It was a few months ago that we reported that Facebook would be killing in-app messaging. Facebook instead prefers users to chat with the dedicated Facebook Messenger app. Facebook is now notifying users that transition will happen over the next few days.

Facebook hasn't posted an announcement about the upcoming changes. Instead they sent a statement directly to TechCrunch. Here's their message:

"In the next few days, we're continuing to notify more people that if they want to send and receive Facebook messages, they'll need to download the Messenger app. As we've said, our goal is to focus development efforts on making Messenger the best mobile messaging experience possible and avoid the confusion of having separate Facebook mobile messaging experiences. Messenger is used by more than 200 million people every month, and we'll keep working to make it an even more engaging way to connect with people."

We just checked the Facebook app for Android. It doesn't quite force you just yet. You can still see messages in the Facebook app if you hit the install button (taking you to the Google Play Store), and then switch back to Facebook. For now.

What do you think of the change to messaging on Facebook? Do you like the dedicated Facebook Messenger app or do you prefer using all things Facebook in one app? Sound off below.

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Facebook moving users to dedicated Messenger app to chat


That'll be the end of my use of their messaging services then. No desire to install 2 separate applications to use Facebook.

Exactly. I'm not going to have multiple apps for the functionality of one service.

They need to worry about making ONE app that doesn't suck before forcing people to use a second one.

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They want their messaging service to be a separate entity on its own but you're right, they need to make their current app much better before I even consider downloading another crappy app.

Oh, I don't know, I like the messenger app. Chat heads is pretty cool.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

Because installing one more app is sooooooo harrrrddd....... :'( :'(

Honestly, your logic's kinda flawed. You're going to be installing a separate app for messaging anyway, regardless of which other messaging service you use. So... what's the harm in it being another app from the same developer? Just complaining on principle?

The other complaints I see about "making their current app better" are kinda silly too. It's going to be easier for them to push out a more refined base Facebook app when it doesn't have to incorporate all the additional messaging functionality and when they can have a separate team working on each app.

If any of you had tried it, you'd realize that their dedicated messaging app is pretty solid too. I've been using it almost daily for about 2 years and it's *far* faster and snappier than using the all-in-one messaging within the main Facebook app. It allows you to pin conversation shortcuts to the home screen, which the main FB app has never allowed. You can customize your alerts (within the app or using Light Flow or similar) independently from the main FB app. It offers in-app calling like other big IM apps (I don't think the main FB allows that, but honestly it's been a while since I checked). It offers Chat Heads which, while they aren't my thing, some people like. It's actively developed and gets regular improvements, unlike stagnant projects like, say... Whatsapp.

It's not like anything will change after you install it anyway. You don't need to open the app independently each time you want to message someone. You'll still see the contact list in the main FB app, but when you tap them it'll simply pop open their conversation in Messenger instead of within the FB app. Which, no, doesn't take any longer.

Overall, with the convenience of having every conversation and contact cloud-synced and available completely cross-platform, it's still a darn sight better than some of the other tripe that people rave about for no good reason, like Whatsapp. Seriously, if one extra app -- the implementation of which, for all intents and purposes, entirely transparent to you -- then I think you're probably just griping for the anti-FB bandwagon sake of it.

Yeah i agree man ! Also the messenger app consumes 59-90mb of extra RAM ! I'm very concerned about apps using unnecessarily extra RAM !! So this is the only reason i hate messenger..... Otherwise it's a nice app regardless if it consume lesser RAM

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Its not principle or FBI bandwagon at all. I don't install a SMS based messenger and something like whatsapp to send them via data, when I have Google hangouts.

Facebook have a reputation for bad apps so why would I consider installing another app to cause wake locks and such when one app did it already? Its called going backwards.

I don't carry a mp3 player and a camera and a laptop because I own a tablet, so why install facebook and a messenger app for it when the whole point in Facebook in the first place was to talk to friends . . . . .

Its just stupid and clutters my devices with more icons and looks messy

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What? How come your fine with Google hangouts as an app, but not Facebook messenger?

