If you are a Facebook for Android user, which we know many of you are, an update to the application has been pushed to the Android Market. The update brings version 1.5.2 to your device, and some of the changes include:

  • Added the ability to upload photos to friend's Walls
  • Upload photos to Groups
  • Photos will always upload with the correct orientation
  • Improvements to landscape mode
  • Improved security using SSL
  • Various bug fixes

If you use Facebook, and want to take advantage of this update, be sure to hop into the market and grab the update. Download links after the break.


Reader comments

Facebook for Android updated to version 1.5.2


I can't believe I'm saying this but can we just get the iPhone port of this app?! Its the only way were ever gonna get a fully fuctioning official app. Flow until then!

Pictures in the news feed aren't loading correctly and based on the comments in the market I am not the only one with this problem. I would wait for another update.

I agree with emock81... unless there is a way to back up in releases? Does anyone know if you can uninstall the latest update and go back to say, FB for Android 1.5.1?

I'll have to say, i'm new to the android market, but i'm wondering if this open source app market is really worth it... I never had any problems with any of my apps I used on my iTouch nor do my friends with their iPhone apps.....

my 2 cents

I agree that this app isn't as good as the iphone version, but, at least they are updating it now. It felt like it was ignored for ages!
Hopefully it will keep improving!

please do something about the spam filter on this site =p

Groups has never worked for me and still does not. Also, the contact email for facebook is not valid anymore. God, they suck.

I came from a BB Storm to a Dinc and that's the first thing I said when I used the FB app. Push notification has never worked since I switched, it used to be instant on the the Storm.

Yay, they finally fixed the events time.

I was so frustrated with this app until I found out you're supposed to tap on the facebook logo to go to the main menu. I really don't understand why that was never a menu button option as clicking on logos makes a lot of sense a website proper but not as much in an app, especially since a lot of times tapping the back button would just close the app, forcing me to open it all over again.

luckily I barely ever use this app other than looking up events. Tweetdeck fills my need for seeing facebook posts on the go.

This app is awful. I guess the one benefit to the "ChaChaCha" phone with the Facebook button is that it will force Facebook to make a legit app.

ARGH!!! Still isn't updating news feed. It appears there, then goes away. I like the interface, just want it to work! From reading around, it doesn't sound like I am the only one with this issue. Very frustrating. So, I hope they will push out more "big fixes" soon.

Still haven't fixed the thumbnail problem on Desire HD and Desire Z and i'm guessing any other device that had htc sense 2 :(


Doesn't work on my Samsung Captivate running Froyo. Getting constant force close. Seems man users are having this issue. Terrible release. Recommend not installing until this gets resolved.

FC's here on my fascinate as well. It was fine earlier today and just started FC and I didn't even install the update. Nice job Facebook. Get a decent app that works!

Don't waste your time with the "official" Facebook Android app!!! I discovered Flow over the weekend and I immediately uninstalled the "official" Facebook app. Notifications work on Flow for comments to wall posts and much more. Finally, I can now stop saying that the Blackberry Facebook app is better. Thank heavens for FLOW!!!!

A lot of mentions about Flow. Guess I'll be downloading that, cause the official has never worked right for me. My Ipod get notifications instantly.

The only time I ever miss WebOS now is when I have to use Android's FB app. Palm created and maintained the FB app themselves on WebOS, and it showed. It was extremely polished with accurate notifications and incredible interaction just like the full FB site. I think the first phone manufacturer who champions a FB app for their Android phones will be wildly successful. Till then, the people who make Flow are the only game in town.

Is it possible to downgrade to the last one this one is horrible. most of the pics won't come up it force closes. It's a HOT DAMN MESS. It was better before

... Facebook for Android 1.5.2, hm... a real screw up here! Pictures aren't visible on the feed or via the click through... oh and that when it doesn't crash. Facebook - HELP...

Upgraded last night and now the app is broken on the Droid X. All I get is force close. The previous version worked perfectly.

Droid X user and I LOVE my phone but even with all the updates to Facebook app, I never receive notifications in my status bar. Am I doing something wrong? HELP!

The only notifications I have ever been able to receive is inbox and friend requests. On my Evo, they are sporatic at best. I don't even think there is an option for comment updates. Flow will at least send notifications through gmail. So, I don't think you are doing anything wrong.