HTC Rezound

The HTC Rezound is here, and it's the first in a wave of high end devices headed to Verizon Wireless this holiday season. HTC introduced the Rezound today in New York City and we managed to push through the crowd for some quality hands on time. Hit the break for full impressions.

Update: Now with video after the break!

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Make no mistake about it: Beats is the star here. As Jimmy Iovine said during the event, the next step in mobile music is sound quality, and HTC is their partner in that endeavor. Beats headphones ship with the Rezound, which may justify its hefty $299.99 price tag. 

Hardware wise, the Rezound's got a 4.3-inch display at 720p resoultion. One word: wow. This certainly seems like the new standard, but the first time you see it, you'll be blown away. Things look absolutely stunning: it's bright, crisp, and super clear. Impressive. Inside you've got a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Things are smooth as butter but we sure wish HTC was able to get Ice Cream Sandwich loaded before launch. Fear not, though: HTC is committed to upgrading as soon as possible, and I'm willing to bet they're already working on it. 

The Rezound is an attractive device in the same vain as the Incredible line. It seems like the natural next step. However you will notice thickness: the Rezound is a bit girthy. Nothing to worry about, but it's certainly not winning any awards for thinness. Don't worry about weight, though. It looks big, but it doesn't feel it.

Other miscellaneous goodies include an 8 MP camera that HTC promises will blow you away. We weren't able to take any pictures with it but we're anxious to see if the camera lives up to the hype. You know the drill: stay tuned here for our full impressions and review once the Rezound hits the market on November 14, and until then, enjoy the photos (with video soon to come) below.

HTC Rezound HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound HTC Rezound


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Hands-on with the HTC Rezound (updated with video)


Exactly! These cheap HTC batteries are getting rediculous!

How does Motorola make a phone only .28 inch thick & get a 1780mAh & this is .54 inch with only a 1620mAh?

You would think with all the s**t they get about poor battery life, they would work on that.

Has nothing to do with battery or hardware, all software. With my rooted EVO 4G I easily get a days worth of battery running latest CM nightly, when I unroot and go back to stock Sense I'm lucky if I get 5 hours.

I will vouch for that. EVO4G. Rooted. CM7. Unless abnormally high use, I easily get a days worth of power out of a single charge with stock battery. Example: Today, except for charging via car dock for 15 minutes worth of commute to/from work, my EVO has been off the charger and I still have 63% power. I'm sure with additional tweaks I could get more. :D

that still doesn't explain why they consistently put small batteries in large phones with huge displays. Samsung and Motorola get it. So what is HTC's excuse?

The battery is small because HTC acquired Beats, and also because you would be foolish to leave the LTE radio on all the time with Verizon's pricing.

Except Verizon grandfathered most customers. Not to mention the razr, nexus and other lte phones are thinner. HTC just doesn't know how to make a thin lte phone.

The Thickness Is For The LTE Engine.. And The Bloatware.. Remember..You Are Paying Taxes on the Retail $649.00 Price (8-9%) + A Case.. Car Charger.. Car Mount.. Spare Battery = (4G LTE..) And a Dock Station.. So, Your $299.99 Just Hit About $500.00. You Got That Much Money?

lolwut? The thickness is due to the Bloatware?!?!?! Bloatware refers to software hogging up space and causing slowdowns....

no effect on physical size buddy

since when do you pay taxes on the higher price? i just pre-ordered the razr(at 299.99) my total was 320.99, which at 7% sales tax, is 21.00 sales tax on 299.99...where do you live that you have to pay taxes on an amount you're not paying?

It's just that, hype. They're well-marketed and over-hyped crappy earbuds. They're terrible for anything not hip-hop.

Not true I listesn to all music and it all sounds great. Do you even have a pair or you quoting yor rock loving friends.

Yeah I agree. I at first thought the beats headphones were a gimmick, but trust me they sound amazing. And I listen to a lot of metal. I'm also comparing them to my Senheiser in ear and sony in ear 'phones.

you would think but no,the gs2(international)has a 1650mah battery in a 8.5mm thin phone yet the rezound has 1650mah in a 13.5mm thin phone.also if you buy the official samsung gs2 extended battery yo can get 2000mah battery in a 9.9mm thin phone...really dissapointed with htc. i would happily take a thicker phone for bigger battery but the rezound is not thicker for a bigger battery..considering how terrible the the thuderbolt was,i doubt this will last half a day when it has lte and a 720p screen at the same time.

yeah, for all the hype about VRW getting great service, they suck with software updates. Sprint rocks, got GB on my EVO 4G so damn fast.


So do any one know where can I root my thunderbolt and get sense 3.0 or 3.5 with out data swipe and the smart ass comments?

