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Facebook this morning dropped word that its official Android app is getting an update. Nothing huge in this latest v3.6 update — a few bugfixes, mainly. Here's the deal:

  • Fixed a crash when deleting a photo from a comment
  • Fixed music controller notifications from disappearing
  • Various other crash and bug fixes 

Presumably it also contains the improvements found in last week's beta update. The update is available for the Facebook beta testers now and will roll out to everyone else in the next few days.


Reader comments

Facebook for Android getting some bugfixes


Does it still run in the background with 2 or 3 processes? That was the reason I uninstalled it and just went with a bookmark icon of facebook on my launcher to avoid the background data. I feel a better battery boost since I have went this route. Wish they would allow it to not run constantly.

It's a service(s) not a program. These just let you know when something is up with facebook, ie new notifications, friends, events etc..

The main program will get put to sleep/hibernate so to speak. It is recalled when necessary.

These services also use cloud messaging a standard way in android to get notifications. These means apps don't have to write their own polling routines to get any notifications. They simply register to receive notifications and the OS will notify them when something needs to be displayed.

So you are getting a big boost there!

Does it still wake the device 500+ times a day even when you have notifications and refresh set to off? Uninstalling Facebook gave a massive battery increase on the last version.

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 4

And because anyone with the updated version will never know how much battery it uses because facebook has access to change your battery stats.

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Hopefully they fix the most recent and top stories bug. If I set it to most recent I want it to stay there and not switch back to top stories. Also since last update I open the app any have a lot of notifications in the notification tray on top. Silly notifications like so and so posted a pic. Etc. Looked in setting but can't find anything. Never happened before the last update before this one.

Posted via Android Central App

The 'most recent/top stories' bug has been a problem for so damn long I'm convinced that they honestly don't give a f*ck.

It has to be intentional. No way they couldnt fix that by now

Posted via Android Central App

this bug is a PIA, I've seen it work in 1 version, break in the next, in another it appears to stay where you left it but if you reselect it the your feed will reorder. Then it gets broken again.

I don't even have the option to switch to most recent with the newest version (where the icons are on the bottom). Are you guys running the beta or am I missing where the option is to switch views? Used to be in the older version but can't find it??

Go in the left menu, where you can see the feed and messages, etc
on the feed line you have a wheel, click onto and chose what you want. but the app don't remember your choice.
(sorry for my english)

This app has always caused me problems...and I haven't had it installed on my phone in almost 2 years. Just use a bookmark to the mobile site and be done with it...much less of a headache.

I also use facebook for approx. 5 minutes a week...no joke. So maybe the mobile site won't fit your needs but it does for me.

Looks like it also got an unannounced notification bar.... Or have I just missed that before now?

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You mean at the bottom of the screen? It takes up some space, yes, but I do like the dedicated News Feed button.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

No in the notification area on my nexus 7,top left. Permanent globe icon and three notification icons when I pull down.

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Many times I have requested Facebook offer the ability to resize text in their Android app.
For those of us with older eyes, or with eye medical problems, need the ability to increase the text size.
If Twitter can offer text that can be increased why can't, or won't Facebook?

I can't wait for the day when we can edit a posting using the app!

Maybe stop so many people posting complete rubbish?

How do i reinstall facebook on my phone? It was already on my phone when i bought it. I uninstalled it because it was having problems and now i cant use it. Its still on my phone but every time i try to open it i get an error message saying com.facebook katana has stopped working. Any thoughts?

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