HTC CEO Peter Chou

We're coming to the conclusion of our HTC One launch coverage, so now's a great time to get caught up on all the launch day goodness that we've published over the past few hours. Whether you want to check out hands-on video, in-depth write-ups or just the basic details, you'll find everything you could want to know about HTC's 2013 flagship linked below.

HTC CEO Peter Chou

HTC One announcement

The key details of the new HTC handset.

HTC One handset

HTC One preview

An in-depth look at the next big thing from HTC

HTC One specifications

HTC One specs

Snapdragon 600, GBs, Ultrapixels, and more.

HTC One carrier logos

HTC One carriers

Find out who's selling the HTC One in your country.

HTC One hands-on article

HTC One hands-on

We go hands-on with the new HTC One in New York.

HTC One video walkthrough

Video walkthrough

An HTC One walkthrough from London.

Android Central podcast special - HTC One

Special AC Podcast

Alex and Phil talk HTC One in a special Android Central podcast.

HTC One discussion forums

HTC One Discussion

Hit the forums for friendly HTC One discussion.

HTC One, money

HTC One UK pre-order pricing

How much you'll pay for the phone in the UK

Official HTC One accessory details

Official HTC One accessories

First look at cases, docks and chargers

HTC One upgrade deal slide

HTC One $100 upgrade deal

Upgrade to the new HTC One, get $100 for your old phone.

German Gymnasium in London

HTC One event liveblog

Relive our live coverage from New York and London


Reader comments

HTC One launch day wrap-up


I like the New Camera and Audio functions. But Sense has to go, it looked awful. They are trying to over complicate the easiness and usefulness of android with their skin by adding all these odd swiping and pinch to open functions. Also the widgets like the social media widget and others are NON-Removable from the screen.

Over complicating functions does not make Sense "unique"

it's not the amount of storage that is bothering people, it's the fact that you can't remove it. if you drop your phone in the toilet and it only has internal storage, you lose everything that isn't backed up on the phone. It is reasons like that that will keep me buying phones with expandable memory.

Sprint's network and the cloud don't mix very well. Until LTE is rolled out to more than 5 cities or whatever paltry number it is trying to upload photos and videos to the cloud while still using your phone is a nightmare over 3G.

In the mean time, hmmm, give WiFi a try. WiFi has been ubiquitous for nearly 20 years. Box offers 50 GB free which should save your valuable data. And of course Google provides free access to 20,000 song titles you choose to register. Plus there are many other backup apps available.

Get with it or get over it - hmmm

They really called it "One"? No wonder they're failing. A company that thinks "One" is better than "One X+" deserves to fail. A company that thinks Sense is a usable interface deserves to fail. (At least the camera on my One S is fast; everything else is lousy.)

I think you are the one who is failing pretty bad.
The name is 100% easier to remember especially for the mass users which are not always techsavy. And I don't understand what is the big deal with sense? IMHO it's the best looking interface of all and while it may not be as flexible as touchwiz it is still a reliable interface. And there's always a million launchers you can download

Are you kidding? I think what you meant to say was "The name is 100% easier to remember especially for the masses THAT DIDN'T BUY LAST YEAR'S VERSION". Of all the names HTC could have given their latest & greatest design, they foolishly attached the "One" moniker to it, and the legacy that entails. People that "are not tech savvy" are EXACTLY the ones HTC needs to identify with this device, and buyers that don't read tech blogs are not likely to take time to figure out why this "One" is different than last year's One series of phones. Whoever decided to bastardize this phone with the name "One" should be fired. In fact, the whole HTC marketing department should be canned. They are a big part of why their company's profits are taking a nosedive. If you ask the average Joe what he thinks of HTC phones, you will probably get a blank stare followed by "HTC who?" Why should anyone invest in a brand or device they have likely never seen or heard about?

I think a simple name is fine but the word "One" has been overused by HTC. Nexus One, One X, One X+ and now One. It's confusing. They should stick with simple but should have moved away from the word One as it sounds like some sort of extension of the last phone they released rather than something new or the reboot that they are going for.

You are going to spend that much coin on this phone? It's not that beautiful. Even selling the EVO LTE you are looking at an additional $350+ just to get a phone that looks different. (I know because I sold my EVO LTE and it only goes for around $170) Speed and performance will feel the same I am guessing as there hasn't been that big of a jump in specs in one year.

hmmm.... the specs are published. You seem compelled to frequently guess and suppose when the information is repeated in several of Android Central's articles since yesterday morning as well as many other tech review sources.

A person can re-sign a new 2 year contract and get the new HTC One for $199. for the 32 Gb model and sell their HTC EVO 4G LTE on Amazon for $200.

And is it your opinion the cheap Nexus 4 with lousy camera and lousy sound and no LTE stands in the forefront of cutting edge design and beauty? I suppose so.