In hindsight, I suppose I should have known better. Ask folks to "Like" their favorite forum post video entry, and soon enough some joker's going to start making multiple accounts to try to stuff the ballot box. And it's come to our attention that it's happening in our HTC One developer edition giveaway. Multiple folks appear to have created multiple accounts. That don't fly on normal days, and it's a damn shame to see it spoil what otherwise has been a pretty heart-warming contest. I've loved seeing all the entries from all across the globe. And with all the horror that we've had to witness this week, a little pick-me-up was sorely needed. 

There is hope, however. We know who's been creating multiple accounts. And those accounts are no longer with us. And we're still going to give away a phone. But we're also not going to use the "Like" method of picking a video. I don't know how we'll pick one just yet. I'll announce that on Friday. But for now, everyone can quit jamming up that thread. 

For those who followed both the letter and the spirit of this contest, I thank you -- and especially those who have submitted videos. It really does mean more than I can express to see the faces and hear the voices of the people who truly make Android Central the greatest Android community in the world. (That's you guys and gals.) I'm sorry a few tried to ruin the fun for everyone else. 

Stay tuned. We'll still get this done yet.


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The HTC One dev edition contest - Let's try this again ...


HI PHILL, I was wondering the same. Some people had even created bogus accounts with the name 'Vote4me'. I felt quite unfair. But now its fine. I hope you will now choose the deserving person.

I agree. This kind of behavior is silly (though, that's the internet for you). Winning a phone isn't that important (even if I do want it myself). Give it to someone who deserves it. I haven't had the time to shift threw the vid's, but i'm sure there's at least one person who sincerely needs it most.

Sorry to hear about that. Good luck to everyone who entered, and good luck picking the winner. We've enjoyed the videos too.

Thanks for keeping things fair!

However you guys decide things is perfect - I'm sure we can all agree just having a shot at these type of contests is fantastic.

Keep up the great work!

I thought that whoever won was that the participant in the video Like the other participant. thought it was a charade catch Phil. because so few would vote in your competitor and thus had tanned but who would win video. lost a week to nothing and they told me it was very difficult to win.

It's even better when you know how people are being caught and you know their isn't a way to avoid being caught but still people will try...

Hi Guys from Android Central! I own one of the banned accounts, im an electronic engineer student and i can suppose why you thought i was acting bad! ok, all the new accounts where coming from the same IP, but in my favor you can verify that any of these accounts is fake or was created for this, i was working with my partners at home using the same LAN connection, i just asked to everyone at home to login using their Microsoft or Google Account and press "like" for helping me to win, and also my mom, dad and brothers did it! so im convinced this is not cheat! and it is unfair that my account has been banned!, i wont move away from Android Central, because i enjoy a lot reading every day! i'm a frikie and maybe that was the main reason why i wanted to win! lol

-I swear officer this weed isn't mine
officer-Then whose is it
-oh it's my friends
should you believe this person?
No,you shouldn't.
and i don't believe you either.

hahahahahahahahahaha ok, you have no proofs to believe in me! but Android Central can probe that these accounts are all actives!! They all have a Facebook or Twiiter Account! im stop talking i know any try to make myself innocent will make me look more guilty!! lol but i want my Mobile Nation account back!! :P

Oh ya because it's not like you can just go on twitter or facebook and make an account with any name you choose.I mean they require you to give them an email address.And we all know how hard those are to create.

but i cant reach more than 200 friend in every account in a few hours! lol and i know they also can see the date these account were created!!

TheLuckyOne4: no matter what we say, you're just going to retort with whatever bogus excuse you feel justifies your actions. At the heart of it, the competition was open for people who were either already androidcentral members, and/or to people who had uploaded videos for this competition.
We could all gather up 100 friends to spam the 'like' button on each of our video submissions, but that's not the point. The point was to get submitters (and A.C. members) to watch, smile, laugh and, yes, even cringe at some of the submissions.

