Facebook is silently rolling around a behind-the-scenes update that brings a slightly revamped interface to the application. While this update is not a market update, it is something that users have been able to force onto their device before they got it officially. To force this update to your device follow a few simple steps and you should be all set.

  1. Launch the application
  2. Press lots of buttons inside the application, while hitting back quickly to back out of it until the application Force Closes
  3. Accept the Force Close and then relaunch the application
  4. Enjoy your new interface

OK, that's kind of the hard way, right? The trick is to make the app check in with Facebook to get the updated UI. (Complete with the little spinning categories thing.) Sure you could sit around and wait for the update, but where is the fun in that? Get to pressing and hoping for that force close, and be sure to let us know if it worked for you!

Thanks, Tobias!

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Mgamerz says:

Um... what?
This is probably just going to end in a lot of frustration...

twdy says:

uhh. go to apps, force stop the app and clear cache...

circustravis says:

+1, this worked for me on my Droid 2.

El Jefe says:

This works.

rosser says:

I was just thinking this LOL

Wicket says:

+1 DInc running OMGB

thesadrobots says:

That worked for me. Didn't even need to clear the cache!

ben dover says:

I opened my fb app and it was already updated! :)

LAYDO says:

worked for me, thanks for the tip!!!

djstarion says:

I actually just logged into Facebook from the browser and when I went back into the app it worked.

iynfynity says:

The updated app sucks, it's like the mobile version fitted at the actual app.

normio2 says:

Exactly what I was thinking, I like the old interface a whole lot better

Except it isn't the Mobile Web version. They look similar, but are not identical. The iPhone version looks just like it. I like it better personally. I can finally like comments through the News Feed.

danielmilner says:

I didn't even have to try. Since the FB app updated to 1.6, it crashes every time I try to check-in.

ARich91 says:

One day I just noticed this new interface on my facebook. I didn't do anything to get it. Showed it to my friend and thought it was odd that I had a different interface than him.

barney74 says:

I already got the new layout, but I was wondering if you went into applications and clear the data and/or cache from the Facebook app if that would cause the force layout change.

I got it automatically at first and it worked for a day or so, then it decided to start refreshing my news feed every 2 seconds causing the news feed to never display anything and look like it was blinking.

After clearing the cache and data for the app, it reverted to the old layout. A few minutes later it went back to the new one and hasn't given me any more trouble.

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if I see the refresh thing happening again.

abi93k says:

Mine got updated automatically through Market. This is Version 6.

A1C says:

I had the new interface two days ago and now its back to the old way. I force closed and cleared cashe but still no luck. hmm....

Facebook app is horrible ....... the mobile site is a whole lot more intuitive


El Jefe says:

This new interface basically IS the mobile site.

FriendCaster is BY FAR the best Facebook client.

AnnLeBo says:

I agree that FriendCaster is the best FB client!! I have used them all and this one works!!

Fatasaurus says:

just uninstall and reinstall

Its buggy as hell on atrix

amnigo says:

Umm...Just click the "Facebook" icon in the top left to take you to the launch screen, click on News Feed, voila. Much easier than making it force close.

tmazon says:

Didn't work for me. :)

amnigo says:

Weird. What phone?

Love those instructions. Wish flashing Roms were the same way. Laughed so hard. Thanks for making my day.

Side note; Facebook for Android needs no help from me for force closing.

Google+, maybe that will get them off their asses to make a better Android App. Don't care anyway, as soon as I convert 50% of my Facebook Friends to Google plus, Goodbye FaceBook!

Cyrilmak says:

Yeah I'm not updating past 1.5.4.... Not after reading the crapstorm of bad comments...

mjneid says:

joedirt2217 says:

Open FB app through Market will work too.

tompro53 says:

I already had it and didn't have to do anything

Easy...clear data in application and then log back in. Worked like a charm! Thanks again AC...you guys da bomb!

weston87 says:

Some how I accidentally did this the other day lol.

RustyU says:

All you have to do is force stop FB and open it again.

adinas says:

What's Facebook?

b_leonard says:

Worked for me but did it on accident

greenlink says:

this didn't work on my xoom, cause it had 1.5, but i downloaded 1.6 on my galaxy tab (7 inch) then used astro to "backup" the apk file, copied it over to my xoom, installed it, opened it, went to settings -> applications -> manage applications -> facebook -> 'force stop' -> 'clear cache' -> opened it again -> Yay! new interface!

vansmack says:

Do you have any idea how hard it is to Force Close an app on the Nexus S?

mjneid says:

OR anything running Cyanogen(mod) i underclocked my phone 346Mhrz and couldn't crash the app.

I am running CyanogenMod, but I was able to crash it because I have a Hero :)

gordol says:

I wish there was a way to get it to remember which "feed" setting to open on. I want it to always open on the Recent, not Top.

El Jefe says:

If everyone really wants a good Facebook app, just download FriendCaster.

Dark_Blu says:

That trick didn't work. No matter how quickly I pushed buttons and clicked "back", Facebook wouldn't crash. NOW the damn EVO wants to all of a sudden be OBSESSIVELY STABLE? LOL!!!

arkarkwin says:

The trick works for me. I am on Nexus One, CM 7.03. Just like you said it would, FC the app by randomly pressing all over the app and restart it. Love the iphone like option wheel.

Thank you.

SteveM626 says:

Funny way to do this. Worked for me on the evo 3d

iynfynity says:

Try clearing the data. That worked for me.

Turbod says:

So really it doesn't change the app much, only if I go into main app and pick News Feed?!? Why wouldn't they change the main news feed that automatically shows when you first open app?

This version has a pages section, but it looks like it only shows you what pages you've liked. There needs to be a way of accessing/editing your own page(s). Is there a way, and I'm just not seeing it? thanks

I was able to successfully do this. I must say, the Facebook app took quite the abuse and was hard to bring down, but I conquered and now I have the new layout!

blaqbird says:

Managed to get this done....then Facebook App ate my dingo.

dousenator says:

I received the behind-the-scenes update automatically and it worked fine until this afternoon when the Feed page entered an unending refreash loop, making the app unusable. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but now it won't let me log in at all.

Droid 2, Froyo.


I was finally able to login to the app and it seems to be running correctly now.

Terrigno says:

Horseshiz. I deleted and reinstalled. It says Im on 1.6 and even installed the apk from xda. I dont see no scrollable wheel. Everything all looks the same? Infuse

working for me now. FB was going slow for me and force closed on me even before I saw this post.

jasonraustin says:

TOO FUNNY!! Went to do as the instructions stated, and realized it was already installed. I must have FC'd earlier to today and not noticed.

Grimmy says:

I had the new interface as soon as the update came from the Market... However I only get the new interface if I select News Feed from the Facebook App Home screen. If I touch the "F" on the Widget (my usual way of launching the app) I get the old style news feed - I have to hit the logo, then select News Feed again to get the new one.

damian015#AC says:

I tried both ways. I had it froce close 3 times and then I tried by going into the apps section clearing out the cache and force stopping it. Nothing. I guess ill just wait for it ;)

AnnLeBo says:

FriendCaster is the best FB Client!! I have used them all and it's the best!!

shoogrrpants says:

Oh good lord, mine started doing this by itself and I thought I was going nuts. I HATE HATE HATE seeing the top news when I open the app and having to change it, but otherwise it's ok. I'm glad I'm not crazy.

c0ldburn3r says:

AH! I want the old one back!!! Since the new layout all you get on your news feed is the comments posted on 5-9 day old pictures and you have to scroll down and read in between older posts to see new ones. On top of that I don't even get the AC posts!! Switching to friendcaster; at least this one is useable.