While a significant update at over 200MB, the Android version remains the same

Owners of the international version of the HTC One are reporting that an OTA update is currently being pushed to devices in Europe. The new software version is 1.29.401.12, which makes improvements to the phone's camera, audio, and system stability, among other things. Thanks to a screenshot posted by hamdir on XDA Developers, we have the change log and update size.

HTC Zoe gets sound quality improvements, and the camera gets 'parameter fine-tuning.' The Beats Audio 'sound experience' has been improved, and the One gets location service updates. System stability and miscellaneous improvements, along with bug fixes, round out this software update.

If any HTC One users are getting the update, hit the comments and let us know if these improvements are noticeable. A screen shot of the change log and update size can be found after the break.

Source: XDA

HTC One update


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HTC One gets updated with camera and audio enchancements in Europe


one think that HTC fell behind was 4.1 but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
4.2 improved on keyboard, camera app, gallery which obviously HTC replaces with their own software. lock screen and notification improvements are the only think that One misses.

the HTC gallery leaves much to be desired... however the new messaging, keyboard and camera app are all stellar on the HTC One. The One also has its own version of quick launch of apps from the lock screen which is fine for the things i used it for most, camera and text.

4.2.2 also has some nasty blue tooth, wifi and wake lock issues on the Nexus that are still unresolved. As of now i am not really missing 4.2.2 but i may be singing a different tune come google I/O

I got the update on my One, the exact same changelog, but it's named

Edit: the update seems fine. has some nice before and after shots and the update seems to really improve stuff!

It looks like HTC is paying attention to the new One and will be putting out updates as necessary. Good show.

This is what I don't get about HTC, this phone has been out for less than a week and it's getting an update already, umm does HTC even test their phones before making them available to the public ???

I can't remember the model ,but I remember another HTC phone needing an update for Wi-Fi less than a week after being on the market .

I just don't get what the deal is with HTC. . .

I knew somebody could twist this into something negative.

Are you really saying it's bad to get updates? Remeber, stuff got even better. It wasn't broken. It was awesome, now it's even more awesome. The deal with HTC is that they are willing to go all the way with the One, and that's good.

And let's be honest, almost every new phone gets some updates after it's released. So please stop it.

Well said... also, this applies to other products; this is why you shouldn't buy a brand new car as soon as it has been introduced, either

Yep. If the software wasn't ready until this week, and they followed that strategy, they'd now have to put it on all of the millions of phones already produced WEEKS AGO, then ship them out so they'd be ready to sell last week! If only we had a DeLorean that could do 88 MPH!!! ;)

These phones and OS on them were produced a lot longer than a week ago. The OS that is currently on the devices is probably at least a month old. On my last phone, it actually had an update ready for me on launch day.

This is not that abnormal. This happens with most companies.

Please give a break to the nonsense. This is common, and many phones actually have an update waiting as soon as you purchase the phone. Wait, last week the Samsung fanboys were saying that HTC won't support their phones with updates. Now the story is HTC is updating too soon? Make up your minds!

Whoa less than a week?? I guess you haven't realized that this phone has been out for just over a month with a limited release in Europe and they seem to be the ones getting the update. And like everyone else is saying, what in the heck is wrong with quick updates anyways?? I hope they keep them coming and make this already amazing device even better.

This update is for European models, they've had theirs more than a week, It launched in the US last fri.....

Does anyone know how HTC numbers Software versions? My new phone has a software version of 1.29.651.7. Is it the third or fourth number that shows it's a newer version?

Are we sure this is the right version?

"Update 1.29.401.13, according to SlashGlear, will include better sound quality for users attempting to capture memories with HTC Zoe, and better color reproduction when taking photographs. Additionally, the update will address two camera-related bugs that were shipped with the HTC One. The first bug fix will address over-exposure when taking pictures using the device’s HDR mode and the second will fix the corruption of EXIF picture information if a user had manually changed them."

And I have 1.29.401.13 on my AT&T HTC One through the Android Revolution HD 7.0 Rom

@Casey Rendon

Thanks for the post

the HTC ONE had some camera issue, that's why the shipment is delay many countries. They fix it in hardware and now pushing the software update also.

Thanks in Advance

I have 1.28.401.7 in the UK with no update available.
The phone is network unlocked but my carrier is Vodafone :(

just about to test the latest (first) software update in the UK on my Silver One on Vodafone network. Fingers Crossed :) eeek!

All done

Getting 24566 on Antutu single the update that's with AVG pro AV running along with FlipBoard and BlinkFeed loaded up and my loacal train service app and overlook checking devices on my network.

Took a pic on the camera and it made the scene look brighter than the actual lighting the low energy bulbs in the were giving out.

Does any one know how close you can go for close up shots?
I just took an image from about 4cms of rubber foot that just fell off my laptop and it was clear and fully in focus.

I did have a nag before this update about the network staying off on power saving so this needs to be tested.

Otherwise this is easily the best phone I have ever had, love it and still treating it with kid gloves after 6 weeks.