I gladly did so however, and it was a heart warming experience. I didn't have a chance to say this on the forum, but thanks to everyone who submitted, it made my afternoon that much more enjoyable. Cheers to all!

The contest should have been "Current users Vote". If it was "go get your friends to vote" then it's not a quality contest. It's a popularity contest. You spoiled the broth by recruiting everyone you know to vote for you, in the same house, even. Hopefully your video has been disqualified.

should have explained better and Android Central was to choose the winner. lost time and sleep for nothing. enjoyed more than 270 other video participants did it wrong too sad. never participate in promotion here or in Brazil, best I do is forget it.

Will I be disqualified for voting on the videos of the other competitors? someone tells me I really want to gain or attempt to gain.

You won't be disqualified for voting on the videos, since that's what you were supposed to do. However, if you created multiple accounts for the sole purpose of voting in this contest, then you'll get disqualified and possibly banned.

Hey Phil,

As much as I would absolutely love to get back in to developing for Android, and seriously need a new phone... I think that most of the participants agree that Kyle (AnAm85) had the best video and deserves the phone the most.

Thank you so much for the opportunity though, and congratulations to whoever ends up winning this amazing piece of technology. (I appreciate that the best cheater won't win as well!)

Thanks Ryan. I can't believe people tried cheating on the contest. Shows that the old way of "random" winners" is the best way to give everyone an even chance.

I am glad to hear you guys are giving the phone to someone who actually deserves it and aren't trying to break the rules. Good luck to the people who played fair.

Lol. IP addresses don't lie.

And for sure, next time, I'm gonna get the T-Mo girl in my video! In a bikini!

Love you guys, thanks!

IP addresses don't condemn either. Creating accounts within the same organization can often result in the same IP being used. The real issue is that new accounts were being used. The contest should have been current, active users only.

I think it is ashame that there are people who think they are above it all and can do things dishonestly and actually think they can get away with it. I am sure they do it in their lives on a regular basis. I am glad Android Central has the means to figure this out and stops them in their tracks. I love Android Central and am glad to be a member of this great site and community.

Cheaters and Spammers... Two things in life I hate the most... Thanks again to those who played by the rules and didn't create multiple accounts to try and win.

Terrible to hear this happen Phil. But I'm sure you guys will pick a good one. By the way, I hear in the podcast you keep that dusty Z10 sitting around these days. I could take that ATT Z10 off your hands ;)

I did not enter, but I am glad you and the staff are maintaining the integrity of the stated contest rules. Is there a way you can ban the cheaters from this and future contests??

Thanks a Ton Phil. It really shows how much you and the Android Central Team cares about its Users. I am Truly Happy that you have listened to them. Good Luck to Everyone who have put real efforts to take some time out and make the videos for the contest. May the most deserving person Win! Great Giveaway!!!

I'm slated to go get my one tomorrow. I am blessed to have money saved and a job to buy my one. So I hope someone who really did a great job and needs it wins. Don't choose me Phil !! God bless guys

I have been reading androidcentral for a few months now but I just started listening to the podcast and now I hear Phil's voice in my head when I read his articles. I'm not sure how I feel about this. :)

Also, this is my first post from my first Android phone, an HTC One!

Still can't wait to see who ends up winning this bad boy! In a way I guess I can't blame people for cheating....but still its kinda lame.

I too noticed that certain videos were spammed with multiple new accounts. It's a shame to see people try and cheat their way into a contest. May the best submission win...

Thanks Phil, it's cool to see you not lose your big heart b/c of some &+$*!#€π§! It's awesome to see, and it reminds me why your at the top of my site list! [BTW: no, I didn't enter the contest... Just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated :-) ]

The moment you announced that you choose the one with the most likes, i almost deleted my vid, thx for the another chance!
But I worry I wont be in the competition, because i just linked my vid, not embedded. hope you still count me in, i wasnt in the forum like gathering thingie either. so thx from hungary if im in, im hoping.

