Facebook reportedly ready to launch their own mobile ad network this month. Anyone excited?

Facebook, the world's most popular social network, is reportedly looking to get into the lucrative mobile ad game, perhaps as early as their F8 developers conference set to kick off in San Francisco on April 30, 2014. Facebook has been serving their own ads for a long time now, but this would be a way for developers to integrate Facebook ads into their own apps and services, and it would bring Facebook into direct competition with Google's AdMob, Apple's iAd, among others. Mike Isaac, writing for Re/code:

Facebook will pitch the ads to publishers and developers as a way to leverage the social network’s vast database of user information for better ad targeting. And Facebook wins by expanding its ad reach — now it can make money from its billion-plus users even when they’re not on Facebook’s own properties.

The world is increasingly mobile and Facebook, which launched on the traditional computer and web browser, missed out on making the most of the initial transition. If this story pans out, they'll be late to the game on mobile ad networks as well, but in this case late is absolutely better than never.

Anyone actually looking forward to seeing Facebook-powered ads in their apps instead of Google, Apple, or someone else?


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Facebook reportedly ready to launch mobile ad network


Been reading how More and More young people are leaving and/ or not using FB anymore, which is very bad for them. Lose the Youths and you'll die out like MySpace

I hate them, used them once in 2010 and never again, especially after they claim intellectual rights to everything you post and the hidden cookies on your devices to track Every website you go to.

Facebook, just help me find lost family and thats it!

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OK, I am really curious to know how the heck you use 60 GB a billing cycle? That's a boatload of data!

"Android is a Robot, not a Galaxy."

I don't think hatred is word strong enough to describe any feeling in connection with Facebook.

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If there is anyone out there who is above 14 years of age and is truly excited about this then please get help as you are seriously sick.

I would've said the same thing about Instagram, but who knew there were millions of people so eager to share their half-eaten lunches with each other?

I figure I was just born in the wrong era :P

Exactly Facebook and Instagram are just filled with pictures of people's meals and drinks. Like we really care that your drinking a ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts SMH

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I'd be pretty surprised if anyone under the age of 14 cared about a multi national corporation's advertising policies

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Still prefer Facebook as everyone I personally know uses it and I can control who adds me. Google plus I have no control over who adds me to their circles....

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Oh and the random suggestions. Yes Facebook has them but they are mostly connected to someone I know. Google plus it's anyone who commented on a same post you did. Talk about random

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I haven't seen a suggestion from Facebook with any sort of connection in months. No mutual friends, not physically near me, nothing.

No, I don't want to friend some random schmo from Bangladesh or Slovakia, thank you very much.

Even though random people can add you to their circles in Google+, they still only have access to your public information/posts. Not very different from being "followed" on any other platform.

Someone ate their condescending flakes this morning. I don't have a dog in this fight since I use all three of the main social networks to some degree. As someone who has taken the time to use the services, I can tell you: you have the exact same amount of control over who sees your data in G+ as you do in facebook. When a random person follows you, you can kick them to the curb with a block. G+ shines over Facebook is in the ability to control how news stories show up in your feed. "Most Recent Stories" should not be defined by new likes and comments.

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"G+ shines over Facebook is in the ability to control how news stories show up in your feed. "Most Recent Stories" should not be defined by new likes and comments."

Oh? Facebook is ordered by the timestamp of the post, except when it randomly switches me to "Top Stories" and I'm forced to change it back. Yes, they mess it up from time to time (they did it to me this morning with my posts from the weekend mixed with new content from the morning), but old posts are rarely before new posts.

G+ is all over the place due to likes, comments, and shares and there's no way to adjust it that I've seen. Stuff I haven't seen yet gets buried under a wave of "updated" posts unless I go through and mute each individual post. It never looks the same between refreshes!

Nonsense, poopy pants!
I get old posts before new posts on Facebook literally everyday even when I change the settings. I mean I use Facebook but there's no getting around the fact that it's the worst social networking site. If my friends had G+ I'd be all over that in minutes.

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it's a social networking site. how do you think it works? it's based on the premise of 'meeting' people through shared interests made public. don't want random people adding you to their circles? don't make anything public that someone might find interesting and actually want to (gasp!) initiate a conversation or (worse) want to be your friend.

Most people I know (myself included) don't have time for the friends they've had all their lives... much less make time for new ones they've never met. I guess if you use the internet for that type of thing, that's one thing, but I just can't see having that much time on my hands. Yes, I do understand that people do make friends online, but what percentage of users actually do, I wonder?

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Not use Facebook that much.. First they should fix their app on android. It badly needs a redesign. Maybe they can start with releasing paper for android as well.

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Not for me. Still have the old crap app. Just last week got the long delayed desktop redo. As far as this, I'm buying apps more and more just to avoid the ads. If I use it daily or almost daily and it has a paid option I'm almost always taking it.

