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'Chat heads' feature missing from this developer build; full official app available for free on Friday

MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien has thrown together a trio of files with which you can get a half-working version of Facebook Home onto your phone -- five days before it'll be available to everyone as a free download.

We've played with it for a few minutes now, and it'll basically give you the look and feel of Facebook Home. But it doesn't quite match the performance (at least on our Nexus 4) that we saw on the HTC First, nor on the Galaxy Note 2 we used it on at Facebook's launch event lasts week. It's also lacking the "chat heads" messaging -- that's a huge part of Facebook Home. There's also no Google Search bar in the app drawer. That's consistent with the installed version of Facebook Home we used on a Galaxy Note 2 at Facebook HQ, but it's different than what you'll find on the HTC First. (Edit: Ah. There's a toggle for that in the settings, it seems.)

So, again, this is a dev version off a leaked ROM -- not the official release. If you're just dying to see what all the fuss is about (and, again, Facebook Home looks really nice), Paul's got full instructions at the link below.

Update: Looks like Facebook might have killed things on its end, as our Coverfeed has gone blank.

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Facebook Home cobbled together from leaked ROM


Has anyone noticed that Facebook seems to be going the path of MySpace?

I mean to say, Facebook isn't cool, it's just a way to find people you've lost contact with.

It looks like you have to download it from a site and then sideload it from your PC and then install with Astro or whatever filemanager you use (At least thats how I did it).

I did post a link to the site that was hosting it earlier on but its been removed, I apologize to Android Central if I broke any rules about posting links, I didn't realize that was against comment policy. I was merely trying to help another user get hold of the apk's test it.

**** BUYER BEWARE ****
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Note 2. Even if I had no handset, I'd NOT be so ignorant and nieve to allow anything that I have to be associated with Mark Fu*kenberg's Farcebook. That obama-wannabe sells every bit of data on everyone that's stupid enough to associate with Farcebook, in any way, shape or form. And, forget about any privacy, whatsoever.
I'd not have this handset for free with lifetime free monthly service.
**** BUYER BEWARE ****

Rolls eyes......the app is free nothing to buy unless you buy the HTC First, what idiot would put that much info about them on Facebook anyway......no need to answer its rhetorical.

Aww, they're cue when they're new. If you're worried about privacy, I'd stay of the net altogether. Oh, and I would seriously not have a smartphone. You are giving your data to Google who sells it also. The net is free and loose because they make money of tracking you. Get used to it or off of it, your call.

Test driving it on my GNote II, looks ok so far. would like to be able to switch between their screen and the default launcher. I'm just worried the S-Pen might lose some functionality, but then I haven't tried other launchers so I don't know how S-Pen is affected by other launchers. See what the full versions like come Friday.

Downloaded the .apk files from a website, copied to my phone and installed using Astro. I'm not going to post a link to where I sent it from as I got a message saying I can't post links in the comments but you should be able to Google it easily enough.

"five days before it'll be available to everyone as a free download."

Define everyone? America is the only country that will get Facebook home access from the Play Store in 5 days...!

my thoughts exactly...lol

FB home stopped working for me about about an hour using it.

it was nice and smooth and pretty though. i like what they did with it but i will never use it on a consistent basis.

Google, do a google + home please. this would make me a happy camper.

but for all day every day facebook users, this will be pretty nice.

Well as others have stated it really does not work very well now that someone flipped the switch. I've deleted the home app but kept the others. Seems like the bug I had with liking stuff is fixed at least.