HTC One Android 4.2.2 update

Instagram in BlinkFeed, new video highlights, lock screen widgets, an end to the black bar of doom - and more

The HTC One has just had its biggest update yet — bringing HTC's latest up to Android 4.2.2 and adding a bunch of new features to the manufacturer's Sense 5 UI — in new firmware now hitting parts of Europe and Asia. In addition to the regular Android 4.2 features like Daydreams, quick settings and lock screen widgets, HTC's introduced Instagram support in its BlinkFeed home screen reader. There are new templates for "video highlights," a new swipe-up gesture for Google Now and and end to the dreaded black menu bar.

We've got a full video walkthrough after the break, along with some cheeky bonus content. Enjoy!

New video highlights in Android 4.2 update for the ​HTC One


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What's new in the HTC One Android 4.2 update - a video walkthrough


Love what they've done in the update, from what I can see in the video they've basically been listening to the forums & improved basically everything people was complaint about but still managed to keep a smooth UI. Still not the device I'll pick up still waiting for the right device for me :-)

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Then you'll be waiting for awhile. As soon as you buy a new device, you'll find something wrong with it and wish you had bought the "other" device. It will be never ending.

That's exactly what I thought. This is not how you do a walkthrough. I barely could keep up. Luckily I don't have this phone yet and if I get it there are better walkthroughs on youtube. But from what I was able to catch this phone is nice and keeps getting better.

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See, for me (someone who has the phone and already knows all of the stock features), this was the perfect speed. I could quickly identify the new stuff from the old that I was used to seeing. So I guess it depends on the intended audience.

I think it might, since the only problem was bothersome enough to trade to a GS4 was that black bar appearing in most games & some app's. It felt uneven, as if sense ui was still in beta mode. so when I checked out gs4 demo version, it didn't have that bs problem. I know how to root it & fix the HTC one to my looking but I wasn't gong to jump into a phone to start routing & flashing ASAP. it was the same exact reason I choose the game over the lte evo that black bar was there & the fact that it was still there told how clueless they were to the way people like there apps to look & feel on there phone. Now I'm hoping that Verizon gets the HTC one or at least the next version with the q Qualcomm 800 SOC/chipset.

The black bar can easily be removed from the EVO LTE. You can change a setting so that the Recent Apps button doubles as a menu button. I have mine set so that a normal tap brings up the menu and a long press brings up recent apps, but you can have it the other way around if you like. I believe this option first appeared in Sense 4.1 (Android 4.0.4) and remained in Sense 4+ (Android 4.1.1).

You also need to remember that the black bar isn't HTC's fault; it's the app developer's fault for not updating the app to the guidelines set out more than a year and a half ago. Some app developers are just lazy or don't pay enough attention to the way Android apps should look and work. (That means you, Facebook!)

You could argue that HTC should use on-screen buttons or use 3 capacitive buttons like they did last year, but they're closer to Android guidelines than Samsung is. By keeping that capacitive menu button, Samsung is effectively keeping an essential part of the Android experience 2 years in the past.

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Thank you for pointing this out! I never realized that that setting would make the black bar disappear. I can finally utilize my whole screen in Facebook and other legacy apps.

Two years, and I still miss that menu button when using a device and it's not there. Maybe that's why Samsung left it there.

Excellent..looking forward for this update asap
Well done htc!!

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I'll have to root if they don't push it out by the end of July. I'm sure I'll be happier rooted, but I've been hesitant lately.

What does cheeky mean to Brits? To African Americans it means rude and selfish.

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I'm African-American and have never heard anyone use that word, black or any other race now that I think about it.

I live in New Orleans and grew up in an 80% black neighborhood and I've never heard that word here.

Seriously?!?! I've lived in New Orleans for my whole life, and I hear it all the time. Example: "That's some cheeky the way she cut in line."

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I think you must be hearing it wrong, us brits would say the same thing but would say "Cheek" not "Cheeky". Cheeky means slightly mischievous or perhaps doing something that is only very slightly rude (but borderline acceptable).

"Cheek" however is outright rude or selfish

Thanks for the feedback, but I've definitely always heard it the way I described.

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I'm black and have also never used the word cheeky but I've seen it used on TV. I think it means rude as was said before. Or bratty. Or something.

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What's African American? Your either African or an American. That's the problem in USA. U don't see Britain's going around saying hey I'm African British.

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Interesting comment, but outside the scope of this post. Well talk more later.

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This is partly true concerning the distinctions in America. But that small issue in nationality titles is definitely not what the problem here in America is...

Speak for yourself. You're not the spokesmodel for the African American community. I've rarely heard that word used. And it definitely isn't derogatory.

I'm not the spokesman for the African American community. I'm only speaking from my experience, and I've heard that word my whole life in conversation, music, TV, etc.

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You said, "To African Americans it means rude and selfish." Sounds like you were speaking for an entire group of people.
You would be well served to browse before posting about the definition of words.

