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If our calculations are correct, HTC just dropped more source code than we've got time for all weekend. To wit: we're now seeing kernel source and Gingerbread updates for the HTC Rhyme, myTouch 4G, Jetstream, Sensation XE, EVO 4G+ (which launched in South Korea), Sensation XL and the HTC ThunderBolt, along with the proprietary binaries for ADP1.

Not bad for a Saturday. Remember that this is straight code, and not flashable updates, so for most of us they're useless. But for developers, they're gold. You can check it all out at the link below.



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HTC makes available a whole mess of new source code


if i have one wish from HTC right now it is to ship their new ICS phones without SENSE as we know it. then simply allow authorized buyers to authenticate to download free modular pieces of SENSE that they want - ie widgets, apps, etc. this will be less work and cost for them, faster easier updates, less problems making sure everything gels, faster to market products, and they can still provide the value-added of the SENSE-exclusive widgets, apps, features, etc.! WIN-WIN! ICS does not need a skin. come on Chou!

I agree completely. Prior to ICS, I would have been fine with stock sense. I like most things about Sense, but ICS changes the game. I came from webOS and love the direction that Android is going. Now, if they could allow you to completely kill an app if you want...

Technically, in ICS you can kill any app you want. It's a new built in feature. Now if that's possible with skin apps or if it won't screw up the phone is another issue. But the feature will allow you to kill an app and hide (but not uninstall) it from your app drawer.

That will never happen. Since Android is essentially the same on all phones except what skin is ruining it. In their mind, if you are familiar with Sense and that's all you've used, you'll likely buy another Sense phone next time instead of Samsung or whoever.

After 4 months with Sense though I'm dying for a Cyanogenmod build that actually works on my 3D. Sense is a waste of RAM, waste of storage, and runs the battery into the ground

I was in the same boat, having gotten the OG Sensation in June (July?). I got a little tired of sense.
You could just run launcherpro? There's a free version which is essentially the full version. I started using it the other week and haven't looked back. It gives me a couple of hours more battery life as well.

Will this allow for better Rom on current device like evo4g? Also I agree with making sense more of a option. I'm rooted now running cm7 and go launcher and I love the extra space and battery life and performance +.
Thanks for any info

Wait, source code for the jetstream was released? How does that work if honeycomb source code hasn't been released by google? Also did I read that sentence right, cuz it sounded like they said it was gingerbread source code for the jetstream, a honeycomb tablet........

So what does this mean... do we have a source code for honeycomb or did they just give a gingerbread source code (Not a developer so wont understand anything if I downloaded it, avid custom rom user though :D)

HTC only release the source code for the kernel, which is just a small part of the overall ROM (although really the most important part). When it comes down to it, it's just a modified Linux kernel though.