HTC-Verizon event

Hmmmmm. HTC and Verizon are having a little get-together on Nov. 13 in New York City.

The invite doesn't exactly lend itself to interpretation, just "come experience our latest collaboration." Chances are pretty good we'll see the Droid DNA, the 5-inch smartphone we brought you the first pictures of a few weeks ago under its Droid DLX codename. The phone has since all but been confirmed through a couple of leaked renders as well.

Set your alarms, boys and girls, cause we'll be there.

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mtmjr90 says:

Do we know for sure this is Android related as opposed to 8X?

Well I guess they could talk about the HTC 8X here as well but since they sent the invite to an Android site I think we are assuming it is for the Droid DNA. :-)

mtmjr90 says:

Yeah, true. But I know WPCentral has gotten invitations to and attended events which turned out not to have any WP news. Dunno if the reverse has ever happened though with AC.

major payne says:

Yes the reverse has happened.. in fact as recently as about 4 weeks ago

rawkerdude says:

That hint of a big red droid eye in the lower right-hand corner scream Android.

mtmjr90 says:

I guess that does reek of Droid branding...

Sparty73 says:

Nice catch.

orlanka says:

I'm not seeing the Droid eye as much as something on the horizon.

romma says:

It is a special announcement that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to the Incredible 2.

steve0617 says:

Or my Thunderbolt...

paulmike3 says:

This is the dealbreaker for me. If HTC comes through and delivers ICS for the TB before they announce the DNA, I may have renewed faith that they'll actually update devices. No ICS for the TB = no $$ from me going to HTC ever again. Clock is ticking, HTC......

steve0617 says:

Which is why I gave up waiting with my TBolt and ordered a Razr Maxx HD. Screw the 1080p screen, even though it'd be nice. I want battery life and SD storage plus I'm going to (now) trust that exec with Moto that said they're going to be better at updates than they have in the past.

HTC talked about ICS for the TBolt in FEBRUARY. Screw them.

Is this better than the Note 2?? I guess I have to add another choice to my list of phones to buy. This is getting crazy. First world pains...

mtmjr90 says:

Once you go Nexus though...every other Android phone just seems irrelevant. The only exception would be those which don't have physical/capacitive nav buttons and which have been unlocked/rooted with support for a CM/AOKP type ROM.

Gotta applaud HTC great job for them. But better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2..NO WAY AT ALL...The Galaxy Note 2 is on a level of it's own that NO DEVICE in the tech game can touch it with a ten foot pole. The Galaxy Note 2 PIMP SLAPS the Lg Nexus 4, Htc DNA, Lg Optimus G, Razr Maxx HD, and everything else for the next 180 days mark that down troops....

kamiller42 says:

Based on what we know about the Butterfly, I would say Note 2.

Things to look out for with this HTC release:

1. Is the battery gimped? Currently, it is. Hopefully boosted for U.S. release.
2. Is it removable?
3. Does it have an SD card slot? (Forgivable if ample memory included.)

What Note 2 has that HTC DNA doesn't is a stylus. What HTC DNA has that Note 2 doesn't have is 1080p. The DNA is also smaller, which can be a pro and con. The pro is that it's easier to handle. The con is it's a smaller screen, which may not be an issue when we are talking screens this size.

osubeavs728 says:

Everything you listed is subjective. A non remove-able battery and no SD card slot may be a deal breaker for some, but for others it's not an issue at all, or may even be favorable. Also, unless there have been actual tests with the battery no one knows how long it will last. Just because it says 2500 doesn't mean it won't last two days with the technology they've put into the phone. Numbers mean nothing until real world tests and applications happen. Just my two cents

nickacs says:

I agree 100%. Non-removable battery and no SD card is 100% subjective, period. Just look at all the cry babies in the Nexus 4 forum that complain constantly about this. If YOU don't like it, then YOU don't buy the phone and move on. STFU, I'm siiiiiick of it!

kamiller42 says:

In that case, everything about any phone is subjective. Even if the phone can place a call is subjective.

The fact is almost everything listed can be objectively measured. Does the phone provide an SD card slot or not? Does it have a non-removable battery? There is only yes or no. It's the opinion of the buyer to determine if those factors are important. In my opinion, they are pluses.

osubeavs728 says:

Absolutely! As crazy as it is to say some people now days don't use their phone to make calls at all, so making a call would be at the bottom of their totem pole haha. To each their own, luckily Android has enough different handsets to cater to people who have varying needs.

I'm sure both the DNA and the 8X will be announced. This will show how HTC and Verizon are working together.

turdbogls says:

What are they thinking announcing a phone on Nexus launch day? either do it a few days before or do it after...not on the biggest launch day for android enthusiests.

but what do i know.

"announcing the Droid DNA with android 4.1"

"murmer murmer, didn't they just announce android 4.2? murmer murmer"

bp3dots says:

The vast majority of Android users don't know one version from another. No point in moving their launch date to account for a very small subset who most likely wouldn't be interested in this device anyway. (Nexus fans)

nickacs says:

LOL, already a version behind on release day.. LOVE IT! F HTC and VZW.. N4, latest software updates and no carrier contract. Big 3 win.. Have fun! LOL

tdesai4 says:

Come to Sprint!!!!....maybe as the next Evo

major payne says:

It's a Droid so it'll be exclusive to Verizon 95% sure

nickacs says:

It's VZW's "answer" to the GNote. Bwwaaa.. Good luck VZW

tdesai4 says:

yeah, but I wouldnt be shocked to see a variant of this as the next Evo when Verizon 6 month exclusivity Evo usually comes out in June/July so timing would be about right...

obidos says:

Dang - the 13th can't come fast enough.


dswatson83 says:

Too bad HTC is sticking with the 1 carrier partnership. Way to shoot yourself in the foot. If HTC wants any chance of not going bankrupt, they need to bring products like this, unchanged, to every single carrier possible. I'm sticking with Samsung because of this.

bryanw504 says:

Agreed HTC doesn't know the winning formula for success, that's why they continue to post losses each quarter. They need a brand like Samsung and Apple. The One series was the answer until they bowed down to the carriers and made it different (except ATT). I mean we know the iPhone and Samsung has the Galaxy line, what does HTC have is it the One X no maybe its the EVO, or wait maybe its the Droid Inc. See no one knows until HTC stops shooting themselves in the foot they will die a slow and painful death. And like you my fellow Android fan I will be sticking with Sammy from here on out.

stevovr says:

a possible international version is all thats keeping me from the nex 4.please santa