So you have a modern (read one that has or is going to get ICS) HTC Android phone, and want to restore the hyperlinked data option menu that Apple spent millions of dollars to take away from you? Hell, yeah, you do. We don't blame you one bit -- these phones were made for hackin' so hack them! You'll need to be rooted, and so far this is confirmed to be working on the EVO 3D, the EVO 4G LTE, and the One X, but it's easy to try on other devices as well. Big thanks to steal25 over at XDA for figuring out an easy method. 

Back up your current system/build.prop, because we're going to edit it a little bit. You can either do this on the phone -- remember to mount /system as read/write -- or pull the file with adb and do it on your computer. If you choose the latter, be sure to use a text editor that has Unix line breaks and not Windows. Notepad++ will do the job just fine. What you'll need to edit:

  • Find the line ro.da1.enable=true
  • ​Change it to ro.da1.enable=false
  • Directly under it add the line ro.da1.method=false
  • ​Reboot

When your phone restarts, those links for phone numbers and Youtube videos and everything else in mail and messages should work like we're used to seeing them work, and all will be well with the world. The app associations in settings will also be gone, because you don't need them any longer. It's an easy way to make your phone work as designed, and a big stick in the eye of the goons in Cupertino. 

If you're not sure what we're talking about here, or have any other questions, jump into the forums and ask a few questions. The fellas are there that know what you need to know and love talking about it.

Source: XDA; via Android Central forums


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How to restore the functionality the Apple v HTC war has taken away [root]


It's almost as if HTC was lazy about it on purpose so that a competent hacker could find it easily and write about it.

As long as it doesn't ship with it enabled they're in the clear (I think). That and they probably had it all programmed this way to begin with, they just had to change it to comply in the quickest way possible.

Apple can take away from the manufacturers but they can't stop the users from getting what they want.

For now. As long as they are little fish. But groups like CyanogenMod I could see them target. It doesn't matter that they aren't making a profit off their patent.

It looks like this new change from HTC causes google analytics issues on the tracking side for marketers and app developers. Anyone else notice this from the update?

What blows my mind about this is that this was available on Blackberries WAY before the iPhone was available. These types of things honestly shouldn't be allowed. It's 100% stupid.

+1, but Apple has a bevvy of patents for things on the iPhone that they didn't actually invent. Don't know if they bought them, or just managed to push their patent applications through a stupid (or crooked) patent clerk or what.

Either way, I'm a little surprised HTC lost on this one, since all that's should be required here is to prove the patent invalid by showing that the technology existed before the patent was issued. I'm not patent lawyer, so that may not be as simple as it sounds, and HTC might still be pursuing that kind of avenue. I really hope they are.

Apple can't compete in the market, so they're acting like a petulant child, threatening to "take their toys and go home". The best part is when one of the Apple faithful starts yelling about how "Android steals all their ideas from Apple!" when it's really much closer to the other way around.

I actually like the new association menu. It makes a lot of sense to me. (No pun intended, I swear) Plus, it's another menu that doesn't pop up and distract me.

That being said, giving a big ole' F-U to Apple is always a good thing! :D

If you like the menu then your missing the point. That little menu you like is part of a bigger (two line build prop) issue that has removed much functionality from your device.

Be aware that by doing this you infringe on Apple's intellectual property, and they will go after you!

Just kidding. I've always known that makers can remove the functionality and put it on an app or patch that users easily can install themselves. That's how it used to work with LZW compression modules while CompuServe still had the patent.

You can't stop progress.

OK.. as an Android noobie, perhaps a little clarification is needed here for my sake.

First off, if I understand correctly the only way to get hyperlinks or view HTML inside an email is to do this process which requires rooting, correct? And do I also understand correctly that once you root a phone, the warranty is voided? What happens if a noobie like myself gets a One X, figures out how to root it and does all this only to find out later the device is defective. Then what? No warranty so you end up having to buy another phone at full pop?

Sorry, but coming from iOS this is all a bit daunting but also exciting too since iOS is pretty boring, though to its credit, it's very user friendly and stable. The only problem is its created by Apple, which sucks big time, LOL.

after 30 days ur store warranty is gona ne way most rooted phones like mine the galaxy note as a way to reset the flash counter incase u have to take the phone in for service...they will find a way to do urs as well i would not worry hope this helps

when you root you void your warranty but you can also in unroot to restore your warranty. There are 1 click apps that help you do this in a snap. Usually re-rooting your Android takes much less time and effort.

I'm not sure if you'll see this or not but first off welcome to the world of Android. I've never owned an iPhone but it's nice to see someone converting over.

You're right about Android seeming a bit daunting when you're new. There are endless possibilities when it comes to OS modifications that you can make as I'm sure you're already seeing. You can do simple things like changing home launchers and more involved things like switching roms, although, even switching roms isn't really that involved once you get used to it. Keep one thing in mind there are tons of us that are willing to help you and unfortunately some that won't. Just ignore them. We were all new once and many like myself aren't programmers and may not understand all the technical stuff like some of the hardcore guys do. But it's all good just ignore it and read and ask plenty of questions and you will get what you're looking for.

