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Some folks want BlinkFeed -- HTC's home screen news reader -- to die in a fire. They don't like the idea of BlinkFeed. They think it's a bad idea (never mind not having actually used it), and they don't ever want to see it.

We can grant that wish.

It's perfectly possible to use the HTC One without BlinkFeed being in the way.

The secret? Just don't use it.

You don't actually have to set up BlinkFeed. You can ignore it to your heart's content. It won't use data. It won't use your battery. And it won't be in the way. 

The trick is to set up your home screens like normal and just never thumb all the way to the left to the BlinkFeed screen. OK, that's not much of a trick. Out of sight, out of mind.

Or, of course, you could just use a custom launcher, which a good many folks likely will do anyway.

Chances are someone will hack BlinkFeed out of Sense 5 while leaving the rest of the ROM intact. And that's cool. But that's also more work than not actually using BlinkFeed in the first place.

The bottom line is if you don't want to use BlinkFeed, you don't have to. And it's not at all in the way.


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How to use the HTC One without BlinkFeed


exactly , i only use three home pages , and the one in the middle is my home page , my brain is set to go left and right for the other two pages , and i like the way my fu**ing brain is set , so no for blinkfeed . its not a big deal , true , but its annoying and irritating to have something there that cannot be moved or removed its android for God sake if i want something to be forced on me i'll buy WP or an iphone .it's more annoying than Nascar you can only go in one direction.Don't understand me wrong i like the idea and every thing but i want to control it and i want to be able to remove if i got sick of it . therefore it would have bean great if it was just a widget .

I post this here in this OLD thread because Google shows this post high on the hit list when people search for how to GET RID OF BLINK FEED.

In the newer versions of HTC updates, getting rid of Blink Feed is easy.
No new launchers, no rooting.

Go to Settings / Personalize / and tap Home Screen Style.
Select from among two choices: Blink Feed, and Traditional.


This only works on last year's devices (One X/X+ and original Butterfly). One and Butterfly s do not have this "Home Screen Style" option... Not sure about One on 4.3 as nobody has noticed it but I don't think you can. In the leaked Sense 5.5 screenshots, it seems you will be able to...

Just looked for this.... one HTC One there is no option "Home Screen Style" to tap. Perhaps I need an update? How do I get this?

just the fact that HTC won't let you remove the app from a home screen was enough to return the phone for me. I want to be able to customize a device the way I WANT and not forced into the mold they have.

Out of sight until I swipe to it...

Admit it does ruin the experience slightly. Not a dealbreaker, but its definetely an itch that has to be scratched.

But you swipe to it and there's no actual feed, no news, it is clean and empty. Think of it as a widget. I don't think it becomes that itchy.. :)
I'm thinking there will be a use of it, like having just a sports feed. You wanna check the score of a game, a swipe to left and there you have it. Still, I will know best when I'll get to hold it

Nova, Apex, and ADW are Launchers. Just like Sense 5 is a Launcher. Blinkfeed is only on Sense 5. If you use another Launcher it won't be on there. :)

Nova, Apex, and ADW are Launchers. Just like Sense 5 is a Launcher. Blinkfeed is only on Sense 5. If you use another Launcher it won't be on there.

The only problem with that is you won't be able to use any of the Sense 5 features until someone cracks the ROM and customizes it.

So if you don't like something, say a panel that takes up a whole screen you can't get rid of, just ignore it? C'Mon man!!! That's lame.

Don't buy the phone if that one small detail bothers you that much. I'm buying it whether I use it or not. The phone has too many other great features to pass it over because of one flaw. Name a phone that doesn't have a flaw (except maybe a Nexus which I've never used or seen anyone use).

One flaw... Seriously?

How about no replaceable batteries. How about no expansion.

Here's what HTC is doing. HTC is trying to become Apple. Looks matter more than everything else.

Sadly they'll probably sell a pile of these to ex Apple fanboys who are used to being told what they like.

Seriously ?
I had no idea wtf this blinkfeed crap was when I bought the HTC One.

This absolutely useless piece of crap (blinkfeed) just sits there taking up one full screen, taking up memory/space even though I don't want to use it.

If you could add an RSS - then perhaps it would be a little bit useful.. but at this time, it's just a half-baked piece of crap in comparison to the myriad of similar - but much better - apps on google Play.