While talking about hangouts, if there is an app that needs huge improvement it's that one.. Facebook messenger is a better messaging app..

Hangouts is too cluttered showing a gazillion contacts

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Because Hangouts is ALREADY THERE! There's no need to install ANOTHER app to consume space on the device. I'll have to re-train my mom to use Hangouts, she LOVES sending me messages on FB, if she continues to do that, I'll never see/get them since I won't have FB messaging on my devices.

Well then you're just making things awkward for your Mom and yourself unnecessarily. Like I said, after installing Messenger, the messaging service is entirely transparent. It'll open by tapping contacts in the main FB app exactly as before. No retraining needed. You're really just looking for reasons to be irritated by something that really isn't.

True! Hangouts what's to be you sms/mms along with messenger and it list every contact you have and I don't believe there is a way to filter!

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It doesn't cause unnecessary wakelocks.

There's no need to put it on your home screen if you don't want it there. Like I said, you'll still have the same ability to open conversations in it by tapping in the main FB app.

If you don't want another IM service like FB Messenger or Whatsapp, and you're already happy with Hangouts... then you're clearly not using FB's messaging service in the first place. So you have no need to install Messenger. So remind me... why exactly are you complaining about a separate app for a service you don't use anyway?

I'm not going to install another app, I'm going to fall back to one that's already installed on my phone.

It's one thing to make an optional optimized experience for heavy users. It's another thing completely to remove perfectly adequate functionality from a product and force people to tie up resources installing a second one.

I would disagree. I don't want to wait for the entire app to open just to answer someone's chat. It's also nice to be able to use the movable chat head, which I'm sure is something you couldn't do if messaging and the actual facebook app were combined.

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Actually the iPhone version of the facebook app had chatheads. My gf had an iPhone and it had chatheads for as long as I can remember. If they can do it with the iPhone app they could do it with android.

I just fired it up on my S4. It took less than 1.5 seconds to bring up my entire conversation list with previews of the most recent message in each; a little less to jump directly into a particular conversation either from a home screen shortcut or replying via the notification bar.

Compared to the main FB app, which just took 4-5 seconds to load into my news feed, followed by another ~1 second to load the contact sidebar.

Honestly, overall it's actually quicker and snappier having the separate messaging app than it is using the kludge that is the built-in FB app messaging. Messenger is really quite lightweight. Anything involving the main FB app is.... not.

Agreed. I'm just looking for more reasons to stop using Facebook entirety. Might just start texting people to see what they are up to rather than trolling their walls.

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Fine by me. Already a heavy user of Messenger. But I think they should fix cross-device messaging very soon, since it is getting annoying that I have to dismiss it on every device I own.

That's what I've done! I use Facebook on my phone almost entirely for chatting, so why bother with the main app anymore?

Factory reset my phone last week. Knowing this change was coming, Facebook didn't make the cut when choosing what apps to reinstall. The app was terrible, we definitely don't need a second terrible apps on our devices.

>we definitely don't need a second terrible apps on our devices.
>a second terrible app

Messenger is working perfectly for your info. :)

Facebook app is and has always been a pain to use. Slow and never butter smooth. It eats 40M of my RAM. Don't want another Facebook messenger sh*t to eat 40 more meg of my RAM. And don't want a separate app.

Buy a better phone or use the web version. This is 2014. And if you have 1-2GB of RAM, you shouldn't even complain in the first place.

Interesting that this came on the same day as FB pushing back the deadline for the WhatsApp acquisition to Aug 2015.

Probably just should have waited for the EC to approve the WhatsApp acquisition and move all of the FB Messaging to WhatsApp...

My issue is that I use messaging for two different accounts. How am I supposed to monitor two accounts now? I normally use two different browsers to check each account. The app kills battery.

Facebook messenger is a significantly better app than the main Facebook app anyway. I've been using messenger since chat heads and it is so much better than the experience in the main app.

And there are far far more people who could care less about having 2 apps installed instead of 1. It isn't like we have 512mb of storage on any device worth using anymore.

