Facebook for Android

A new Facebook for Android update is now rolling out and for those of you who like to share photos and events, this is one you'll want to ensure you get installed. The noted changes include easier event creation along with a faster photo upload flow and the capability of adding emoji and photos into messages.

That new flow they mention pertains to the fact you can upload multiple photos within messages as well as directly to your photo area on Facebook. Overall, a simple upgrade but a huge one if you share a lot of images or tend to create a lot of events.


Reader comments

Facebook for Android updated to include faster photo uploads, easier event creation


I noticed speedier crashes...Great Job! Maybe pay more attention to your app and less to your shit stock.

Dare I say that it has gotten a bit better over the last few updates, but the Google+ app still eats its lunch.

Note the permissions change. Not sure I like this. "Your Location". Those have got this update already, is there a way to turn this off?

Yall are jerks... I am a huge facebooking kind of guy and ive used friendcaster as a supplement.
This is what I can say though I am upset that facebook can finally upload multitude images at once. Seriously how long has friendcaster have this option? The only reason I choose facebook app over friendcaster is because their is less switching to my browser wich annoys the crud out of me. Wish their was a hack to change the theme because its way lame.
I do a bunch of photo uploading so this post helped me out allot. Thanks :)

BTW Enough with all you haters :P

I'd like the ability to manager what Album my photos are uploaded to, rather then the generic 'Mobile' album. I was able to do that with Blackberry's Facebook app.

I TOTALLY AGREE the only way if you dont have a HTC (Thunderbolt) phone is to go to www.facebook.com (full site) on your phones browser go to your PROFILE then Your PHOTOS then SELECT the preferred ALBUM then CLICK ADD PHOTOS..... The issue with doing it this way is you have to know what the pictures are named as on the memory card and then scroll down to it but if it was the last you took it should be the last on the list......

I HATE this wah because I have almost 500 pictures THAT'S A LOT OF SCROLLING

Now the permission wants to read your phone number and other phone related info.....I bet they will sell that to telemarketers......dirtbags.....

Notifications are still not working for me. They just quit one day and never worked right since. My iPad on the other hand gets push notifications just fine. Two different Android phones, one my daily driver (Galaxy S2) and my backup phone (Samsung Dart). Can't be a settings or OS issue as I rarely fire up the tiny Dart just to charge it up and sync my contacts and it's still running Froyo...

My Galaxy S2 on the other hand, is running ICS 4.0.3 and has no space issues or otherwise.

I just don't get it. I could see one phone failing due to a botched install or resource files fouling up, but a second phone that is powered off entirely to be affected makes no sense at all.

About the only thing the update did was make Facebook activate my GPS a lot more often. Irritating, even with messenger locations settings off, it still activates it if I accidentally leave my GPS enabled.

Lol. I've refrained from updating for so long. Sticking to what came on my one x stock has worked perfectly. FB updates have sucked for so long.

Crashed my entire phone to a halt simply commenting on a photo. In order for FB to work again, had to restart entirely for Wastebook to launch again. Rubbish!

I was JUST going to download the new Facebook app, but after seeing these comments as well as the ones on "Play Store", I see that this is still a mess! Interestingly enough, Mark Zukerburg announced about 10 seconds ago, "We just released a new Facebook app for iPhone and iPad and it's a lot faster. Our team completely rewrote it from the ground up to focus on speed. It's a big step forward"..

Come ON Facebook, how about an app for the Droid that actually WORKS!!!

Updated last night, cleared Facebook cache, restarted, wiped Delvik etc. Still FC's on my stock-rooted 4.0.4 AT&T Note every few uses. I've never had an issue with the Facebook app before this update.