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Looks like the Facebook Android app is having a bit of a conniption fit today. Could just be network problems, or maybe it's unhappy that my privacy settings quit grabbing their ankles today. Anybody else having issues? (Thanks, @vizzle07 and @hmdearras)


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Facebook for Android having hiccups today


Same issue here...but honestly it's not the end of the world people. The "sky is falling" type comments under reviews is hilarious. Use this as a break from FB :-).

the FB app has been messed up my DI for about a day, I just created a shortcut to the mobile website, life goes on.

It is the new Privacy settings roll out which is causing the null (database) errors. This should be resolved by EOD tomorrow.

Confirmed, been having this issue since about 10pm last night Eastern. Whats strange is if i reboot my phone, it works the first time and never again. Oh well.

Just got my first Android device yesterday (EVO) and haven't been able to view news feed yet. Thanks for validating the issue is widespread. FriendsFlow is working though.

If the facebook app for android was in crap and I used it, I would think I would be having the same issue as well.

Today!!! Really, this app sucked since day one, by far the worse Facebook app around. It's one big shortcut to Facebook touch site. They need to revamp the whole thing while they're at it. my 2cents

Yeah its messing up for everyone. You can tell the people that have serious FB addictions because they are acting like its either the end of the world or the FB for Android people are sleeping with their significant others cause they're so angry.

Take it easy people m.facebook.com is still working. Geez.

this 'Null' problem happened to me the entire day yesterday and today :(

i thought there was something wrong with my phone that I just got

So what they're saying is that the Facebook app is just as good as it has ever been. The app is lame. There is no way to see any comments on a photo.

Can't believe people are actually that bothered by this. It happens folks. No need for meltdowns. I swear there are other things to occupy your time, like that job you're supposed to be working at, or feeding your children.

Omg look in the forums multiple threads on this... how am I going to rob the Russia mafia or harvest my crops please help.. help me by joining my mafia and farm. Lol

Facebook having hiccups? Preposterous!

In all seriousness, everyone who has worked with Facebook before will know this: their service stops working all the time, randomly, and stays like that for hours, if not days. Application keys randomly stop working as if the application themselves had disappeared, we start getting random errors, servers are unreachable, etc.

I swear their API servers are powered by a dozen oranges.

LOL, I totally agree. This isn't the first time the FB for Android app has flaked out like this. Yeah, I can use FB mobile through the browser, and that's fine... but what's irritating, this is something that happens quite often.

Same issues for me so I downloaded Bloo app and it works fine. Will delete it once my true FB app is back up and running but Bloo works in a pinch for those of us who can't go without FB!

Same issue here. At least I can take a break from reading my friends whine and complain. Wait - was that outloud?

I had the same issue starting about midnight PST last night. The HTC apps like FriendStream ares till working properly thought so I can see updates.

Same here - FB for Android has always been mediocre at best. Maybe they'll take a look at the whole interface - Facebook Touch on the web is much better - just not quite as convenient. And to be honest - I kinda like my status posts to say Facebook for Android and not just Facebook Mobile. Clearly, however, Android mobile is not a priority for them.

Oddly enough the widget is updating, but the app is not.

The official FB app isn't that bad. Still needs some features, but it's got the main stuff and directs less and less to the m.facebook.com.

Facebook for Android always sucked, even with its recent update. This (and Meebo) is in need of a major overhaul. Too much reliance on the mobile site. Facebook for iPhone is LEAGUES better.


I pretty much use this app while at work when I am bored or on the shitter. It worked fine last night, but not at all today. I am not a facebook addict, so no biggie. The people I am friends with on facebook are people I actually know IRL. Some people I know have like over 1,000 FB friends, but they are like hooked to this shit. I find facebook somewhat lame sometimes. The lamest thing is when people live in the same house and post stuff on eachothers wall. Also when people got to update their status on their wall like every 30 minutes, go get twitter lol, but serious IDGAFF about every minute thing you do in your life. The thing I do like about Facebook is you can find friends who you havent talked to in a long time or send out invitations for stuff to all your friends easily.

I noticed I haven't been able to view my own photo album pictures at least since I installed Froyo, not sure if it's related because as others say, Facebook for Android has never been a very good app.

Noticed today the same error as others noted above.

Alerts me on new notifications when they're actually old ones not acted on.

Wish it would alert me when someone responds to something I share.

Unreliable in general

I suspect it's sabotaged by one of those fruity people.

Good to know it wasn't just me. The mobile site is better anyway lol. Hopefully a new app will be released, no word on when this will happen. Every time facebook changes something, all the apps on every platform get hiccups.

I'm not necessarily a fan for FriendStream but at least it works.

You can't even uninstall the stupid Facebook app. Sigh.

Same problem here.

I kinda like the app but the redirection to m.facebook.com if you want to comment etc., sucks.

really glad to see this. I thought it was my brand new N1. It's not that I love FB so much, just that I thought the phone was malfunctioning.

This app is "ok", definitely not great. I came to Android from BB. I really like the way their app works with notifications. Too bad someone can't combine the best of both worlds into one FAN-DAM-TASMIC Facebook app.

There is an app in the Android Market called Facebook Touch. It's a specialized browser version of Facebook. But it does seem to be working properly without any issues. I suggest that Android users switch to Facebook Touch in the Android Market until the Facebook app is repaired.

quick question here.

My facebook on my my touch used to say 'camera' and now it has been replaced with 'inbox'. I know it's still available in camera because it shows up on my boyfriend's phone. I've tried deleting the application and re-adding and that didn't work either. Any thoughts? =) Appreciate it.