We don't have any pricing information for the device just yet, but we'll keep you posted as details emerge.

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HTC One Max carriers and availability


If you want a phone that big, you can't go wrong with HTC. I love the front facing speakers on the One. They'll probably sound even better on the Max

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Without something like the S Pen, big phones are just big phones. The Note series is still the best of these IMO.

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Is it just me or are we forgetting that the Note 3 is plastic while the One Max is mostly metal and has a multi-use fingerprint scanner? Not to bash the Note 3, but I don't think people make a big deal in the difference between the LG G2 (snapdragon 800) vs GS4 (600), so I don't see why that difference should be important here.

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If you'd ever actually used a One you would not ask that question. The difference is night and day with media playback and gaming.

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Why not snapdragon 800? 3gb ram? Just to match gn3 specs? Bad move for htc for such below par specs compare to rivals.

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It's still a good processor despite its age. I still wouldn't have objected to 3 GB of RAM, but the only people who really care about sites are those of us who know the difference between the snapdragon 600 and snapdragon 800 is.

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Exactly. Outside of some high end gaming and benchmarks most people would never know the difference.

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Exactly. Outside of some high end gaming and benchmarks most people would never know the difference.

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Because HTC ONE has less junkies preloaded on it, as the NOTE 3. I believe that's the only reason the two has different amount of RAM.

Yeah the Galaxy series is notorious for being flooded with shit apps that you can't disable. The Note needs every byte of RAM it has just to keep up with how much Touchwiz bogs down a perfectly good OS.

That, plus Sense 5 is much lighter on the battery, processor, and memory than Touchwiz is. The One Mini has a Snapdragon 400, and it STILL flies with no lag whatsoever. The Snapdragon 600 in the One Max is just fine.

Because Samsung will be buying in much higher volume. That means that Samsung will pay less for the same chipset, AND get their deliveries prioritized. HTC is trying to avoid the same supply issues that plagued the One and One Mini after launch. Why would someone want to pay significantly more for the One Max compared to the GN3, AND have to wait longer for stores to have it in stock?

The most likely short answer is Samsung and LG bought up most of them. HTC sadly is a lower priority customer for chip makers.

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My guess is that this comes in at $299. To bad, especially when the note 3 is also that price

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Yes but the Note is still mostly plastic abd the One is mostly metal and more RAM and a slightly better processor won't change that.

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Although not top end specs (or should I say latest specs) Samsung have a winner with the Mega 6.3, although this was more of an experiment in my opinion.
Depending on users needs and the market this was aimed at (not to mention the cost) to most phone buying public the specs wont matter.
I will wait for the hands on by the likes of Alex et al and no doubt the comparison videos.

All the one who's complaining all the time is, the gamers and the YouTube junkies. But, to a normal person who is using his/her phone just for what is important than the games, this phone more than enough.

Agreed, although a phone with a screen this size will always be especially attractive to gamers and media junkies, so being disappointed by specs that are (presumably) a little bit sub-par for gaming and heavy video use is not unwarranted.

"Sub-par for gaming"?!! Have you tried gaming on a One? EVERYTHING runs like butter! Even though the One Max has a bigger screen, it's the same 1080p resolution, so it'll run everything just as well.

Love the design while I would prefer a S800 & 3GB of ram to future proof the device it will be great for big phone lovers

HTC really needs to add a Multi-window like feature for this device to compete with the Note series

I use the multi-window window feature of touchwiz more than the s-pen & i haven't added a newer custom rom over my stock OS because of the multi-window feature

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Even if you are the average every day guy specs on this device is late 2012 early 2013.

That time has past long ago. Htc is trying to pull a Motorola on us that won't work.

Bottom line at the end of 2013 and going into 2014 with CES 90 days away. We will be seeing curved displays, 3to4gb of ram, and 16/20meg cameras.

Htc One Max should've been in out earlier in 2013 NOT LATE especially with the Nexus 5 coming.

Plain and simple the Htc One Max is a MAJOR PASS......

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The Snapdragon 600 was made available at about the same time as the 800. So unless you're stuck in silly little "Richard's World" where there's a huge reality distortion field, I have no clue what you're talking about when you say the One Maxx has 2012 specs. And the only reason the Note 3 has 3GB of RAM is because all the crapware Samsung throws on their phones is so memory intensive.

"and 16/20meg cameras." And yet another idiot who seriously thinks the higher the megapixels the better the camera...

I don't know ANYONE with a Note that uses the S Pen on a regular basis. I want the One Max since it will be better for web browsing, FB, IG, gaming, and video viewing. I wouldn't even need a tablet anymore. T-Mobile needs to pick up this phone!!!

Please AT&T carry this device and dont be one uped by verizon. Only because I want to check it out and see if HTC may have done a Moto snd tweaked the hell out of the lower end processor to make it liquid smooth. I can hope anyway...haha

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