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I switched to klyph. The official Facebook app has been a joke for ages. OTOH I uyse Facebook less and less.. It's just full of reposted memes nowadays,

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The reason people don't bitch is that you claim that Google has far more information. What you don't grasp is that Facebook has even more access to your information. The update they did before this last one they changed the permissions to allow them total access to all your private life, inside and outside of Facebook on your Android device, the choice was accept the permissions or not use the App. These permissions were not modified on the last update, they remained equally as wide scope.

Google are very open about the transaction that takes place between you and Google! Google use information that they glean from your account and tailor advertising and direct it to you and in return they offer services that would otherwise require payment through Cash.

Facebook on the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg has multiple stances on privacy. First of all he claims that openiness is key to everything but only when it suits him! His privacy is paramount. In fact he had the gall to go to the President of the USA to complain about the NSA poking it's nose into people's privacy yet at the same time they are snoop into people's personal lives without 'openly' advising people of these changes to their privacy options. Not only that they are now pushing people to make their timelines PUBLIC rather than only open to themselves or to friends because it suits Facebook's needs.

Did you know that facebook actually has access on your Android phone to everything from people you text, people you call, people you email, contents of all messages etc, where you have been, websites you browse etc

All without telling you in advance. It was done on the sly with an update. They also don't acknowledge that they have been mining this data.

It doesn't bother me that anyone utilizes information but when the company is run by a hypocrite who relishes his own privacy but at the same time treats others private information as a tool to line his pocket and is not open enough to tell his users that this is what he is abusing others privacy.

So sure you can claim that Google has far more information about us, but they don't have as much as Facebook have taken and...

...Facebook don't delete that information. Google will delete that information if you delete your account while facebook will cling to what they have taken!

Hey Mark. Go sit on a sharp stick and spin. Ads are killing all content anymore.

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And yet it helps keep things free...

How do you suggest developers make money if they provide free apps and services?

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Not to troll.....I'm not a Facebook user. I have an account to keep tabs on my kids, who use it. I'm old school in the regards that if I didn't think you were worth keeping in touch with, Facebook sure as hell isn't the way I need to catch up with old friends now. No apologies, but the people who think that Facebook is an acceptable form of communication are sadly mistaken. They are the ones who need to go back and learn correct communication skills. This is where technology will end the ability to speak to an unknown person, apply for a job, and be an individual. Zuckerberg found a gold mine, can't hate for that, but I do hate the product he pimps. My opinion, had to share.

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Its called a phone. I hope when a family member has a birthday, you have the decency to give them a call instead of using their Facebook timeline...and if you do use that, I hope you at least have the decency to spell out "Happy Birthday" instead of this insincere HBD nonsense I've been seeing lately.

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' No apologies, but the people who think that Facebook is an acceptable form of communication are sadly mistaken.'

Well, glad we have you to set us straight on the matter. And so what is an acceptable form of communication, o wise one? Do I have to drive over to a person's house to talk to them, even the ones that live 1,000 miles away? Would a phone call suffice? What about a text?

On second thought, why don't you do us all a favor and just go kill yourself :P

he's just one of the few who only sees the negatives in life...... hence why he needs to keep tabs on his kids via facebook and not "real life"

so much for the " acceptable form of communication":

Obviously your parents haven't kept tabs on you......even hundreds of miles away. If they had, oh that's right. I don't know anything about you or yours. So what makes you an expert on how I raise my kids from reading a paragraph? Dick.

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When people use Facebook as their only form of communication, is what I should have said. Not everyone checks it daily, but I do know some people who expect that everyone must use Facebook as their communication, that's where they need to use their "phone" for what it's made for. Sorry took so long to reply, had to contemplate killing myself. But then I wouldn't be able to update my status......

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Your the only one who deserves judging, evidenced by multiple people and posts here. Talk about only seeing the negatives in life!

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I also can't stand Facebook and haven't used it in month's. I basically use it to remind me of my friends birthdays lol. Facebook is just the new My Space. I personally only use Twitter and hope it overtakes Facebook as the #1 social media website

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Chris Gonzales, grow up and let other people make their comments without putting them down. You act like some South American Dictator with your comments.

I never look forward to seeing any ads or care who they're from. They are necessary for business & that's just what it is..

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I truly wish there's was another model for making money on the internet. So sick of ads.

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I'm already sick to death of ads. I will continue to use ad blocking software. Most ads are intrusive and on mobile some sites you can't see the pages because the ad is nearly full screen with no close option. Not to mention the malicious browser jacking ads. I have had to remove so many adware and malware programs off my parents computer because they think Facebook ads are safe. I'd rather have a paid app with no ads

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