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Sometimes a big number is just... a big number

The new "love it or hate it" app out there, Facebook Home, has surpassed a pretty notable milestone in the Play Store today: 500,000 installs. That's half a million installs of an app that many said would appeal to a very small section of people -- those who are presumably "all in" with Facebook. But what does that 500,000 number even mean? Not that much, actually. Any time that someone clicks "install" on the Google Play store, it counts as an install. It doesn't matter if the user never actually launches the app, whether they set it as a default launcher or even whether it stays installed on their phone for more than 10 minutes.

It's kind of like a hamburger restaurant saying "10 million customers served". Well, sure they were served, but did they actually enjoy the food? Lots of users may be taking one bite out of Facebook Home and throwing it in the trash, and the Google Play numbers simply don't reflect that.

The real number we'd love to take a look at is active installs. How many people have installed Facebook Home, then continued to use it. Given the current ratings it is receiving in the play store -- an average of 2.2 out of 5 -- we have to guess that number is well below 500,000. And without that "active installs" number, we don't believe there's any comment to be made about the success of Home this early in the game.


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Facebook Home hits 500,000 installs, but what about active users?


Agreed, I don't know anyone that would want facebook so integrated with their lifes. Even G+ would be better with Hangout functions.

i have home installed and setup as the active launcher on my one vn (its not my day to day active phone) mainly to glance at in the mornings to see whats going on... THAT is what home is good for

This is pretty rich coming from a Google fan site considering the way Google touts Google+ numbers.

Lol good point. Google brags about their numbers but I bet maybe half use Google+ daily. I use it when the app is updated to see what's new but other than that I don't use it nor do any of my friends.

The Google+ App has a 4.5 rating, and half a million installs (Obviously preinstalls don't count).

I'd say that's a rather more positive rating than the Facebook Home launcher tripe.

I have been 2 years facebook free, and don't miss it one bit. I prefer to socialise with friends in person, for everything else, there is the superb Google+

Yeah we can all say that it's a nice app and give it a good rating but at the end of the day if nobody you know uses it then who cares?

It stayed on my phone for less than 15mins...I love Chat Heads though so I'm very happy that it doesn't require Home.

Exactly my experience, downloaded, installed, checked it out, uninstalled. Love Chat Heads too, they hit a homerun with that imo.

Using as a lock screen only along with Nova Launcher on my S3. Quick and easy way to kill time for a few seconds when I turn my phone on.

I only have it installed for the chat heads so I can text while multitasking. But as for the app itself. 200mb of data in one day. That app can kill itself for that

Espcially when you know that you can install it even if it's not compatible with your phone...

I've been using it for a few days now. It's actually pretty good. You directly get a a nice few of what's going in when you turn on your phone. The interface looks nice and works fluidly
It does still have it flaws, but it definitely brings something new to the table.

Also I do consider myself "power user", whatever that may be. Been using android phone since the HTC desire, used plenty of custom roms, different launchers etc. But I also use facebook quite a lot. You hear quite a lot about about Google+ on tech sites. It sure is nice, the mayor problem it has for me, is that everybody is using facebook, and a very select few of my contacts are on Google+, instantly making it almost useless for me.

But that's part of the beauty of Google+. I check Facebook occasionally since it is where the majority of my friends and family are. But I prefer Google+, even though only a handful of those people are there, because it connects me with people who have similar interests as I do. Even though they're total strangers to me, posts by people who share my interests on Google+ grab my attention more than posts of people I actually do know.

that's the same reason why I stick with Google+. joined a few communities that caught my interest and even made a few friends within those, so everyday I use Facebook less and less.

I installed the app and after 10 minutes I uninstall it because I don't like it. Everything it's harder to do on the phone...
You can just facebook with Facebook home.
I am in that number of installs...

It wouldn't be all that bad if I could use it in daydream or as a lock screen. Like swipe on my Nexus 7 the feeds before actually "sliding to unlock" my phone. That would be pretty cool. Also, the way they describe how often it syncs (High, medium, low) automatically put a sour taste in my mouth. Why can't they specifically say "Every 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15, etc" is beyond me.

Been using it on my Note 2 since it came out. I set it so that Home comes up when the screen turns on. Then I unlock and get back to Smart Launcher.

Nexus phones are the purest android phones and easiest to customize yet facebook home is not available to them !!!!

I've got FB home on my Nexus 7, (modoco,) not sure if it's safe, prefer g+, but watch out for subscriptions in g+ or you'll get 100 notifications a day. Then you'll have to factory reset and get a new email address. Can't wait until Nexus 7/2, May 15, 1080p, snappy 600, or 800, klp, 2.5 GB LPDDR3 RAM, etc..

I installed it and used it for about 90 seconds and removed it. It was horrible. Its like a Facebook OS. It takes over your entire device. No thanks, Mark Zuckerberg. You can keep it.

If you install Home and set another launcher as your default, Home will still pop up as your lock screen. At least, that's what happened on my Nexus 4.

you have to set it back to one of the default lock screens in your settings. lockscreen and launcher are different things.

I know a number of people who installed it out of curiosity and then uninstalled it within a day, I don't think most people want facebook overtaking their phone, but many are curious and give it a spin.

I was willing to give it a shot on my moto Razr HD and kept it around for about a week. I like the big wall post pics and easy status updates but it just makes using non Facebook apps and functions (ie. 95% of what a smartphone does) really cumbersome. I'd be happy to see Facbook Home features brought into the standard Facebook app instead.

I installed it, played around with it, thought it was utter garbage and a complete memory hogger then uninstalled it after 10 minutes. And on the google plus argument I think its a great app I just wish everyone else felt the same as none of my friends are on there which means im stuck on Facebook until more people jump on the G+ bandwagon.