Facebook Chat for Android

This is one you guys have been wanting for a while -- Android's Facebook app finally has proper Facebook chat. And push notifications. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus. You can get the Version 1.5.0 update now in the Android Market, and we've got download links after the break. Now excuse us while we pester some Facebook friends.


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Facebook for Android finally gets chat, push notifications!


I never cared for chat, but am excited about the possiblility of 'push notifications' actually working like it should.

Not quite. It still has a ways until it matches the Pre version of FB, but it is really starting to look good.

Google is kicking some butt with all these updates...now if they can just put out that Google maps 5 update.

If you can't find enough good games for Android then you either don't have a nice enough phone or you're not looking hard enough. There are a ton of great playing and great looking games, but the market doesn't make them easy to find and many of them aren't in the market.

Well, not being in the market means that they are not available for many phones without untrusted app loading ability.

I can find good games, however I mean games like Infinity Blade. I have a Droid Incredible, I absolutely love my phone. The developers seem to stick with iPhone, no idea why...

I agree with the games part. That's the only thing the iPhone really has over Android. There are some good games on Android, but they're much much harder to find than on iPhone. But maybe 2011 will be the year for Android gaming, since Gingerbread is optimized for gaming. I really hope so, I don't want my Fascinate's GPU to be wasted on just applications.

Can't get the new updated facebook to open..i'm just sayin..stays on a white screen, Samsung captivate

To those wondering, the push is instant. In fact, I got the notification before the email notified me.

I'm not entirely sure (correct me if I'm wrong) but i think push is only for 2.2+ devices only since Froyo has the cloud-to-device API's

push notifications for messages, friend requests, and event invites only? what about wall posts, comments, and all the other stuff?

Yeah, that's what I've been waiting to be added to, even before this update with the push notifications... I'm also disappointed that I can no longer make the icon screen the screen that shows up first instead of the news feed.

It does do it. I have had a lot of those notifications come through since the update. So and so commented on your status.

i'd say its safe to say that the touch.facebook.com version is still the most functional of the bunch.

as for push notifications...are you that facebook obsessed that you need instant retrieval of your activities? log off and get a life for once.

A lot of people use Facebook as a messaging service instead of email, so having the instant abilities help in case you get a message. Also, it's convenient when you and some buddies are having a conversation on somebody's update or what have you.

Thank being said, there have been several times on my Blackberry where I wish I DIDN'T get so many Facebook alerts, and wished I could turn it off, so the argument goes both ways. If you don't like it, then don't use it. Plain and simple.

So if I don't use the widget, I can just turn the "Refresh interval" to "none" and the push notification will still work just fine?

I hate facebook chat, I hope that doesn't affect my phone like the facebook update in the summer where it drained everyones battery

Now if we can just get picture tagging!! That's what I've been waiting for. My wife can do that on her crappy Blackberry....why not on Android??

Thank you! Don't get me wrong... I love that chat has been added to the update, but I need to tag! AND... be able to change my profile picture... Keep it coming Facebook!

Chat works nice except that there is no audio alert. I turned on all the alert options but still when someone chat no sound? I guess until this is fixed my Gochat will still be the one to use

Same problem, no sound or audio on the chat notification. It doesn't vibrate either. I tried uninstalling fully and reinstalling. No luck.

This is a pretty sick update. But I think someone really should have changed the settings page. Keeping it the same as it was previously, is confusing.

Push notifications aren't working for me. And there's no setting for them in the app's settings. I just got 2 notification emails, and no notifications from the app. WTF? I do like the chat though. And I also wish you could have the main screen come up first as the default instead of the timeline. Needs for configurable options.

i just got the inspire 4g(running android 2.2) and when i get something on my facebook like a message or wall post my ipod instantly lights up and notifies me as would my blackberry bold 9700. my inspire... as silent as a dead phone. what do i do?!?!?!? help?!? also my blackberry would get push emails and my inspire only gets them every 5 minutes. i thought the android os has push built into it?

I have 2.2, but no push notifications... :\ I've uninstalled the app & re-installed it a couple of different times, and have double-checked the settings... still nothing.

Whoa, guys! Push notifications and chat equals a battery killer. Think about it. I know what google chat does to my battery. Their last buggy version was a battery killer. No way I am upgrading for a few days. Let others be the ginnie pigs! Oink, oink :)

push wouldn't be a battery killer.. polling like it does now would be.

does push only work with froyo?

Push notifications = Battery SAVER not battery killer

...similar to how IMAP uses less battery than POP3.