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Well that's stupid. Messaging in the app was already simple in itself. I don't see the need to download yet another freaking app onto my phone.... Pass...

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I long-ago completely uninstalled all Facebook apps from my android phone. The permissions are just overwhelming and creepy.

Even though i was able to restrict the permissions I still don't like it.. total invasion of privacy and once again just creepy

I've installed it under duress and completely against my wishes but it stays disabled in Settings except the few brief occasions when I need to use it to talk to distant elderly friends who don't have Google Hangouts.
This being forced to install it created even more resentment of Facebook than I already had.
Google Hangouts is just so much better and has always been so much better, but people still see Google as an interloper in the Social Media business and it seems that a lot of Facebook users haven't the intellect to figure out how to use Google+ and why doing so is worthwhile so they slam it without learning a thing. ;)

While I have the Fb app loaded I rarely open it. I prefer the mobile website because it keeps posts in chronological order. I don't do any significant messaging in Fb anyway so it's no big deal for me.

The Facebook app has a chronological order as well, but it's well hidden. Go to the last thing on the right(where you can see your profile, close friends etc) and choose Feeds > Most Recent.

I think its a great idea to take the messaging part out of Facebook. But they need to add something to Facebook to go entirely invisible and a notification on who searches for you and a notification on who views your profile. And the option to choose if a user wants there pictures or videos to be downloaded or not or a notification saying who downloaded your pictures. Update the Facebook app to have the up most security in app.A antivirus and a anti phishing should be added to scan all links in Facebook.

It's funny how people complain about Facebook yet Google has always been doing this with Google+, Google Voice and Hangouts for years. I'm not really defending Facebook here but there seems to be a double standard here...

so in 2014 all phones on the market have 2gb of ram? Don't look at your own country, look at the world in its entirety. 512MB-1GB Ram phones are still the majority.

I deleted the FB app but use the messenger app. They can keep their permissions hog app, I use Chrome to access FB.

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Pretty stupid I guess, everyone knows that the messenger on the Facebook app is more stable and faster. So why force people to use another messaging app that isn't even consistent for its service.

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everyone knows that? Huh. That's kind of interesting because I guess I'd be a part of "everyone" and yet my experience has been that the messenger app is way more stable and functional than the main app. But I guess I don't count then.

Or maybe you should look up that saying for people who assume things......

One other thing to remember, for every 10 people here who vow to never use facebook messenger again. Heck, lets say it's 100. or why not even 1000. What percentage of the 1.3 billion people who use facebook actively, or heck even the almost 500 million that *only* use facebook on mobile do those make up?

Facebook will do what makes the most sense to the most users. Simple as that.

Doesn't matter. The messenger app is fine. And actually the fb app isn't awful anymore. Took a long time but it's not brutal anymore.

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No it's great this way they can keep all my messages and never delete them. It's privacy infiltration dream come true. awesome

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2 battery draining apps instead of one? Thanks android have tons of settings helping me reduce that.
And again. What was the purpose of buying WhatsApp? Facebook is still laggy. Now they want me to use Viber,WhatsApp and messenger. Now what?


ITT: lots of people hating on an app they've never installed, used, or researched. Because it's cool to hate "the man". What a surprise. *rolleyes*

Messenger's a much better, cleaner, faster, and lighter-weight app than the main FB app anyway. Having the messaging functionality separated actually makes the entire process faster and more convenient. But the haters will never believe that because *rabble rabble rabble Facebook rabble privacy rawr rabble rabble*. So much for Android users being open-minded!

Wow I see all this complaints about RAM and Slow Facebook app and I'd never experienced anything like that in my current phone. So that make think all people complaining have very crappy phones.

WOW! I don't really understand what the problem is! "Another FREAKING app on my phone." Really people? I have probably 5 or 6 different messaging apps on my phone because not everyone of my contacts uses the same messaging apps.

It's called multi-tasking. I'm sure you've heard of it.

I personally don't mind having to use the stand-alone app because I've already been using it for some time now.

And as a side note... Paranoid much?

