Instagram for Android

There goes the neighborhood. Only a week after finally arriving on Android, Instagram has sold out -- to Facebook. The price, according to a press release: $1 billion in cash and Facebook stock.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, on his time line, says that it's more than just absorbing Instagram into the Collective. "We believe these are different experiences that complement each other," he wrote. "But in order to do this well, we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram's strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook.

"That's why we're committed to building and growing Instagram independently. Millions of people around the world love the Instagram app and the brand associated with it, and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people."

For its part, Instagram says it's business as usual. "It’s important to be clear that Instagram is not going away," CEO Kevin Systrom said. "We’ll be working with Facebook to evolve Instagram and build the network. We’ll continue to add new features to the product and find new ways to create a better mobile photos experience."

So we'll have to see exactly what happens. As far as Android's concerned, it's more about the service than the app. The app itself isn't all that great. The filters have been around in other apps for some time. (On the other hand, Facebook's Android app is notoriously bad, too.)

And until Instagram gets its act together and works on more Android smartphones, it's going to remain a non-starter for many.

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Reader comments

Facebook buys Instagram (insert groan here)


All my pics instant upload to google plus and if I wanna share one on fb that's what I do. I don't understand what instagram actually does that I don't already do.

People still don't seem to understand that Instagram is a social network of it's own. It's primary goal is sharing with other Instagram users.

I mean look at FB and Twitter. Using the same logic, one could ask "What's the point of Twitter? Facebook already offers status updates."

But even though they offer the same feature, they are completely different.

It's more like, "Why use Google+? Facebook already does all the same stuff."

You want to share pics with users on a social network? Why do you need a dedicated social network for that? Everybody who you care about is already on your Facebook account...

And screw Twitter anyways.

Fb doesn't have instant upload. I will have google plus as long as its available just for that reason.

And twitter is for celebrities and people who get their need from tmz. Pure garbage.

I'm guessing that Google will no longer allow Nexus phone to sync with Instagram now huh? Time for a new phone.

Good, hopefully this will prevent G+ from being overwhelmed with horrible photography. FB is more like myspace every day.

You're not looking hard enough. Wraith404 has identified possibly the best thing anyone could have hoped for - the rest of the world being insulated from instagram by pending Facebook exclusivity.

Haha! At least no one on Android got too deep into it. I didn't see much of a point to Instagram, but it is too bad that it will be slowly absorbed now.

Anyone check to see if iPhone users are blaming Android for this yet?

I can hear it now. "First Android and now THIS?!?!?! Rabble, rabble, rabble!!! They took our jobs!!! Rabble rabble rabble!!!"

Get over it Crapple fanbois...

What's better than Android users flooding Instagram and ticking off iOS users? 845 million Facebook users flooding Instragram and ticking off iOS users.

Zuckerberg: " and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people."

#TeamAndroid #FTW

I'm with the "nothing good can come from this" crowd.

Maybe I just need a new family, but the thing that scares me the most is opening Instagram and seeing a pic of my cousin's giant disgusting spider bite smack in the middle of my Droid (but now with filters and border fx!). I guess I should be happy I've decided not to "friend" a few members of my wife's family - she's got an ugly relation that posts slutty pics of herself (I get cold chills just typing that).

I guess it also scares me that every time I open Facebook on my phone, it kicks on the GPS. Now even if I don't geotag pics in Instagram, the geotag info will probably be stored on Facebook's servers. Not good.

Facebook saw how good they were at making inferior Android versions of apps and they thought it'd be a perfect fit for them to buy.

Bunch of snarky whiners who will complain about anything, just to complain.the reason you complain about FB isn't because it's truly like Myspace, it's because it's no fun to complain about Myspace anymore.

Get a hobby.

Yeah.. I know FB is annoying as hell at times, but it can be an excellent alternative to e-mail, or just a way to say to a group, "I'm going here- join me for a beer" or "Today sucks.."..

I agree that FB has become bloated and spam-filled, but if you can get past that (much of "that" being out of FB's hands), it's still a pretty useful online network, at least to me.

If your whole friends list is annoying, get new friends.

I deleted all of my Instagram photos and profile info following the announcement. Then my account, and finally the app from my phone.

Unlike others who are afraid of sharing their Instagram photos with their Grandmothers, I deleted my account because I don't use FB at all, and wish to remain in no way associated with it.

I enjoyed Instagram for those few days. Guess it's back to roidizer and the gazillion other apps on Android with have the same features. Gonna miss the community of Instagram, though.

I did the same as you except I went a step further by burning down my house, cleaning out my bank account, changing my name, and estranging my wife and family. I figure FB may try to get at them to find me.

meh i dont use these garbage services anyways or ever will. im not mainstream like the rest of the world that needs to know that there friend just had a donut

But if you don't post a photo of something, how will the world know that it happened? Those of us who lead such benighted lives as to not be on television must constantly document everything we do! That's the damned rule! REIFY THAT SHIT THROUGH NARCISSISM, BROTHER!

First they release a version for Android and now will the iPhone users keep from hanging themselves?!


Instagram stories are full of win. First fanboy wars, then all fanboys (iOS and Android alike) declare they'll not use it because of FB.

