Facebook Messenger has been updated with video sharing, faster photo sharing, and sticker shortcuts. The update to version 5.0 doesn't bring any of the visual changes you might expect with such a version bump (Messenger hit 4.0 just a month ago), but it does bring the app in-line with is iOS counterpart, which received a similar update just yesterday.

The video sharing works as simply as you might think. You can send videos from your gallery app into Facebook Messenger, and you can play them within the app (so long as you're on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher).

The addition of instant photo sharing means you can take a photo within the app and share it with a single tap. And sticker shortcuts make it easy to get stickers you're sent one you don't have: just tap and hold to download the entire pack. Search has also been sped up.

Facebook Messenger 5.0 is available now from the Google Play Store. Download it, try it out, and let us know if you think it's ready to stand on its own from the primary Facebook app.


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Facebook Messenger updated with improved video and photo sharing


Notification settings should not be labeled ON/Off, should be ON/Snooze. What is it with app developer that think their apps are sooo important I can't turn notifications off from the app. Thank you Google for letting me do it via the OS

yeah Facebook need to fix its shit on the notification settings.. i might try just using their mobile site for this reason..

Tried sending a video. Works great!

Google photo app can't share to messenger tho, had to select the video from the messenger app.

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