Facebook Messenger on Android Wear

If Facebook Messenger is your preferred communication app and an Android Wear device is your preferred wrist companion, today's your lucky day. With the latest version of Facebook Messenger for Android, you can now view message notifications and like or reply to messages right from your wrist. Message notifications come in just like any other, and you can then swipe to access a voice reply or a single-tap "like" to reply with a big 'ol thumbs-up.

The latest Facebook Messenger app is available from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

Facebook Messenger on Android Wear


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Facebook Messenger adds Android Wear notifications, voice replies


I find it to be a crapshoot whether I get regular notifications with this app. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I appear to be the only one on the planet with this issue.

You're not the only one. I'm having the same issue -- sometimes it comes through and the next message 3 seconds later i get squat. Notifications aren't even showing on my phone.

I just got a gear live too. F##k Facebook. I won't have it on my phone and it won't get on my watch.

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I was't happy about messenger no longer being available directly within the Facebook app, but this makes it a little better.

Does it show stacked notifications? Thats my biggest bugbear. When there are multiple messages, and you can only see part of a line of each.

You could already like (thumbs up) in the previous version but it's nice to be able to reply now.

Got an update this morning.