I didn't enter this contest. And I haven't watched any of the videos so I haven't voted for anyone. But the very first thing I thought of when I saw how the winner was going to be decided was that I should have entered, then i could've created tons of accounts and voted for myself. Seriously, I can't believe you didn't see this coming. This is an amazing phone and the idea that many many people wouldn't try to cheat to win it is just naive at best.

I'm really sad to know that.
But still the are many who followed the rules.
I really enjoyed watching real people from all over the globe running for the contest.
Thank you Android Central, thank you Phill.

Hi Phil, thx for reconsidering the voting rules. For us who put really some time into this, it was frustrating to hear that the most likes would make the difference. Thx again for another chance!
Fred (from the Netherlands, living in Germany)

It's a shame if some people act like this. But event like this should continue in Androidcentral more and more. i have seen lots of people like androidcentral very much. I am personally very my appreciated suck type of event from androidcentral.
Thanks a lot Phil Nickinson and androidcentral, Thumbs Up !!!!

I understand its the users choice to show video of themselves however little disappointed AC asked. Giving up your privacy for a free phone priceless.

In my opinion you should choose the winner by yourself. Just like that. There's no way people will vote without trying to alter the voting process (I know it's a shame, but as you said - welcome to the Internetz). Pick one (or more :>), and that should be the final decision!

I wanted to say thanks Android Central for all that you do. I think you guys had the right idea in the first place, letting the community choose the winner. It just smells something fierce that it didn't go as planned.

David S.

Thanks Phil, for keeping it fair and making this possible. Cheats beat it! Free Friday is upon us :)

Probably the simplest solution is random. Every other method someone will found a solution to win unfair.
I hope you will find the best solution:D
And good site!

Thanks Phil!!!!!

It sucks that people were that cut-throat that they had to create other accounts just to win this contest. It's a great phone and all but who has the time to do something like that?

I would like to thank the two people that 'liked' my video, it was much appreciated :)

LOL cant belive that it ended up like this , but hey its the best option to stop the bogus likes!
means i have a chance of wining really i need a new smartphone !!! help me win pleaaseee....

Seriously? You are going to penalize all of those people who worked hard making videos because someone cheated? Here's an idea: penalize the cheater and then YOU choose which one you like best and give them the phone. If that isn't "democratic" enough for you, set up a panel of 3 or 5 judges and each of you pick your favorite video. The video with the most picks wins. I really hope you are not putting this off because of HTC's announcement about Dev phones taking longer. I don't even remember in your original post about this contest there being any mention of how the winner would be picked so I don't think you are locked into this "users vote" methodology.

Bottom line, creating multiple accounts is against forum rules & automatic grounds when found for ban. Read the TOS/rules available to everyone and you will see what I I say is true. Not to mention when these clone accounts are used solely to gain an unfair advantage in a contest. This had nothing to do with HTC's announcement of delays or anything like that. Android Central will come up with a reasonable solution to picking a winner to the contest. One that can't be tarnished by folks cheating to score a free and awesome phone.

do you really want it? buy it! if you can buy a blackberry or an iphone. haha. creating multiple account? no time to do that :) only shit do that.

I didn't like much the Like count methodology because the first pages are luckier than the last ones. Most of us start reviewing videos from the beginning and few would have the patience to go till the last pages. In addition it would have rewarded those with more "friends" willing to help them get the phone. And even if it's something you can wish for everybody to be well surrounded or socially skilled this didn't seem to be what you wanted to reward. But I forced myself to this exercise asking my close family to Like my vid. While I discovered later in another post that you wanted us only to be part of the liking process, it wasn't mentioned in any place in the thread where we posted the video and probably most of us didn't know about this rule.
In order to remain in the competition I was about to go through public shame asking all my contacts to help me in the Like process, giving them access to my not so flattering video and revealing the geekiest side of me ! Luckily you stopped that and I read your message before sending the instructions that I was already translating in French and English (my family is Italian).

I hope you find something nice that would give us all our little chance.
And wish the best to you all.

