Facebook on Android

Zing! And just like that, Facebook for Android just got an update that bumps it up to version 1.6.0. The changelog on Market reads:

  • Added Pages
  • News Feed improvements
  • Added the ability to upload videos

Oh yeah, and while you're at it. Instead of accepting that friend request from your old stalker relationship from high school, why don't you go ahead and "Like" Android Central on Facebook.

Android Market Link: Facebook Thanks, LGiusti84!


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Facebook update bumps it to version 1.6.0


What do you mean!? You can upload videos directly to Facebook now!

That's all this app was missing. Now they just need to add a bit more stability, decrease loading time (I have a 30mbps connection and still slow),add ability to go to your "liked" pages, and add ability to tag friends in comments as well.

pretty pathetic it shows that it is incompatible with the xoom now. thanks facebook team for absolutely NOTHING. IDIOTS

I've been searching and searching but I cannot find pages at all!Everything looks the exact same - 1.6.1 I'm sure will be on its way soon when they realize this

I believe what Slinky is referring to is notifications ala iPhone and BB has or other apps for Android such as Foursquare, Email, SMS etc. Yes, when you open the app, you may get notifications, but push ...not so much. (Unless you include messages, friend requests and event invites) We would like to see TRUE push notifications.

Yes you can video download now. Notifications work. Seems faster then friendcaster at least on my g2x. other then that nothing new really. And the facebook friends sync is quite nice that is what friendstcaster missed. Anyway i gonna give this a try and see if it can replace friendscaster now.

Never worked well on the Xoom, and I think they took it out of the market entirely for tablets. I dont see it anymore and can't update the app on my Xoom

I updated on my Incredible, but when i went update it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, Facebook is no longer appearing in the market. Is anyone else on a tablet able to see it on the market?

Where the hell is pages? This raggedy piece of crap. Also, when I click a notification, I don't see the latest comments when the post loads.

I've been having the same problem before this update. Latest comments wont show when I click on the notification. I have to go to the profile its on and click the status to see it. Then it will appear in the notifications like normal :/

People complaining about the pages not working, if its like the pages for mobile and iphone, they only show up if you are the admin of a facebook page.

The android facebook app is crap. They need to fix massive amounts of bugs and get their shizit together.

Why is this app so much worse than the iOS Facebook app? You would think that the most popular mobile OS in the US would have the best app of the most popular website in the US.

it's because the iOS one from the beginning was made by FB where as the Android one was purchased by FB and taken over.. IMO they need to scap it all and start from the beginning and add dang push notifications!!! how hard is that on Android?!?! I mean really...

They seem to have fixed the notifications, widget, and refresh interval. None of those used to work on the t-bolt. I can't wait for the gingerbread update to break all of it again.

Everyone with a Honeycomb tablet should go one-star those sorry punks for taking away access for tablets! Not that the app is any good, or ever will be.

The only new thing I've noticed about pages is that if you click their profile pic in your news feed to go to their timeline, you can click the Info tab and see their profile info. Before it would just give an error. I was expecting to be able to see a list of Pages i like just like I can see my friends.

do you guys read what friendcaster has access to??? to your inbox messages, can rsvp your events, to your data when your offline and a whole bunch of other shit, that developer is enjoying all your information lol

I've always received the notifications on my Droid X. But I'm not going to install this update after what I've read. I've been excited and looking forward to this update so it's disappointing.

I've given up on the facebook app. Push notifications not working, conversations not closing or showing up period is ridiculous.

ya'll got mad hate for the app.. I think it's decent considering the alternatives... nothing can come close except for "Friend caster" which still leaves a bit to be desired. I still give the official Facebook the edge when it comes to raw functionality with the least bugs.

Yes I do have "mad hate". Facebook is slacking on so many levels with Android. They have had plenty of time to give us a application that actually works correctly.

I understands people's feelings about Facebook app. The fact that FriendCaster does 98% of the stuff better than the FB app is a big deal. If it wasn't for the issue of FriendCaster not showing everything (big issue) it would replace FB in every way.

I was hoping for a UI change as well...took so long you would think they would have done more...

I'm was a friend of FriendCaster just like so many other on here. Thats until I realized I wasn't getting all the updates that that were happening with my friends. The developer has said that Facebook's privacy settings willkeep you from seeing some of your friends. So all you FriendCaster users might want to doublecheck that you're seeing everything.

The "official"fb fb app never showed me everything either. Messages were broken, video sucks, notifications are horrible, sorry but friendcaster does everything better.

I never had a problem with not seeing people on the official app. FriendCaster is a whole different story. Whole people cease to exist because of it. While overall I do thin FriendCaster is a better all than the official Facebook one not being able to see people and worse family members, is a deal breaker. Its like having the best sports car ever but only having 3 wheels for it.

Sharing a YouTube video, broken. It just posts a link in the comment box rather than the thumbnail. Nothing that I've posted in the last day or so shows up in my profile (within the app), and refresh is grayed out. Clicking on an unopened notification simply refreshes the notifications list.

Holy friendcaster! Thanks to the central peeps and a big thx to facebook for releasing such horrible updates cause I found this app insted. Blows the "official" fb app away!

Nobody will probably read this, but an improved Facebook layout was silently pushed to Android devices about an hour ago. Now the app is pretty much as good as the iOS Facebook app, if not better. :D

Looks like they updated the News Feed quietly, as Tkun mentioned. I love it, except it doesn't always take you all the way to the top of the page. I'm also sick of people saying it directs you to the Mobile Web page. It's still the FB app, but it's been revamped to look close to the Mobile and the iOS versions. You can now like comments. Still no Pages, though.

On my Samsung Captivate, clicking on the News Feed with the pushed UI update actually loads up my mobile browser (stock android browser), with the URL at the top and everything. Checking the settings for the app, I can confirm I'm actually in the browser. The post I made once trying to figure out what was going on says it was posted via "mobile web" on the site. I'm also not able to get back to the Facebook App home page unless I close the browser the load the app again. This happened again once I cleared the app data and tried again, heh. Looks like they have some more kinks to work out, at least with some devices.

Hey folks, I found Pages!!!
Go to the main page and tap on News Feed. The in the upper right tap on Top News. That opens a little 'window" at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down in that and you'll find Pages among others.

Is anyone else seeing the old view when they open the app from the widget, but the new view if they open it from a shortcut or the app list?

And if (from the "old" view) you go to the main page and then tap "News Feed" it takes you to the new view!

I've restarted my phone, deleted and replaced the widget, tried force-closing Facebook and replacing the widget, and even unintalled and reinstalled Facebook, and I keep getting the same result.

The inconsistency is driving me nuts!

i can literally go to or get on ANYTHING regarding facebook. in browser,in dolphin browser, in freind me, from the web from the app. nothing . theres no way for me to connect to facebook in anyway whatsoever from my wifi xoom. any help would be awesome. same with amazon and the free app of the day page. those seem to be the only two basically. BUT, when i go to my girls house i can jump right on,SO i just got a top of the line brand new router yesterday and same thing,sucks. and btw my laptop gets on just fine. its just my xoom and nexus one that cant. idk. just loads n loads.thought it was the router, idk. any help would be delicious.