*hands mally_mal a spoon* got it? good, now we can spoon feed you all your information instead of you actually looking for it yourself

So whats so great about this phone? It looks like an Incredible or incredible 2 to me. Looks like added fragmentation to me.

720p screen, dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 16GB onboard plus 16GB microSD. I consider that a reasonable upgrade from an Incredible 2.

Wow! So glad VZ got their crapware on there. I was worried.

HTC needs to get their hardware on a serious diet. Holy crap! Are we sure it's Beats by Dr. Dre? I was thinking it was Butts by Sir Mix-A-Lot. "I like big butts and I cannot lie!"

Am I the only one that hates the headphones icon for when you have stuff plugging into the AUX port? There is NO need for the icon all it does it take up space up top.

"Beats headphones ship with the Rezound, which may justify its hefty $299.99 price tag."

Um, no. That would be the 32GB of storage that the device comes with. Same price as the 32GB iPhone.

Wow what a let down. That thing is way too thick to have the battery it has. HTC needs to learn how to make a nice phone that can be off the charger for more than 5 hours of actual usage. Disappointing to say the least. Plus what good is ICS when HTC is going to muck it up with bloated Sense? Nexus needs to hurry up and come out already!

How does the screen compare w/ the Galaxy Nexus'?

Ditto that's way too thick for that tiny battery...that thickness is ok if the battery were huge...I'm tired of phones that die before the day is over :-P

I bet that screen looks amazing. Can't wait to check it out in person.

I'm still an android purist and would probably get the Galaxy Nexus before this guy, but it would probably be my second option (Sorry Moto, no matter how nice the Razr hardware is, I can't get by the Motorola...umm... "enhancements"

OK in the live blog Andrew stated simultaneous data and voice. Is that on 4G only or is it also possible on 3G. So far the only phone on VZW capable of that is the TB. If this phone can do that I might just go for the Rezound.

That's going to be on 4G only. The CDMA network is incapable of simultaneous voice/data on its own. Only way you can do that with this phone is CDMA voice, LTE data. Which also means that if you're not in an LTE area, this capability is not true.

And before anyone asks, or comments, simultaneous voice/data on a CDMA network is not a limitation/capability of any phone hardware, but of the network protocol itself. CDMA/GSM is like the difference between FM/AM.

Not true. The TBolt has 3g voice and data. That's a great advantage since I don't live in a 4g area. Yet.

I think this was the reason the Thunderbolt was so thick: two radios, one for voice always on and another for data. Since this is so thick I would imagine it is the same.

$299.99 which includes the Beats headphones. So I'm assuming that if I get one without the Beats headphones, it should only cost me $298.99

My DInc shipped with a 1300mAh battery -- replaced it with 1750mAh that was the same size as the original. I believe we'll see the same thing happen with the Rezound. Give it a little time to go live and after-marketers will rush to fill that sweet spot... without adding to 'girthiness'

Meh. Sense is crap compared to ICS. And HTC will just muck up ICS with their customizations. Until HTC gives me a "pure" mode so I can turn off Sense I'm never buying another one of their phones again.

All Sense is currently doing is ensuring I'll have to wait 6+ months for upgrade (if i get them at all).

Um... what phone do you have? I've had 3 HTC phones now, and they're usually one of the quickest to get their phones upgraded. The Evo 4G got Froyo (2.2) within a month of its release. They're also not in the habit of taking twice as long as everyone else to push out updates and recalling them 2 or 3 times over several months before they actually work. Yeah... I'm looking at you, Samsung.

Looks like someone forgot that the GB update for the HTC Incredible has been pulled twice and hasn't been fixed and pushed a third time yet. And lets not forget the pulled update for the Thunderbolt which has since been fixed and pushed. So yeah, go ahead and keep looking at Samsung, I'll be looking at you, HTC.

Ever since I picked up my Epic 4G Touch for Sprint, I am done with HTC. I do not know why people bash Samsung but their new phones are truly top of the line crushing HTC in every way. Also, I thought it was terrible to only put only 4 rows in Sense on the home screen with their qhd screen, now it is even more ridiculous on an HD screen. Why are they not taking advantage of the upped resolution. Why anyone would by this over the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is beyond me. Why would anyone buy a top of the line phone on Verizon right now that does not come with ICS. What a bad time to release $300 phones with only Gingerbread right now.

The Samsung Galaxy S problems seem to be something of a crap shoot. I know 5 people who bought one. Two of them *love* their phones. One had a brief period of the phone going wonky, but he got it replaced and now it's fine. The other two people have *never* been able to get their phones to work correctly. They either constantly crash/lockup, or try to give them directions from 600 miles away everytime they hit Navigation, or simply refuse to ring. I've helped them through reseting and everything else with no luck. Seems like some of the phones get built great and some of them suck. I'm guessing it's a manufacturing issue somewhere in the cpu/mainboard/ram/etc that has a high margin for serious error.

