Facebook for Android

Been having issues with Facebook for Android logging you out or just outright crashing seemingly for no reason? If so, time to grab the latest version that is now appearing in the Google Play Store. As noted in the change log, this one should solve those issues, though we're not going to make any promises. You'll find the update in your apps list or you can just grab it from here.


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Facebook for Android updated with fixes for crashes and login issues


I can't update my face book software. When I starting updation, there is message "delete old vertion" how I delete old one.

Ha! I still use V. 1.6.4 !! I keep it on my SD card to install whenever I change roms.. It has all the basics that I really care for..

For a multi-billion dollar company, FB is a crap service. The app is extremely slow. It sometimes takes forever to load photos or the feed. And this is on either WiFi or a full bars Verizon LTE signal, so it's not the connection,

It's amazing how slow it is...

What a POS app. Every time they update to "fix" something, another thing breaks. Like push notifications for example. Since the last 2 updates I've missed message notifications and comment notifications. How does FB suck so bad at producing an app with money literally shooting out from all orifices???

Maybe they need to fix it so it says we're using the Facebook app, instead of "from mobile" or "from text message." Almost as if they're embarrassed to admit they support Android...

I installed FriendCaster, got rid of the official FB app, and haven't looked back. FriendCaster really is that much faster.

This is going to sound Fanboi-ish, but the folks at OneLouder really know what they're doing. FriendCaster, TweetCaster, and OneWeather are three of the most beautiful, stable, and fast apps in the market. All three are best-of-breed.

I hope Google's keeping an eye on them -- there's enough UI and coding smarts there to be worth acquiring, assuming you could keep them doing good such good work even after they get swallowed up by Mountain View.

How about the failure to load pictures?? I thought it was my shitty Thunderbolt at first, but when I upgraded to a Droid 4 it has the same problem.