Facebook Home not supported

Facebook Home is now available in Google Play, but not for every Android device. Facebook says it'll be adding more in the near future. (And if you don't mind a little hackery, you should be able to get it onto your phone easily enough.)

Here is the list of phones that are officially able to run Facebook Home. We'll update it for the first several months as Facebook adds more devices. (Facebook Home currently is only officially available in the United States.)

Android phones that are supported by Facebook Home:

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Darth Spock says:

No Nexus devices... actually kind of relieved! My Nexuses (Nexi?) protect me from this garbage app! Thanks Google!

Facebook is even more happier the Lg Nexus 4 is useless anyway.

1. Is that even a sentence?
2. Useless really? smh...

raikkoni27 says:

you can check out the reviews to facebook home on play store already

ConTejas says:

^^^This guy. LOL.

"more happier"...really??? Sorry it might not be as "pimp slapping" as your note 2, but its a great phone. Stop being such a douchebag all of the time.


Have a look at the people who can use any Android phone available worldwide. People like Phil, or Josh Topolsky, or Myriam Joire. They have tried every single damn phone available, and use the Nexus 4.

There's a reason. 

return_0 says:

I commend you for trying, but there's really no way to talk sense into the troll.

squiddy20 says:

That's why you ban people like him, like Jerry has already done (in the forums at least).

piizzadude says:

Is it the obvious bias or is there actually a payoff involved?

The N4 is a good device but a weak one for the time frame it was put out in.

If it didn't have the Nexus name attached, AC would have called it a mid range device.

But it a Nexus so it is perfect

ScottColbert says:

Considering you thought the Evo 3D was the best phone as was Sprint-your opinion doesn't count. Plus you are an idiot.

animejay says:

You, sir, are an idiot.

lionsson says:

I just tried it with my Nexus 4, all I had to do is change the built props. It's okay if you're really really into Facebook, if you only do Facebook stuff its really easy but if you want to do anything else it makes it harder.

codiusprime says:

Yea because having options is awful...

Oh wait, you're an idiot.

daglesj says:

So I'm guessing this is a front end for smartphone users with an IQ of less than 80?

zakphi says:

even though i could care less for facebook home, i am just curious why the one x and galaxy s3 gets this, but not the evo lte?

brendilon says:


axllebeer says:

I downloaded the apk file and tried to install it. Which went fine. But upon running the file I got a message that my device wasn't supported. No big deal as I'm sure I would be deleting it about 5 minutes after I ran it anyways. ;)

coraphise says:

I'm still trying to understand who feels so out of touch with their social network that they would want an entire homescreen launcher dedicated to Facebook. Widgets and Apps aren't enough? :(

ConTejas says:

Sadly, probably millions :/ I will say it's cool to finally see something as big as "the new facebook" only available on Android.

reidoreilly says:

well, that new stupid default screen with sense 5 isn't much of a stretch, sense will be the death of htc.

kpucci says:

Canada is not supported :(

TheDu9du says:

What? How come? Noooooooooooo!!!

Just got it working on my HTC One V :)
So far not encountered any problem.. Can't understand why didn't they launch for all device?

brendilon says:

Because Facebook is basically inept. When have they ever done ANYTHING well for mobile?

return_0 says:

Well, once they— no… oh, there was a time when— wait, no… oh, yeah. They made Facebook. Wait, nvm, that still had a negative effect. Yup, you're right.

It's available for my SGH-i777 running AOKP 4.2.2 but I'm not going to install this garbage...

HAAS599 says:

Works on my Nexus 4

Editing the build.prop will get this working on any phone.

That being said, it sucks and I'll be uninstalling it soon.

DWR_31 says:

Do not install if you want to get any info besides Facebook updates.
If the only app on your phone that you use is Facebook, then Facebook Home is for you.
No widgets, no luck screen!

Retinella says:

Wow I downloaded this and had it for about ten minutes. It sucks. I couldn't use my other widgets. I don't want to know what my fb friends are doing all the f'ing time. Horrible idea.

svenEsven says:

I was able to Dl the app through the playstore internet browser for my Galaxy tab 10.1 as well. it's just not supported as of now

triumphrider says:

Apparently my old incredible 2 is compatible with FB Home

alex954 says:

It lets me download it to my old Droid X, but i get the screen up top when I try to launch it.

fatboypup says:

kinda feels like a half ass 4.2 daydream

codiusprime says:

Any of them, check XDA. Don't even need to alter your build.prop. Not my cup of tea and ran surprisingly sluggish on my DNA.

IamUmpire57 says:

Running on a 3 year old Samsung Showcase - Would never want it on my main phone. Just got it running on a test one to try it out.

G4 Man says:

Okay why doesn't support the AT&T One X ? Just tried it and said it doesn't. I'm sure it can seeing as the quad core variant can and the cruddy spec-ed HTC First

panda_mode says:

That's weird. Works on my device. I'm on the at&t jellybean update for the One X though

TaiwanTeddy says:

Chat Heads is not supported for the Note 2 :-(

TheDu9du says:

Is that with any chat head or just Canadian chat heads?

deadlock4400 says:

Facebook should not do this restriction about facebook home. at least they should push this Facebook Home software to ICS and JB

VDub2174 says:

Trying out FB Home on my HOX+. Not sure how I like it so far but I'm gonna give it more time.