I hope to win this little marvel but there wouldn't be such a strong reason to it with all the nice folks in the competition. It's just a dream. :D I just hope to wake up soon whatever is the draw, cause we're spending so much time on this forum. ;) I'll prepare to get outside take some fresh air and enjoy the sunny birdy spring.

Good luck to you all, and thanks again to the generous donator. ;-)

Ahh sick I have a lot of friends who took time to vote for me but I still thought the voting idea was stupid because you can see whose going to win because you can see the post with the most votes there won't really be a need for an announcement. Took a while for me to tell everyone to stop voting and jamming the thread but hey. I also thought it would be a bit unfair if kyle won when I saw the votes, he already has a Galaxy Note II which is a monster so I don't know if he NEEDS 2 monster phones. Noone should get me wrong; my prayers are with him. Anyway, I've already said how much I need the phone. Hope the person that deserves it wins.
P.S Android Central is siiiick.

Started getting people to go through the long process of unliking my post, long because they have to use my shitberry because the link to exact page is already on here so they can log in and out quickly. Did it cause I felt bad that I used outside means ..and I just got told I'm banned...for contest cheating. Can't do anything. Cannot even describe how I feel inside. Could have mentioned that the votes were only to be given by old forum members. Anyway. Whoever wins, wins.

It is very sad that people have created fakes in order to win, you have to try to win honestly as some have done. Phil, as the new winner will be chosen?

Phil, I think you should choose the winner based on the words created by them instead of the most voted, do not you think?

I have an idea since I know you all are pretty busy and can't watch all the videos. Have 15 people(in the company)split all the videos but only assign 15 videos each and then each pick thier fav, and then take 5 people (company) and give them each 3 different videos to watch and each pick thier fav and then out of those 3 videos left allow all the orignal 15 company people pick thier fav and the one with the most votes wins :) . I am not sure how many people work there but I can see this narrowing down the winner quickly :). good luck

Wow, this is truly awesome! I submitted my video one week ago and after the deadline, the rule to win was announced. So I thought I might waste my time since I knew someone would ask all of his friends to vote. I am glad that I saw this news. No matter the result, I love AndroidCentral so much and thank you, Phil!

Please can you provide more info regarding the do we have to submit a new video again ? I would love to be a part of this !! Because I feel this is my only shot to win what is my "dream smartphone" !! Hehe .. Please let us know if there is going to be a new thread where we will have to post ! :)

Can I submit my video now!?
Is there still hope for me to get a shot at this contest!?
Please please respond for us to know !!
Andriod central! This is like the only way I feel I can hav a chance to get this! I am from india, and the phone costs a wooping 43,000 Rupees !!
Well I'm jst a college going guy..if I really get a chance to win this! This would literally be the best thing ever !!!

Hey you, you are coming here everyday to pick every comment from users hoping Phil or anyone from android central is going to express himself on this ongoing contest. But the comments don't grow really fast and you're reading the same ones again and again. Here is some lecture I just found that you might be interested in :
Obvious, isn't it?

How many of us are waiting for the contest results before deciding to buy one (32GB in my case cause we don't have the 64GB here nor the developer edition :/) ?? :D

Hi Phil,

I have a technical question.
I guess this phone is a US version of the HTC One, since you're based in the US. I first thought that this was fine for me, but, in fact, as I live in Europe, I would probably have problems with its 4G LTE capabilities, that I couldn't take advantage of, because of the different frequencies we have in Europe and in the US.
US LTE is on 700, 800, 1900 and 1700/2100 MHz
EU LTE is on 800, 900, 1800, 2600 MHz in Europe
We just have the 800Mhz band in common. And I guess I won't have the 800Mhz band available wherever I go accross my country / town.
What about the other protocols ? GMS/GPRS/EDGE/...
I'd better get one here, fully compatible with our network frequencies. It would be such a shame to have such a jewel without being able to use its 4G, wouldn't it be ?
Do you confirm, we, asian and european folks, would run into this problem ?

Thank you for the great community you're animating. ;)