After launching exclusively in the US earlier this month, Facebook's Snapchat competitor service Slingshot is now available globally.

The ephemeral photo sharing service handles messages slightly differently to Snapchat. To view an incoming image, you have to send an image back to the sender, without which you cannot view the message. Messages disappear shortly after they've been viewed, and are fully erased from Facebook's servers within a month even if they aren't.

However, users do not get a notification if someone takes a screenshot of the image they sent, a feature that is available in Snapchat. What Slingshot has, instead, is the ability to selectively send pictures to one, many or all contacts you've recently "slinged" with.

Sounds interesting? Head on over to the Play Store to give Slingshot a go, and let us know what you think.


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Facebook's Slingshot app is now available worldwide


Snapchat allows you to send an image to multiple recipients at once too. Can't see why anyone would switch to this from Snapchat.

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That it does indeed. Wanted to say that you can selectively share or send an image to all contacts at once. Changed the wording to reflect that.

After reading the reviews it sounds like you have to create a new acct. It doesn't make sense that you couldn't use your Facebook acct and have access to all of your fb contacts. All of the reviews are pretty negative

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If someone sends me something, it's pretty obvious they want me to see it. Why the **** do I have to send something back BEFORE I can view what they sent? That is the most asinine "feature" I've heard of in quite a long time.

Horrible account and I have to give my phone number??? Not going to happen...deleted the app..

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Normally i am always in pretty much every media involved of obvious reasons. But i never found snapchat and such interesting. Just plain stupid to be honest. And this one isnt any different.

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