Group administrators get new control over pinned and reported posts as well

Folks on the stable release of Facebook are picking up some much-needed app improvements that have been in play on the Facebook beta channel for some time. The updates this time around mostly have to do with photos and photo management, starting off with the ability to post photos in comments on other posts. Further, you can now delete and edit your own photo albums, untag yourself from photos and upload multiple photos at once to a group. Group administrators have new options for pinning and unpinning posts, as well as managing pending and reported posts.

Hit the Play Store link at the top of this post to grab your latest update, we're sure more than a few folks will appreciate the new controls and features over photos.


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Facebook update brings pictures in comments, new photo editing privileges


I'm in the beta program and it has went to a flat design. It says you can add pics to comments but there is no option to add them.

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Same problem. Even the what's new section on the play store says picture comments will be there but from what I can tell they're not.

Works fine for me in the beta. Little camera icon on the left of where you type text. I've been adding photos to comments for a while.

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This is really cool! Photos in comments? My Mom will love that. Is this a new feature all together or just new to the app? I don't think I've ever seen a picture in a comment before!

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I switched from iPhone to g2 also. Very happy but lost my picture comment.capability with the g2. Are you able to post pics in comments w FB on your g2?

Hey AC, can we get some photo love in our comments section?

It should include a firm warning to photographic-violators, that your first photo screwup gets you account banned for life.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

I haven't updated my Facebook app since they changed their permissions. They are asking for more access then I am comfortable giving them.

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Iv'e been in the beta program awhile. I have had the flat icon for a while and photo comments have worked pretty good so far lag sometimes but it's ok

Deactivated my lamebook 3 weeks ago and feel free lol! Like I did pre-2006

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The whole app has went to a flat ui design like the iPhone.

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I still refuse to update to the version that can read SMS messages. Don't know what the purpose of that is. Spyware! I'm still at v3.9
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I just turn off those permissions that I don't want it to have. Simple.

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You can't turn off individual permissions on the latest version of KitKat, since App Ops doesn't work on it. Not everyone wants to root their phone. So no, not so simple.

Ok... So when is this marvelous new update supposed to happen? Because it's 5:33 in Phoenix. And Nada...

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LIES! The app updated itself for me but still can't post pictures in comment section!

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The picture in comments feature just isn't true. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Comments on Google Play seem to indicate this is widespread. No luck on my HTC one.

Works for me but I'm in the beta. Is that what this update brings it to?

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Glad to see I'm not doing anything wrong.

"I'll stop buying smartphones when they make one smarter than me."Where's the stylus pen for the new One?

I feel a fix in tow

"I'll stop buying smartphones when they make one smarter than me."Where's the stylus pen for the new One?

This stuff is okay. Even useful at times. But what Facebook REALLY needs to do is allow for nested photo albums. Yet they don't seem to have any interest in such. Go figure.

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I am in the beta program and did the update, I see no camera icon for my nexus 5 running 4.4.2..

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If my stupid phone was able to be rooted, I'd update but such is the life of a Sony z1s owner.

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Sweet the Android app is a lot better than my BB10 app, it's a bit slower but has more features and more polished. Always wondered why Facebook wouldn't make a native app for BB10, it's not like they don't have the money.

With Facebook's recent purchase of WhatsApp I can now see why they didn't want to make a native app. They don't want to help the competition (BBM)

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This is a blatant lie or the developer just trippin. There is no way to post pics in comments. Even though it does state that it's available in the description of FB in the Play Store. I've been waiting for this option for awhile now, just so I don't have to go to mobile browser to do it.
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Didn't get it yet.. Central PA. I doubt it'll work anyway. It won't work for me on the mobile site (Nexus 5).

Don't worry, they'll keep pushing the same update every day for the next month like they always do. It'll eventually show up.

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Hello I have a samsung galaxy s4 mini and since the update I can not work out how to sort most recent status on my news feed. Could anyone help me please

My news feed symbol is on the top left of my screen not the right and when I press and hold the symbol nothing happens? My settings symbol is top right of my screen and within my settings there doesn't seem to be a way to edit the news feed content?

Hi, had the same problem and just sorted how to fix it! Not sure if you already know, but here goes - in the profile symbol (3 horizontal lines, top right of my screen), tap this then scroll down to 'feeds', I clicked most recent and it reverted to showing the most recent stories first in my news feed. The key is then not to use the back button to go back to where you were, as it changes the order again. Hope that helps J

Galaxy 3 user on 4.3 using latest fb beta and can't add a pic in a comment. Found if I really need to I will login facebook.com and do it that way.