Facebook for Android updated

Facebook for Android just received an update, bringing higher resolution picture uploads, improved Places usage for non-English locales, and always welcomed bugfixes.  Sorry, still no Facebook chat. 

You can grab the latest version from the market, and be sure to check us out on Facebook once you have it up and running.  If you don't have Facebook installed on your device, hit the jump for the download links.  [Facebook for Android] Thanks isaiah32!

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Coolaaron88 says:

Still no chat, notifications or ability to tag or like statuses. Come on Facebook

treyrey86 says:

I can like statuses....

Kevin949 says:

I can like statuses and get notifications. What are you talking about?

JulietBravo says:

Use the app Go!Chat for facebook. Works great.

ricbon says:

Still gonna rock tweetdeck.....facebook for android you blow!!!

pyroja says:

Seriously. I can get notifications for events, messages, and friend requests, but not for comments or wall posts?

What gives? Even my BB Storm had this going on from day one!

scitch says:

Tweetdeck ftw....

whozat451 says:

Havent seen it yet, but I agree if you cannot customize something like messaging then that blows. If RIM can do it...

image2nv says:

bloo 1.5 Does all of that. Chat, notifications and comments.

Best app for facebook thus far.

Jason0x21 says:

Event. Times. Still. Broken.

decyphersmc says:

was hoping this was going to be one of the bug fixes. but no, Apparently the must think all events created are in pacific time as an event I created for 8pm is showing up as starting at 11. My guess is that it just presumes all events are pacific then it localizes the time in the app??

gid13 says:

Is it just me, or is it really irritating that the main screen can only be viewed in portrait mode?

mpneill says:

Download unsuccessful... again, and again, and again...

ricbon says:

ok...ok...maybe....just maybe they are getting ready for something big?.......I mean arent they holding an event on monday?....still TWEETDECK!!!

I recieved a notice in the task/notifications tab/bar from a friend from facebook. Maybe it was just a comment thread I thought it was a chat thread though. Need to root to prove next time. Haven't seen it again though.

broketownazn says:

I like the update, but would prefer we can do pokes and of course CHAT!! I always wonder how the Android version can't get chat on the phones, when it can be convenient just like the iPhone. They should consider getting chat on the phones.

mtiselin says:

Until they get the android app close to the BB app, I'll stick with FB mobile. I like the BB app for facebook, so much better than the Android app, with the notifications, and all around better ease of use...