Holy cow. Android is finally coming to AT&T. Score one for Android, score two for AT&T, and score three for AT&T's customers. They'll finally get to take Android out for a spin (in a very nice looking package, no less)! Engadget got their hands on an AT&T slide that shows the HTC Lancaster, AT&T's first Android device, in full detail: specs, key features, target launch date, pretty much everything you wanted to know about a phone without the real-life hardware.

It looks really wonderful--an HTC Magic with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. This is undoubtedly the prototype HTC Memphis that leaked with the rest of HTC's 2009 Smartphone Product Map. Go ahead and take a look. We're really hoping that the HTC Lancaster becomes a winner because the QWERTY slider is a form factor that we're really hoping stays with Android.

The specs are fairly typical: tri-band EDGE and 850 / 1900MHz HSPA, AGPS, a 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD expansion, and a “unique HTC social messaging user interface”.  What's a bit odd is that the display size is only a 2.8” screen with QVGA 240 x 320 pixels (as opposed to the HTC Magic's 3.2" screen with HVGA 320 x 480 pixels). The HTC Lancaster will be an AT&T exclusive for 6 months with a targeted release date of August 2009.

Other than the smallish screen, we think this device is solid. It's looking to be a pretty crowded Android field come fall/winter-time. 

hit the jump to see another picture of the HTC Lancaster !


Reader comments

HTC Lancaster is the First Android Device for AT&T


Disappointing resolution. Assumes it has the compass features like the G1. +2 for being on another cell phone carrier. This put more pressure on the other big cell phone provider.

I would rather see some new Highend & Lowend phones than yet another G1 clone. They should either have a large display and thin formfactor (like the iPhone) or be very small, with a low display resolution and therefore cheap.

The resolution isn't exciting but availability on AT&T is. Should massively increase Android penetration in the US market.

More proof that HTC has no love for Android.

There is no reason WinMo should get spectacular stats on their Pro/Diamond while Android constantly recives the left-over parts laying around in the stock room.

2.8" QVGA?? This is unacceptable for a flagship phone in 2009/2010.

This is destined to fail.