I'm glad to hear you got one of the good ones, but the risk of going with Samsung seems awfully high to me....

Um....I'm sure this phone was designed and manufactured way before ICS was announced by google. The Nexus is the ONLY upcoming device to come stock with ICS, as designed by google. I understand if you're a purist, but honestly, stock Android, at least pre-ICS, is pretty drab. Sense increases the functionality of your phone, and gives us awesome widgets. Stock Android widgets are crap.

Just run Go Launcher EX. I found it is better than Sense and lets you take full control of your UI.

Just because you use stock ICS doesn't mean you can't customize it.

HTC = Cheap Chinese Designed and Assembled Phone! No way. I had the 1st DINC and the Thunderbolt and i'll NEVER go back.

I can say from my Sensation XE (UK) that the beats audio is brilliant. Like I said in a previous comment above; I thought it was a gimmick at first but the headphones are lovely quality, real solid and great sounding, whilst the beats audio mode (effectively just an equaliser) actually makes quite a difference.

So glad I rooted my 'bolt cause I got sick of the bloat that came iwth it. This phone will probably be as decent as the 'bolt which ain't saying much honestly. Can't wait for CM to come with a ICS rom.

I'm certainly happy with my phone, but I love seeing the new ones coming out. I hope they continue the trend of the 720p screen, that's a great move. The red capacitive buttons are a nice touch, makes it nice to have something that stands out, rather than just plain old cookie cutter design (well other than the buttons it looks like a Thunderbolt/Incredible). Good specs, HTC usually has pretty sturdy hardware, looks to be a good phone. Maybe not RAZR quality, but certainly wouldn't be a bad choice. Only issue I would have is this point $300 is a lot for a phone. It was a pain when buying my Bionic (but I'm not complaining since this is a high end phone that will last me quite a while), and with more and more phones with around the same specs, I would like to see the price to start dropping a little. And it will, that's how you compete, and of course Economics...the more people will buy, the more they can make, the less the price will be. So more 4G phones being bought=less premium price on those types of phones. Plus the inclusion that we'll be seeing better LTE radios soon.

OK, I'm going to say it. This pixel density race is getting ridiculous. 1280 x 720 p screen at 4.3 inches???? My laptop's 13 " screen has 1280 x 800...

I wholeheartedly disagree. The recent improvements in screen resolution ...over the last 2 years have been absolutely mind blowing and make a significant difference. Once the difference becomes unnoticeable then sure, ill agree with you, but until then more power to the manufacturers as they march forward in screen tech.

OK, I'm going to say it. This pixel density race is getting ridiculous. 1280 x 720 p screen at 4.3 inches???? My laptop's 13 " screen has 1280 x 800...

definately a very nice device made by HTC one of there best but I will be glad to get the Galaxy Nexus that is and will be the best on Verizon no question...

Smiley-face equilization curve (all bass and highs / no mids) + $10 red trimmed earbuds marked up 10x = Beats Audio

I'd rather have clean audio, true to the source, with my own EQ capability, and a bit more then the usual anemic wattage that most phones / players have.

i'll wait until the most important question about any HTC device is answered: battery life. i have learned a hard lesson from the incredible.

Is it just me or by looking at the icons and UI on the screen, it doesn't seem to have a 1280x720 resolution display?

i think the video is out of focus. Also, whatever screen your watching it on probably does not have a pixel density that is as high as the screen on the phone so you cannot really see what it would look like if your not holding it.

This thing has nice specs but.... HTC hasnt redesigned their phones in a just looks the same.. Im not really intrigued by design, but thats just my opinion. Im sure it will be a nice phone for whoever picks it up

It's a phone, a rectangular piece of equipment. they all look the same. what the hell do you mean by design. According to apple they all look the same and the stupid fracking courts are idiots like you that agree with them.

hes right, all the htc phones since the htc evo have looked very similar. other manufacturers have been keeping it fresh.

also, your little paragraph thing doesnt make any sense. at first you agree with him saying that all phones look the same. 2 sentences later you passionately express your belief that people who think all phones look the same are idiots...

can you actually see 720p on a 4.3 inch screen? I thought you needed at least 4.56 inch screen to see the difference. otherwise well if its clear well who am i to complain, the only thing is the thickness.

Everyone crying about the battery and saying thats the most important spec of the phone r straight up ignorant dumb fucks!!! Buy an extended battery u fucking idiots. Damn retards!! Thats all I hear.."battery, battery, battery". Shut the hell up. Normal person who doesn't wanna buy and extended battery is in their car or near an outlet throughout the day so shut the hell up about the damn battery and go buy ur awesome battery life nexus.

Yeah, because everyone wants to by an extended battery for a device that is already a brick. What would that make it a house?