Look you lot, it means roughly 'playfully mischievous', now behave!

I presume the word derives from 'bare faced cheek', which is more akin to gall, but in the UK its use is equally, if not more widely used, in the playfully mischievous vernacular.

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not a fan of how the handles locksreeen widgets...prefer the stock or Touchwiz way...but still a very solid update

Does this update include a fix to the bug that prevents the lock screen from functioning correctly when any accessibility services are running? I've had to choose between running Tasker and a variety of other apps, in order to have a lock screen that works correctly.

Really nice summary of the changes coming.

Sad how long it's taking to get this to the Developer Edition phones.

+1 I use a pebble and it uses accessible access. Means my lock screen is broken all the time and calls answer no matter what you press :-). Hope they fixed this.

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+1. Can anyone with the update check this? Pebble owners with the HTC one will rejoice if this is fixed. And personally I'll be pissed if they made a bunch of minor UI tweaks and didn't fix a massive bug...

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Argh they didn't do anything about the quick settings. It's still 3 actions to turn anything on or off. Swipe down tap the gear icon then tap the setting. Where as before you used to go to the white settings page now you just stay in the notification area area. Samsung did it right when they made the settings available right then and there up at the top. Vanilla Android did it right when swipe down from the right was settings and swipe down from the left was notifications. I don't care about about blink feed it's useless. I don't care about sense it's useless (but then again so are all the other home launchers), I don't care about ZOE it's useless. Damn it I knew I made a mistake purchasing this phone, I should have gone with the Samsung Galaxy S 4. HTC you are useless no wonder your company is failing!

Looks like someone didn't do their research before spending their money. Both the S4 and HTC One are great phones.

Two bugs I'm wondering if they fixed are:

1) Select content in Gallery not always being applied/working when editing themed videos.

2) Setting different background to lock screen doesn't work specifically with Music lock screen. Home background is always used as the default.

Anyone know if these bugs have been fixed?

This looks like a great update. It seems they've addressed almost every small complaint I've had with the phone. Hopefully it retains its speed with the update, as you reported.

Is anyone reporting any changes in battery life with the update?

I love the new video highlights...

but I still want the Benny Hill / Yakity Sax video highlight template...

I'm glad blinkfeed got an update but still don't see anything about plugging in our own RSS feeds, which is one of the things I was most looking forward to. Heck, didn't even see any mention of Google plus.

Alex, you've officially arrived in the blogosphere- the Verge has copied your story!

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Ehh they try but can never update the bad home and back button placement, and poor camera sensor.

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It took me about a day and a half to get used to the layout. It's such a minor detail. It's a phone, let it go.

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Can't wait for this update but I would really love it if they included flash to auto focus dark pictures because half the time my pics come out blurry.

Frustrated still :( First of all they didn't fix the sound level of the mobile which is still high in lowest level. Second thing they didn't add an option to disable Auto Capitalization in keyboard yet !!!!!! And About the new notification area enable/disable feature icons (THE GPS IS MISSING) and i still need to use a GPS widgit :( pfffffffft hTC
Someone who can contact hTC inform them that we frustrated still :(

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Just open any highlight video from an event but option and press select content

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So.. you guys didn't read the link then?

"Please take note, though, the current Gallery will automatically pick other photos from the same event and combine them with your selected photos. Through future software updates, HTC plans to update the Gallery to only include user-selected photos in the Video Highlights."

I want it to ONLY included user-selected photos, which it currently doesn't.

You can do this, but it's a little convoluted. Phil pointed it out a while ago, I believe. You copy the pictures that you want to a new album and make the highlight from that album.

I guess I will be playing with my store's demo htc one when the update is on it since i have a GS4 but damn I gotta say both the S4 and the One are toe to toe one might be alittle faster but the other has higher ppi and so on and so forth I like both I wish I had money to get an HTC One and use both devices daily so I can have the best of both worlds

I like the HTC One, but I must say, I have one major gripe: Android fragmentation.

The HTC One has a superb 1080p screen, but what's the point in having an excellent screen when developers won't create apps to utilise such potential? Almost every app on my HTC One was created for low res displays so they're blurry.

This problem has been virtually eliminated on the iPhone/iPad, where almost all developers have gone 'retina'. Methinks Google has to crack the whip, giving developers a deadline before which they must have converted apps to hi res 1080p apps for phones like the S4, HTC One and Xperia Z or else...

I very rarely have that problem on my DNA, can you give some examples of the problem apps.

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Wow, that's allot of information in a short time. I'd like to see a camera comparison showing improvements made in the picture quality in this release. I'm disappointed with "Ultrapixel".

Can't wait! All the right things to make my phone even better.

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Cool but already had Jelly Bean 4.2 on my HTC One weeks before this official update.

Now,, all this phone needs is AOSPA 3+.......