Nice features for the update but have they figured out yet why some users are experiencing problems with their status updates not posting to the news feed and only to their wall and other friends not being able to see the update? Hmmmmm....

EDIT : Nope, my status update STILL doesn't show up on the news feed. This is some total bullshit when you contact Facebook bout it several times, get no response, others are having the same problem and are getting no response from them either. They send out updates and don't fix any problems! I'm so glad I'm rooted so I can uninstall their shitty ass app!

Is anyone having any problems with Sound on the new facebook? I dont get any notifications from chat except for a icon in the notication bar... Cant we set a sound?

I had to delete it already. You can't remove/delete comments you leave so if you make a mistake, you're screwed. You also can't Like comments that people make. And it takes up almost 7 MB of space on my phone which I can't afford to give up for something that I get less functionality from than the Facebook website.

You can't remove/delete comments you leave so if you make a mistake, you're screwed.
>> Correct if you're talking about posts made on a friend's profile. Incorrect if you are talking about comments on your profile. Long press the post and you will get options to comment/like or remove.

You also can't Like comments that people make.
>> True. But not a big deal for me. Liking a post someone makes on my wall isn't a big deal from my mobile device... might as well just make a comment if I really really want to like something.

as far as i remember we were never able to delete comments.. no change there. and you CAN like comments, just click on the comment then hit "like" button on the right, that stayed the same too..

i think it's great, does need A2SD though..

"Less functionality" will be the case when you can chat, upload photos and comment on photos in the site, as it stands now it's better than the mobile site

Thank god! Zynga is the scummiest company on Earth, with policies that could only come from Bizarro-Earth's version of Google.

This is nice and all, but what about photo tagging? Seems to be a pretty easy feature considering iPhone and Blackberry has been doing for awhile now.

chat will not sign me off when i click on go offline..i log in on my pc and im still loged in to chat.. is there a way to go back to the old facebook?

while in the chat windows hit the menu button and you will be given the option to GO OFF LINE. This only effects chat as I still get notifications pushed to my phone. This IS NOT to be confused with hitting the menu button in the main Facebook menu screen and hitting the LOG OUT BUTTON.


Its working fine on my Droid X. I get a blue indicator light telling me I have a Facebook update. My phone screen is off when this happens.

works just fine on mine. I woke up this mourning with MANY notifications waiting on me.


Working just fine on my DROID X. It took about 20 seconds longer than the email, but worked fine.

edit: only works once I make facebook my active window. That makes a ton of sense. Notify me with an alert after I open the program.


Everything seems to be working fine. Getting my Wall Posts, Comments, Messages, chat notifications, etc all instantly.

It's working on your EVO? Not mine..AND I can't uninstall..well I CAN if I use Titanium Back up..but it seems to be a system file..and not sure I can get the .apk back if I do unistall..

This is frustrating as hell.

Any help? Hit me with an email skbgiants@gmail.com


Evo 4g
Stock 2.2
Kings Kernel #11

Updated the app...yet the chat function does not work..it's just "hangs" when I click chat.."loading...loading"..etc.

Also, no push updates.

Anybody have some suggestions?

Stock 2.2
Kings Kernel #11


The 1.5 Facebook for Android update only supports push notifications for OS Version 2.2.1 and above. Standard Froyo OS Version 2.2 does NOT support push notifications :(

Why does my rooted EVO 4G...arguably the most powerful and updated phone on the market NOT have 2.2.1?

I can't even find a ROM that is based on 2.2.1 at XDA?!?

Cyanogen Rom 6.1 should be 2.2.1 based, unless they couldn't find the right files for your Evo. But facebook doesn't play nice with CM. though,imo, facebook hates working well with anything.

That's wrong... it's getting them on some Incredibles, while not on others. Droid X users (2.2.1) are not getting them either.

Where did you source this information...? If I have 2.2, how do I go about attaining 2.2.1...? Android Market...?

That can't be it... some Droid Incredibles are getting it while others aren't, and they're the same version. Also, I'm hearing some Samsung 2.1 phones are getting them.

The only question I really have is has anyone found out how do get conta t pictures and updates to be accurate. Other than that this is a keeper!

Well the push and chat will be nice...Was hoping in the miscellaneous bug fixes it would have fixed the issue with my mobile posts not showing up on the news feed. Shows on my page, but not the news feed. Anyone else having this issue and any work arounds?

