We know some of you have been on pins and needles about the new Facebook update, and we can safely say it's officially live in the Market.

The update kicks the design up a few notches, but the basic works remain the same. It's certainly faster, and while the phone version has come a long way, but the tablet version is still atrocious. Everything is unbelieveably stretched out and looks pretty bad. (See above.)

You get some nice new features, like pull to refresh, but otherwise it's the same Facebook app you've come to know and love.

If you're a big fan of the Facebook app (or are just curious what the new design looks like), we've got a massive boatload of pictures and a download link after the break.




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Facebook refresh live in the Market


All I care about is notifications working. I've had OG DROID, DInc, now Bionic... and never received ONE ....

.... is it really that hard to make work?

exactly what i was saying. i'm using flow (aka friendcaster) and they have better notifications. if i have connection, the notifications come through. the official: i don't get them.

After installing the update last night Facebook push notifications have been working perfectly for me... actually coming in just a split second before they go to my BlackBerry. Before the update I got zero notifications and sometimes the chat notifications didn't even work. Hopefully they'll continue to come in nicely.

You don't use the FB app do ya Joshua? Pull to refresh was added months ago, literally. Biggest UI changes are covered in the tour (and your screenshots), the whole app seems more responsive too.

Personally notifications were broken for me for months but as of a few weeks ago they've been working again, I hope this update doesn't break them again!

I like it...so far. It is definitely faster, and the UI changes are...logical and easy to use. I especially like that you can work off of a single page. And there are fixes to some annoying bugs. If nothing breaks, it's a very good update.

I learned from another website that if you log out of the app on android and clear app data...you can get notifications to work. Here's the trick: you need to get your hands on a iPhone or Blackberry. I used my wife's iPhone and log in to Facebook app for iPhone and log out. Now log into Facebook app on Android and notifications work. I'm on Motorola Bionic. First time notiocations have worked for me (prior to Bionic I was on X)

Seems like a wasted effort all around. I updated mine and still have the same crappy friends I had before. :-D

I chuckle when I go to the menu button on my phone and select "Settings." I scroll down past the Notification Ringtone to a section labeled "Other Settings" with nothing listed under it. It's like they forgot to add some "other settings."

No, other settings is working on phones or roms that support it. all it is, is contact syncing. its still working for me.

same as the web but I actually preferred the web one over the app so now that its a native app am loving. .everything is faster and easier

I like what they did. If I can get notifications working it'll be great IMO.

Edit: The notifications work!!! You have to go into the settings (menu button while in FB App) and turn them on. You can customize them there too (ringtone, led, etc). Nice!!!

Has anyone been able to store the app on SD Card? This new update won't transfer on my Epic 4G.

Are there people still using this craptastic app? Just move on over to Friendcaster already. Gave up on the "standard" FB app a long time ago...

Wanted to share, I posted on FB, loving my new facebook for android app. My apple fanboy mother responds in post, only cause they copied the iphone fb app. Really. Child Abuse. Mind you my mother is 52 yrs old. Does it even look like their app. Just isn't right. Really do like the app. Looks very clean and seems to be much quicker. Apparently if it doesn't load you just have to uninstall and reinstall then your good.

You: "Hey Mom, do you like the notifications in iOS 5?"
Mom: "Yes."
You: "Android has been doing it that way since 2008."

(Long pause)

Mom: "You were an accident."

At least with Honeycomb 3.2 you can swap the overly stretched view witth a zoomed phone-like view. This could be helpful for users with low vision, given that the new Facebook app is still completely inaccessible to the Android screen reader.

As for app functionality itself, you still can't edit/delete your posts and you still can't customize who can view your posts other than picking from specific lists -- you can't make a post visible to all "friends", except those in the Work list, although you can make a post visible only to those in the Work list. All in all, I'm still using the desktop version of Facebook through the web browser because the mobile version lacks functionality. The only reason I keep the mobile version installed is for the notification, which as was posted once, those of us who migrated from BlackBerry do have working notifications in the Android app. Go figure...

It's an improvement, but they're still missing a "dark" theme for us OLED users that don't want to kill our batteries just to check our news feeds.

Notifications still not working. They get pushed to the phone but then just take you to the news feed when clicked on. Also don't show up in the notifications menu. Looks like I'll be sticking with the mobile browser combined with SLK Notifications. Disappointing.

tried it and didn't like it. Still can't upload a pic to a specific album or even create an album. Friendcaster pro for me.

Never noticed that. I always upload pics from the specific pic itself. That let's me designate which folder it goes to, tag it, etc.

Overall, a great update for FB IMO.

It took me a while to figure it out but to upload it to a specific album :

Tap Top Left Option > Scroll to Photo > press the + key at the top right corner (you will see all of your albums)

It will ask to choose from gallery or take photo.

Select photo > select album you desire it to upload and done.

Great, just great... More crappy features i could care less about .. while the app still force closes when you try to input a status message or up load a picture or anything through the app it self.. when will they fix that?