Gameloft - EVO Design 4G

ZOMG, Gameloft says the HTC EVO Design 4G is official! Well, it's at least gone as far as to put it in a drop-down menu of phones that it can support, which either means it's really real (really!), or Gameloft reads ye olde blogs, saw the EVO Design 4G and slapped it in the list. Pick your poison, we suppose. We're actually going to go with the former here. But until it's officially official, things remain officially unofficial, ya know?

Source: Gameloft; via @shapiro12345678 (yeah, really)


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Gameloft seems to think an HTC EVO Design 4G is on the way


Gameloft: A company that believes you should re-purchase the games you already paid for, each time you upgrade your phone.

Also, you cannot find costs for their games until you have entered your payment information. Classy.

this is already talked about and they fixed their DRM problems if you open a support ticket of the games you purchased they will email you for the right version for your phone without the need to buy a new one. i have to go through customer support? thats retarded, i have a wonderful idea! make it available on the market or amazon appstore more people will download it and tada!

I know this is an old thread now, but I did recently contact Gameloft and they told me to re-purchase the product if I wanted to play it on a tablet. I bought the game directly through Gameloft, not in the market.

Either way, it's really lame.

Gameloft is horrible. So I guess on my 3D the ONLY games that work are the 3D games? I'm sure nothing else works at all, right?

I've spent 2 bucks on Gameloft and that's all they'll ever get from me because they have no clue how to sell games.

Gameloft is nothing but garbage, when I 1st got my EVO 4G, I paid with my credit card and bought NOVA. A few months later my screen stopped working so Sprint sent me a new one, when I went online to gameloft to redownload nova it said my name, email address and phone # was invalid. I bitched gameloft out. They gave me a download link for it. A few more months after they started the payment to my Sprint bill method, I lost my phone and used the insurance to get a new one. Again gameloft showed only 2 of the five games I purchased on their site and said they could not find any record for the other 3 games using my name, email, and phone #. They are a bunch of rip offs and I advise people NOT to use them until they start putting their games into the Android market.

I have the same problem with buying on their site. Plus I also have problem on some of the game I purchased from the market, since they remove the driod X from their support list on some of the game.