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We're really being spoiled of late with Facebook app updates, as today the second update in little over a week went live. The star attraction this time, the ability to access the timeline feature through the app if you already have a timeline. I don't, so hit us up in the comments with your impressions of it. 

It's not the only new feature to appear though. Notifications have been improved with faster push notifications, faster overall navigation throughout the app, and the ability to play your favourite games  and access your favourite apps.


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Facebook app updated, timeline comes to mobile


I was having a hard time signing into my profile. Keep getting error message "FB authentication failed." Did my little magic of deleting, Uninstalling, clearing, and changing around a few things. Finally, I got it working. HTC EVO 3S.

I like the Facebook update, but could use one additional feature: adjustable text size.
I have eye problems and apps that have adjustable text work best for me. Hence, adjustable text would make it a five star app in my eyes.

I got an update yesterday... but not all of the features work or are there. I have a Bionic so there should be no reason like the phone isn't powerful enough, etc. I can see the new timeline yes, but Facebook keeps plugging that they now have push notifications. They have been saying that for several versions/updates now. I still don't see it anywhere. There's nothing in the settings for push notifications. I only get notifications at the selected interval in the settings. You'd think a billion dollar company like Facebook could afford devs who can do things right and test before releasing. There is no reason the Android version should be anything other than equal to the iPhone version. It really seems like the app is going less native and more to being just a browser of the mobile app.

After doing some searching, it seems that the only people who actually get the push notifications and settings are those who used to have a BlackBerry with the Facebook app installed on it. Apparently there is a setting on the BlackBerry version for push notifications. Kinda lame that no one there seems to get that. Shouldn't keep plugging it when they know it doesn't actually work for anyone other than those who used to have a BlackBerry.

And it says right in the description in the market "push notifications" wish they would quit lying like that...

They've been putting that in the description for a while. Yes, Android users can get push notifications, but ONLY IF they previously had a BlackBerry AND used the Facebook app on it AND had push notifications turned on in the settings. Epic fail...

I did some searching on it last week too and ran across a post somewhere that said if you login on the iphone or ipod touch version of fb and allow it to send you push notifications it will work on your android phone. I did it on my sons ipod touch and then logged off and its been working on my droid 3 ever since.

It will only show up for those who have gone to that page and activated it....for now that is. I'm sure Facebook will force it on everyone soon enough.

I used the link. Got it. Make sure to take the tour. Afterwards, open the app on your phone, tap the search icon (upper left), tap on your name, and your timeline opens. You can customize it from there. Thanks for the link Kevin.

Timelines go live on December 22, according to the pop-up info box when you first load it. It does replace the profile...but not sure if (or, I guess with Facebook, when) it'll be forced onto people though...

Reading the comments in the Android Market you'd think this update was the worst in the world. Yet I come here and everybody loves it... What gives?

I was thinking the same exact thing. Seeing all the complaints about the constant refreshing of the news feed has kept me from even trying to install it yet.

for the pic above, it only looks like that if you view someone's profile and only if they have the new time line turned on.

Since the last two updates I can't choose a album for mobile uploads. I hate how I have to manually change the uploaded pictures to the corresponding albums... Anyone else having this issue?