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During our hands-on with the new HTC devices, there was one phone sitting on the table, staring at us the whole time. And staring at some of us harder than others. And that phone was none other than the HTC Merge. And being the good employee that I am -- that and the fact that I've already crawled all over the thing many moons ago -- it was time to give up the Merge to the man himself, Dieter Bohn. Namaste.


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Fifty seconds with the HTC Merge


it doesn't, its the same merge phil played with months ago. But oh wow the Unicorn made another quick appearance only to disappear again without any details of where we can find it.

I wonder how the HTC people felt standing with the man that played with that phone months before they did lol.

Going to one of these mobiel events is definitely something I want to do beffore I die. How much are guest passes for things like this? If there are any. Haha.

I love his reaction (whoever the other guy is, Bohn?) when he realizes its the Merge. Thing is like a legend, some mythical beast that someone sees every now and then. Funny it was just sitting there!

Er, Dieter is The Man. Head of Smartphone Experts. And I've been waiting for this phone forever. Just bought the TB tho, so I guess I can be happy without a physical keyboard. Sure is nice looking tho.

How is the soft keyboard on the TB? I'm a former AT&T Tilt and current Touch Pro2 user, and my main hesitation with the TB is the lack of hardware keyboard. Since you wanted the Merge, you're probably like me in wanting a keyboard. How has your experience been so far? Thanks!

That is a sweet looking phone, the design shits on the OG Droid. That keyboard is hot and the brushed metal behind it is sweet. I wouldnt but this phone though but it looks sweet.

What the hell is the point of this video?? No one ever has a date, no one ever has a definitive answer on who if anyone will EVER carry this phone. I heard about this phone from an HTC employee in May of 2010. Its nearly a year later and this thing is still not out. I just dont get the point of putting the video out unless you have some answers.

Very nice build and keyboard but the release seems too late......unless you are looking for a mid range device. Too bad it isn't larger screen with stock android and a newer processor.

Go to Alltel and type in zip code 31021, there it is. Available for pre-order on March 28.

i just tried that, and wow so its def going to be on alltell so thats 1 carrier that we know for sure now, though once its there if i dont see it anywhere else ill just buy it from them and use it on VZW.

This phone with today's specs would be boner.

Not that it's a slouch, it'll just be left behind and outdated quicker than some recent phones.

Basically the exact same phone as my EVO Shift. It runs everything I can throw at it flawlessly and gets 2 days of battery during my normal use if I am not playing games on it. If I want I can overclock it to 1.8GHZ though there isn't really a point other than to brag or to get worse battery life since it can do everything great at stock speed.

I'd rather not be one of the early adopters of a dual core phone anyway since next year they will probably be so much better as far as battery life and performance is concerned. There might also be an app or two that can make use of it more than anything today. Right now pretty much even the bottom of the barrel smart phone can run basically anything in the market making processor choice rather pointless. Screen quality and how the phone looks and feels should be priority number one for anyone buying a phone right now. The processor doesn't really make a noticeable difference other than in benchmarks for bragging rights or whatever.

So you like the Shift? I've been thinking about it, especially considering that Sprint is taking away my upgrade on April 1 because I won't be a Gold Premier member.

Do we know for sure if the Merge's screen is bigger than the Shift's? I've read that the Shift's is 3.6 and the Merge's is 3.8. I find that hard to believe since they're essentially the same phone.

I just looked at the specs of the Shift, Merge and G2. All have different screen sizes: Shift's is 3.6, G2's is 3.7, and Merge's is 3.8. Interesting. Definitely makes going with the Merge over the Shift a good call, especially since it's a world phone. Now Verizon just has to release it.