The vocal minority on the internets is an insignificant proportion, Instagram will likely reach many more users through Facebook, although I still think FB wasted their money...

$1B is nothing to Facebook. Don't you think chump change is worth giving up in exchange for a few million extra users AND the guarantee that you keep your monopoly/empire?

We all complain about the quality of Facebook and Instagram on Android and these apps work wonderfully on iOS. I think it's very obvious who the red headed step children are in the smartphone world. The unity of Android users in their quest to overthrow iPhone users is beautiful though. Cute names like "Crapple" and "iPhoney". It's like elementary all over again. Lol.

As long as Android file managers, launchers, sharing applications, Google apps, work way better than iOS ones, Android takes the crown and Apple can keep her hipster apps.

Yeah....because spending 3x what you should on any device makes that device better, right? If you ask me it's about price, functionality and flexibility. Until iOS goes open source and listens to their customers about what they want (90% of customers will tell you price is their #1 concern, then comes functionality) they will always take a back seat in the smart phone market. I don't give a rat's ass what anyone says. Price ALWAYS comes before anything else. If you can't afford the device then you can't own it, so it doesn't matter what it can do.

now...let me make a small comment about the egotistical attitudes of the average iOS user. "I think it's very obvious who the red headed step children are in the smartphone world." .......on second thought, this quote doesn't even need a rebuttal....look at the ego on this moronic fanboy!!!

1 Billion dollars...for what? a photo filter app? ::SMH::

I've never tried it and don't think I will now either. Have you tried Camera360 from the market? Pretty nice app. Does everything Hipsta..err.Instagram does.

Really...i'm still flabbergasted...1 billion for that

Only reason I'm groaning is because of all the griping I'm going to have to see in my G+ stream.

Edit: Also if you think it's "just a filter app" then you don't actually know what Instagram is and you should probably not comment on it. Some basic research would go a long way to help making you not look like an idiot.

Its like having "access" to your favorite supermodel, but now that the whole world can access her, whats the point ? Your not interested and its becomes a crapshoot .

as if I needed any more reasons to hate instagram or facebook!!! i'm already deleting my fb account the moment they force that god-awful timeline crap on I also have yet another reason to never install instagram on my android.

Is anyone else kind of excited about this? I figure there's at least a slight possibility that this acquisition will lead both services to improve their apps somewhat. Maybe they still won't be top shelf, but there's the chance they could see some improved functionality. It's always refreshing to hear the choruses of support from the ever-optimistic Android community, though...

well when an app takes only ONE function of every single social network in existence (photo sharing), then brutally butchers it to're gonna hear some negativity about it. and I haven't even commented on the insanely astronomical price they paid for it.

I fail to see how they've "brutally butchered" the concept of photo sharing, but I also don't care enough to engage in that battle.

As for your other point, how does the price affect you in the slightest? For that matter, how does it impact anyone in any way other than positively? We all know that the Zuckmeister has that money to spend, and now the folks at Instagram are a billion dollars richer. (Just for clarification, I'm well aware that not EVERYone at Instagram is going to see that money. But getting a billion dollars is getting a billion dollars, and I would love for someone to show me how that's a bad thing.)

The main point here is that there's plenty of potential for this to be a really great move, both on Facebook's and Instagram's parts. People will complain regardless, but I'm personally very hopeful to see some good come from it.

It's funny. I installed Instagram two days ago and my reaction was, "Meh filters, but pretty good community". Now that the community is going to be Facebook, Instagram is pretty useless.

Uninstalled. Back to Camera FX and Google+.

This app is pointless. You have a state of the art smart phone with an app that makes pictures that look old. And everyone is pissed because either; its out for Android now or that Facebook just bought it. Oh and wow, a billion dollars? Beam me up Scotty. There is no intelligent life here.

I have mixed emotions on this. The reason I like Instagram is the fact that it is a photo community. Not everyone posts pictures with filters that make the photo look old. Granted, Android users have had apps for a long time that have filters to "enhance" their pictures, but where have you posted them? G+? Facebook?

I like people to comment on my pictures that I take, and I like feedback. I don't have 15,000 friends on my FB that can give me feedback on the pictures I have taken, so, IG has been fun for me. I personally haven't had any issues with the APP so far.

So, I really don't know how to feel about this!

Sad when FB has enough money to say "oh... look... there is a new community out there that has a lot of users, lets dig out some change and buy it!"

This has all been extraordinarily entertaining. I'm not sure what the big issue is here. We all use some sort of social networking service...and with those services there are privacy policies. When you sign up for a service you're asked "Do you agree to terms?". You can say yes or no. I enjoy several. If you don't like fb or twitter or foursquare, etc...don't use them. We all use smartphones. The moment you enter that gmail account and password into that device, your privacy is gone. Period. Your phones back themselves up on Google servers every day. Your email comes automatically to your device. Your information is out there...and if someone wants it bad enough, they're going to get it.

Kevin and Mike created something that millions of people love to use. If you'd rather not, then don't use it. Their hard work finally paid off. Good for them. How many devs do you honestly think would look at facebook or twitter or Google and tell them thanks but no thanks if they came to them and offered them a billion dollars for their creation? I'm betting none...