Now, on to your question about rooting. As other users stated there are ways of un-rooting your device however you should still make sure that this returns the device to its original state. And, rooting isn't the only thing you may need to do. If you want to install custom roms and certain other types of more custom things you may need to unlock your bootloader which is separate sometimes from rooting. Case in point, the Evo 4g lte was rooted very quickly but the bootloader hasn't been unlocked yet to my knowledge so custom roms can't yet be installed. Anyway, how this relates to your question is that you can un-root a device but still need to make sure the bootloader is also locked.

I'm on my 3rd Android device and every time I root a new device I always make sure there is a way out in case I run into problems. There's no need to rush to root and don't let anyone tell you differently. Do what you feel comfortable with, ask questions, do research and wait until you feel like you can get the results you want and know you can change them if you need to.

I could go on and on but you'll see what's out there when you start exploring different forums. Oh and one last piece of info. Don't be a newcomer to the newest customizations for your device. Sit back and be patient and see what the results are. I've witness a lot of problems from users that get incredibly excited about some new feature, put in on there phone and then get stuck with major problems. Wait until things have been worked out, ususally a few releases from the original mod release then go for it if you want.

I have been doing a lot of reading on rooting. I honestly don't care if my phone craps out its cheap. I have tried more then a Few of others peoples ways and no luck. I have Kyocera rise. Any1s tips advice would be awesome thanks

Just an FYI, no warranties are voided by rooting. Old wives tail... Speaking specifically of Sprint, their TEP repair team has a directive to advise customers who bring defective rooted android devices in for service of the dangers of rooting (wooo, scared) but still repair device as if it were not. I have taken my phone in multiple times and never been turned away. The one time I was given flak, I told him he needed to check his Sprint directives and try again...

Happy ROOTING!!!


I'm waiting to root till they have a factory restoration process in place. Until then I'll sadly sit here on the side lines . . . waiting. . .

It does make me wonder about HTCs legal team - it should have been child's play to demonstrate this was prior art and thus Apple cannot validly patent it. And it isn;t just Blackberry's - Pocket PC did this as did Windows CE before it.

Considering these are US patents being abused like this, maybe when they get time congress can draft and pass some legislation regarding technology patents to prevent some of the abuse.

Works on HTC One S, there is a second location this needs to be done in order for this to work properly.

On line:"34" from the top of (system/build.prop)there is the first line named : "ro.da1.enable=true" make this line false and add the second line: "ro.da1.method=false" .

Now go to the bottom where it is listed as: "ADDITIONAL BUILD PROPERTIES" the third line is the same as above "ro.da1.enable=true"
so change this one also and add the second line again.

I'm sure they put this in as a security note to prevent this line from being altered but the method does work, you just need to change it in two places for it to apply.

Happy Apple picking......

How in the whole world could anyone let Apple get away with this? I had this functionality in phones years before the iPhone was even a fantasy at Apple! Several symbian phones, it was even in the Sony Ericsson P990i. I'm glad I wasn't there while Apple was trolling, I'd probably knock some apple guys head off and shove an old Nokia phone down his throat! God! Stupidity sometimes really gets on my nerves :(

So I changed the build.prop file and rebooted but after the HTC boot screen my phone gets stuck on a black screen. Am I doing something wrong?

It sounds like you added something that shouldn't be there, even a random "!" can make the build.prop cause problems on your device. This is a functioning file and certain features of this file effect the functionality of the device so it's important to make sure you don't add anything or take out anything unless you know exactly what your doing.

Go back in and see if you have a space after the line you added in, this will cause a break in the list and depending what's on the next line may be effected. If you ever make changes to a build.prop you ALWAYS make a back up and store it on your SDCard in case something goes wrong you'll be able to push it back in or flash it depending on how you backed it up.

It looks like it's been a while and hopefully you corrected it by now but I'll check back and see if you post just in case.

i didn't find the folder system/build.prop in my phone HTC Desire C
Any help please because i can't open any links that are send to me on WhatsApp or in SMS.

Easiest way I found to do this was install Root Explorer. Navigate to /system, tap the 'mount r/w' button in Root Explorer, then highlight build.prop, tap menu and select Open in Text Editor.

It's important to note not to put in any extra spaces, such as after the last character of the line. I had to do a nandroid restore b/c mine got stuck on a black screen after the HTC logo the first time I tried. So.... make a backup first!

Seems to have fixed links in every app except the browser itself -- Google Play, wikipedia (I have an app installed to view these that worked on OG Evo), etc still stay in the browser. I've tried clearing dalvic cache & regular cache after doing the edit, tried clearing Internet browser defaults, etc.