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Personally, I don't see a reason of "Messanger" for FB. Especially when we talk about Android platform. Yes - in PC version messaging is not quite perfect - but for mobile, the Facebook.app itself is more that enough...That's my opinion./..

I prefer all in one ! Downloading separate messenger just for messages is useless and RAM consuming !

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I just couldn't wait for Facebook to move messages out of the Facebook app, and into a seperate app. Facebook Messenger drains a lot of the battery, and is also the reason the Facebook app itself, takes a lot of juice. I might use Facebook Messenger once every three months, but only when someone contacts me first.
So now, I hope to not need to wait for too much longer, for Facebook to remove the icons and Messenger/Messages information from the FB app altogether.

Eh, I hardly ever chat with anyone on facebook. I have about 60 friends, and the important ones (maybe 20 people, max) have my phone number. The rest of them I hardly talk to, the rest of them I could give a crap about. Super important people I've met have my email...because that's kind of what adults use.

So all in all, I really don't care. If you're on Facebook THAT much to where a silly app is so dissapointing to you, then you need to reassess your life.

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Meh. Personally don't like it. Don't like the look, don't like the chat heads, don't like a damn thing about it. Doubtless I'll end up using it because people will message on it and curiosity about the message content will get the better of me cos I cba going through the browser. Don't trust any of the social media sites tbh, Google included, but at the end of the day if the twats in nsa and at gchq want your data, they'll get it. That's just me being realistic and not a touch fatalistic.

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Kinda like the Messenger app and would use it, but it's an absolute battery drainer, wake triggers all over the place. No go for me. Since the main Facebook app is also still lacking in almost every aspect, I think it may be time to start using the mobile website and ditch all apps. Maybe not quite the purpose of this ploy?

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They never thought of those people that dont have 50MB+ space for an app that you can go on without.. total bs imo

I've got the messenger app & I find it more reliable & so easy to use. I didn't want to download it at first but it's a nice little app I found in the end.

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With either service, my battery drains consistently faster with either (or both) service(s) installed. I don't get messages too often, so the mobile site version and an IFTTT recipe that chimes when I received Facebook notifications is more than enough for me...

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I have the Messaging app installed and use the browser to navigate Facebook. Any pertinent notifications from Facebook I get on email; since I have push email anyway. IMO...the main FB app is and has been a resource hog (space/battery/lag/etc.). I also have a few FB friends (mostly older family) that don't do texts, but they do messaging on FB. Its been convenient and useful to get those interactions instantly using the Messaging app.

I love the Facebook messenger app. I never use the messaging option in the Facebook app anyway. Chat heads are awesome.

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I do not use it now, Definitely would not one app is enough! I just uninstalled foursquare for trying that...

Love the move. People really need to see this app to understand it's full potential. They need a slightly better way to manage the hundreds and hundreds of awesome stickers they have. Those things make messaging with the wife and friends infinitely more entertaining.

I don't think my messages are in the kids category, and Facebook did something very wrong, when they took away the ability to use sms together with Facebook messenger, unless they bring it back. That app is useless.

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Good, I don't use FB except for the messenger once in a while. Glad Samsung didn't bundle it with my phone or it would be disabled. You're better off using the mobile site than that leech app.

That really sucks... I like the fact that when I am on the Facebook app, I can just move my fingers a few times, and I would be chatting with someone, I don't want to have to get out of the Facebook app, and look for Facebook messenger app, and then go back and look for Facebook app again.... Are they crazy..... It sucks..... BIG TIME.

I don't want my Facebook experience to be so complicated.

They should fix the Facebook app itself, before they make a stupid move.

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I wish they would add back SMS handling support... wasn't the biggest fan of it when they first had it but with the progress of the messenger app I think now it would be great!

I don't want a second app to chat with FB friends - so I'll just switch to chatting with FB friends via text msg. FB can do what they think is best for them and their users, I just prefer it all in one app... that's my opinion.

I have zero issues with the change! The messenger is a much better experience!

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This will be a little less convient if you can't access directly from Facebook but I already have messenger installed. Just hope friends and family catch the change and install it.