The only person who sounds ignorant here is you with your post that sounds like you are an immature, whiny bitch.

Doesn't matter what Samsung puts out, they won't support or upgrade them. Good by Samsung and sprint, hello HTC and Verizon.

The Galaxy Nexus is a Google device. That means Samsung designs the hardware, and Google handles the software and updates. No skins from Samsung, or bloatware from the carrier. So Nexus devices are the first devices to get updates (even year old Nexus models) and get multiple updates before most phones get a single update.

So Nexus updates have nothing to do with Samsung.

Call me confused, but why is Verizon, the most expensive carrier, now deciding to release a number of phones at the now more expensive norm of $300? The only reason I can conceive is "Because they can."

I can't see this being a big seller. The iPhone is and has been $200. That is what has set the standard for featured smart phones pricing.

I just can't justify spending and extra $100 on something that has a beefed up equalizer and headphones. Sure some specs are beefed up (= battery killer), but $100 better?

Verizon is brilliant in this regard actually.

They are ensuring that of all the phone carriers they will attract the bulk of the high-income market. There is a high-end phone for every user.

High-end spenders are more likely to purchase higher level plans, more accessories, phone upgrades and apps.

I can buy/make an equalizer app and purchase good headphones for less than $100.

Anyway, if the phone was something so spectacularly original or cool that I must have it, I might be willing to $250. I can't justify going $100 dollars more than I would pay for a SGSII or iPhone 4S. That is a 33.33% increase in price for an equalizer and head phones.

i completely agree with you and to add to your point, it is actually a 50% increase from 200 dollars. Way too much especially when the sgsii seems to be a better phone. havent tried either of them so I cant be sure.

Rezound is Incredible successor = yes. Thunderbolt successor = no. I'd expect the Thunderbolt successor to have a kickstand for starters! A feature that has become a requirement for me! :)

I honestly don't care about the thickness of phones anymore. They are all so thin a few millimeters don't matter. I care more about the width and height of them. Who cares if it is paper thin if the other dimensions are the size of a tablet? Whining about the thickness doesn't make sense when you are going to be buying a phone with a giant screen. It isn't like you will be carrying it in your pocket anyway, at least not comfortably unless you dress like a gangster or wear cargo pants.

Let's be honest here, anybody that goes into a Verizon store and gets this over the Nexus is a fool. A fool! This is nothing more than another boring as HTC phone with Sense with nothing new save for the screen. I can tell you now and I'll put money on it that this phone will not see ICS before 1 February....god if it gets it before the end of Feb I'd even be surprised.

So minimum of 3 months waiting for this to be updated, have HTC slap Sense on ICS making it slower plus who knows what other updates Google will push to the Nexus in that time.

This is going to be the first Nexus I buy and glad I waited for what's coming.

I guess I'll be one happy fool then!

From the looks of it, stock ICS would bore me to tears because, yes I admit it, I like eye candy. And Sense has some of the best candy any eye could ask for.

Besides, some of the hardware specs on the Rezound impress me more than the Nexus; an SD card slot, wireless charging, faster processor, 8MP camera on back/2MP camera on front.

I'm glad there are choices out there for "fools" who don't think the Nexus is all that it is hyped up to be.

Well said. I will be a happy fool as well!

The Nexus is over hyped in my opinion. The specs are not all that great and the only stand out feature of the phone is ICS. If it wasn't for ICS, people would be beating this phone up horribly in the forums!

I like sense eye candy as well. I was originally going to go with the Nexus when it dropped, but after seeing the preview of this device, I am almost certain I will get it when it is available. For what I use my phone for, some of the features of this Rezound are impressive. I especially like the cameras and external sd card slot. I will be looking forward to a more detailed review of it in the near future.

Wow. Color me impressed. I like the Rezound more than I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, this isn't enough to sway me from the Galaxy Nexus. But the hardware on this thing seems to be pretty impressive. At this point, the ONLY thing that the RAZR has in its favor is the incredibly thin body. 720p screens are the new standard and the RAZR falls behind.

Wait... this sounds eerily familiar. Oh yeah, that's right: The original RAZR was also very thin, but also lacking in real substance without any other standout features. The Droid RAZR truly is the spiritual successor. Good job Moto, but no thanks.

1.Galaxy Nexus
3.Rumored) Experia HD
4.Droid RAZR

Beats audio is a scam. Its just normal software dsp which is going to add more bass and dynamic compression to mp3's which already have little dynamic range. And the Beats earbuds are ridiculously overpriced.

Since 3 months now I have read and posted comments about the battery of the resound hoping that HTC will lesson and come up with a better battery the result is very dissapointing .in fact I decided to go for the sensation XE instead and I am very satisfied.

Looks like a Sensation with CDMA/LTE instead of GSM/HSPA+ and an upgraded screen. Whats so impressive about that?