Facebook just pushed out a an update for it's Android app. The new version is 1.5.1 adds Facebook Deals (though we can't quite see where they are in the app just yet) and has a few bug fixes, including one in which closed chats would reappear after relaunching the app. Updated now in the Android Market, or there's a download link after the break. [Facebook] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Facebook Deals included in latest update for Android app


Just a heads up... Looks like nothing was fixed. Chat conversations still appear after closing app and reopening. Notifications are still not working all together. Deals is also no where to be found.

Hope they fix the problem where my photos are rotated sideways when uploaded. I end up having to go to a computer online and rotate the photos back.

You probably have to checkin to find out if the place is offering any deals. But even if they aren't, Facebook can use your checkin in their advertising.

click on places to check in and nearby places offering facebook deals will show a yellow icon next to to their name.

They worked for me for awhile, but stopped several weeks ago. I have all notifications disabled because I either get notified via TweetDeck or Gmail. However, notifications were still showing up in my notification bar. The app really sucks.

They are hit and miss for my Droid X, sometimes Ill get them and sometimes I wont. Seems everyone talks about how great the iphone app works, why is it so hard to get the Android version up to par???

I see notifications if I'm IN the app, but not otherwise, unless it's an e-mail or chat notification. Then I get it outside of the app.

I got a couple of notifications after installing the last update, but the vast majority of them still fail. Only a marginal improvement from the original version that came with my phone where the rate of successful notifications was a big fat zero.

I honestly could care less about the chat/deals/push updates but seriously...if you're gonna put out two updates and advertise in both updates that you've got this that and the other thing included in the update, how about making sure one of these features works.

To FBs defense, according to Facebook for Android they didn't specifically say they fixed the push or chat. They said the new release fixed bugs and included all the "goodness" of chat and push notifications of the previous version.

I just don't get how it can be so hard already!

Are we at some time soon gonna be able to tell who likes something? Instead of seeing "5 people like this" with know way to know who?

I don't think that is the reason...Stock N1 w/ 2.2.2 and I'm getting nothing ... I think it's all smoke and mirrors with this thing

There is no sound or vibration alert for chat notifications...hope they add that soon..I dont know if someone is chatting me on FB without actually looking at the phone.

did they fix if you log out of the chat it will really log you out from the app?

(i handle facebook chat in another app and was getting double notifications)

How about manual assigning Facebook photos to contacts? The current way doesn't work. I have some people with Facebook photos assigned to them that have really no information beyond a phone number assigned to them. Whereas other have number, email, and even sometimes a website entered into it and Facebook will not recognize them.

I gave up on the app altogether. Go!Chat for chat, Gmail for notifications, and the touch site for interaction seems to work for me. Downside is I can't upload photos the simple "share" way, but I never really did much sharing of phone pics anyway. I think I could email them to upload if I really wanted to though.

No push notifications for me and no sound for incoming chat message I got evo 4g 2.2 wat to do this ish blowing mines

I see nothing new... I have been using F+/now "FLOW" for the longest time, has features the facebook app doesn't and has had some long before the official one fixed them (viewing notifications IN APP instead of on the mobile web) also has a better newsfeed that properly links to videos. I'm really annoyed with the facebook app because I almost NEVER want to be signed into chat when I'm out and about and it keeps signing me in, no matter how many times I sign out! I wish I could just disable it. chat on the app Bloo was just fine and let you DISABLE IT!

Everytime I use this app I miss WebOS. Palm had a "hands-down" best facebook app. This one can't send comment notifications, but it will send me the same friend request 5 days in a row. I can't understand why a video can't be uploaded to facebook from the share command. The biggest aggrevation is I couldn't find an easy way to return to the home screen. Am I missing it? Sucks to hit the back button 15 times to get there from someone's photo page.

Still won't keep posts on the newsfeed! Posts them for a short time then takes it off the newsfeed, still on my wall though...Guess I will just keep using tweetdeck...

Video upload option? This is the one thing I miss from Palm/WebOS facebook app. Working notifications would be nice too...

WebOS's Facebook app is written by people that aren't even totally in the development team, it is way better than Android. Notifications arrive like they should, navigation is better, comments are better, video uploads, etc. I am sure they lack in some things but I don't understand why simple things like navigation within an app are overlooked so much in Android. Returning to a main menu should be simple. Also try getting a text message while typing a Facebook chat or post.....answer the text and everything you just typed in Facebook is deleted. FAIL.

Hi. I have a smartphone with a camera that I take to MANY social events (read: all). I'd sure like to f***ing take a picture with my smartphone and then upload directly to Facebook, tagged. iOS does it, Palm does it. Android? Still no. Oh, and since my smartphone has a constant data connection, this should be a no brainer, right?

Guess not...

I'm not having any of these problems. It works a heckuva lot better than the Facebook App for the Palm Pre and before that, the Facebook app for the Palm Centro.

?? What version of WebOS Facebook app did you use? It is light years ahead in form and fuction. Don't get me wrong, a facebook app isn't a deal breaker for me on a phone platform, but Android puts no effort in their facebook app.

Did they fix the battery drain? When i first updated this app my phone battery would only last 8 hours. I had to do a phone reset and never updated the app. My battery life went back up to all day.