Suddenly I realise why HTC is in trouble .. forcing crapware onto someone who's paid the full price is really bad behaviour.

Going for cyanogenmod 10.1 instead .. at least it doesn't force crapware on me and allows me to choose what runs on my phone.

I wouldn't have bought it had I known I couldn't turn the blinking thing (excuse pun) off. Sadly, I only realised that I could once I got it home and I am not allowed to exchange it. Looks like I'm stuck with it for two years!!! :-(

Thanks for the informative video, Phil! Answers some of my questions. I do wish you had shown how to make a screen the home-home screen (still unclear how that works).

Doesn't look quite as horrible as I had originally envisioned. So how many home screens can you have? Are you limited to five? Does the permanent blinkfeed one steal one of those five?

I was waiting for Phil to shut off the screen once he had made the new home screen, then turn it back on to see what it looked like then going from lock screen to the new home screen. Can you please add that step at the end?


I use every screen available in android. This would drive me nuts not being able to actually get rid of it. Granted if I got this phone I would probably put a desensed rom on it anyway.

Blinkfeed doesn't bother me. I've used Flipboard before. The thing is, it gets boring after a while so it's good you can push it out of the way.

Wow oh boy this is retarded. He tiptoes around in the video and opens a bunch of apps. OF COURSE no Blinkfeed. Hey man, try swiping to the left for fucks sake. It's right there and it's nonfuckingremovable. As said above, the brain has been trained to move right AND left. As said above, if we wanna get stuff-fed a feature we would buy an iphone.

Holy mother some people makes stupid videos.

Yeah, these are probably the same people who used to say "You can remove Internet Explorer from Windows by deleting the blue 'E' icon from the desktop." Bahaha!!!!

I wish AC and other Android blogs would start taking these vendors to task for crippling these phones with crappy, non-removable bloatware, instead of being their unabashed cheerleaders. Don't get me wrong... I have nothing against Blinkfeed, except for the fact that you can't REMOVE it.

Excuse me for pointing this out, but YOU ARE USING BlinkFeed.

You're just shoving it off to the side and choosing not to use it as your home screen, but it's still there taking up one of the very limited # of screens you can use.

The author can say that he's NOT using BlinkFeed once he removes it from any of the screens. Then (and only then) will it be installed, but not in use.

Otherwise, looks like the only way to really not use it is to root the phone.

Also, the author didn't show how to do what he did either.

go to top of blinkfeed and thendrag down a little farther. a three-dot menu button appears. press It and press select topics. turn off facebook and news updates. then select update over WiFi only. I chose to leave on my calendar. this way blinkfeed basically acts as a schedule viewer for the day. I like it that way. it was too cluttered with all the news and facebook crap.

If anyone looked at the developers listed at the bottom of the app screen, who also happen to be in France, they would notice that blinkfeed is content news aggregator which is pretty niffy if that is the way you like to review the news. I agree that one should be able to control the screens and remove this feature but I suspect there is some business in the backroom occurring.

For the love of GOD get rid of that blink feed thing!

It is of course pointless and irritating! If I want to know that my friend has updated her status, I'll go into fb and look. When I want the news I'll turn on a TV.

More importantly, I don't care what you say, it IS in the way.

Only 5 screens are available for use on the HTC One and I need ALL of them to organise my stuff the way that I want it. I have now run out of room. I NEED that screen! Blink feed is hogging the space.

Not only that but as a matter of principle I do not want HTC to tell me what I MUST have on my screen. If I am going to pay for a new phone I expect to control it, not for it to control me!!!

Had I realised that I would have no option to turn off blinkfeed and eliminate it from my screen I would NOT have bought this phone!!!!!!!

I agree. BlinkFeed is irritating. Content is very, very limited, and definitely leans left. No right-wing nor conservative news feeds.
My HTC One has only 4, not 5 screens. And one is taken by Lame BlinkFeed. That leaves only 3 screens to organize all my apps, so no room for any custom widgets.
Had I realized BlinkFeed has such limited content and cannot be removed, I would not have bought this phone.

It is easy to remove people...go to settings personalize....manage home screens and there you have the option to remove it , or if in the future you would like it again to reenable it...easy...this is on my HTC ONE M8 im sure it will be similar on the one when it gets sense 6