For those that DO have push working on their Droid Incredible, go to Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync > Add account. Do you see Facebook there (not "Facebook for HTC Sense) and if you do, does it have a green check mark next to it? If you tap on it, does it do anything? I don't have a green check mark there and when I tap on it nothing happens.

i thought droid does?.....wtf man!!!os my ass...pathetic!!!im really thinking switching if apple does come to verizon....this is a sad..works great on my droid inc but not my wife's eris...

for a second there I was excited about the push notifications, but I'm seeing mixed responses on who it's working for, I'm running Cyanogen 6.1 which is Android 2.2.1 and it's not working for me

Push notifications are working fine after the update on my EVO. I got it about five or ten seconds after the push notification from the notification email, which I received thru the Yahoo mail app FWIW (I like to keep non-essential stuff like FB and online registrations or store receipts out of my Gmail inbox, and away from Google's indexing ;)

I am getting push notifications no problem. Haven't tried using chat. Wondering if the chat will drain the battery. Hoping not, as it looks like there may not be a way to log out. Gonna have to try as I didn't even think about that. It seems like mixed results on the push. I like it so far :) Optimus S (stock) I did have to go in and turn the notifications on, but I have my phone set to never update as it updates the feed when you open the app (saves battery) And push still works with those settings. Just thought I would mention to see if that helps anyone.

No push notifications here on my DX! I've even gone through and deleted fb data no luck. Uninstalled no luck. Deleted it out of synced accounts no luck. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Earlier today I was looking at Facebook Chat applications on the Market and was thinking how nice it would be if Facebook would add this to their application. I am glad to read that this has actually happened.

I'm running Froyo 2.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S and both Chat and Push notifications work just fine.

Did a battery pull just to be sure and maybe you need to do this as well?

Loving this new FB app, makes Android complete now and so no need for any BB or iPhone any longer

I'm running 2.2.1 on my Galaxy S and have yet to get push notifications also. Which sucks, because it's the one thing that would make the app perfect for me.

To the people saying the notifications won't work for anything under 2.2.1 because the APIs don't exist: 2.2 has the Cloud-to-Device APIs, that's how Chrome-to-Phone works.

I was wondering this also, so I went into the chat conversation, hit the menu button and there it has clear conversation or view profile. That removed the chat from active chats.

Ive tried that and it doesnt work long term. Its view profile or Close conversation but as soon as you go offline and then go back into chat they will be there again.


If you're having problems with chat not loading, log into the website and make sure you're not offline. I had all my groups set offline so it just kept saying "loading" until I changed it.

I read ThisRayfe's comment on this, and I laughed really hard. The Pre version of Facebook is the worst one I've seen yet. I used to rock a Palm Pre. Big mistake. Lol. But yeah, I don't have 2.2, so I can't do the chat. Samsung needs to hurry their butts up with that. -Fascinate.

I am brand new to my EVO. Coming from blackberry I thought anything could be better than that! I absolutely love my EVO but one thing I was looking forward to on android was the facebook app! I couldn't belive it didnt have push notifications, but now that it does it made my day! And chat is also amazing, I love facebook chat and I am on it all the time. This just made the EVO that much better :)

Droid 1 I'm getting chat notifications but I'm not getting the push for the other stuff. I'm upgraded to 2.2.1 are there any droid 1 users that this is working for them?

************Where is the option for Push? I have Motorola Droid X with the 2.2.1 software. When I go into the settings for facebook, I see Refresh Intervals, but where is the option for Push??****************

Push notifications was working great when 1st installed yesterday.

I got notifications for:
-when someone replied to a comment
-new messages
-when someone "like" my status
-when someone open a chat dialog with me

but as of this afternoon today all push notifications stopped working.

Nexus 1 CM6.1

I was not the only one, some of my friends that had working push notifications all stopped also

Okay..well here is the deal. WITH 2.2 you MUST logon to chat via FB and KEEP IT ON. THEN the chat will function on the app. It's nonsense that you needed 2.2.1.

You're welcome.

(actually somebody already mentioned that in an earlier post...so credit goes to them.)

**PUSH FIX** Think I might have found why my I wasn't getting PUSH.. on your PC go to you FB acct settings, notification tab, go all the way to the bottom to where it says other applications, CHECK "Android Sync" and HIT SAVE!.. was only getting push notifications before up in notifications bar when opening FB app, now Im getting push notif. within 5 to 20 minutes! not amazing but better than nothing!..tested this with another account I had.. and Ive had FB chat working ever since the update... (Running a Rooted Droid Incredible with Skyraider3.5 rom) ***No Guarantees though** lol mine started working immediately after I did this(Slow push that is), yours may not**

Check ReChat (facebook chat for android): http://refineandroid.doodlekit.com/
- multiple accounts;
- plain/bubble views. Customize avatar/font sizes.
- font packs (download separate apk to keep memory).
- full Unicode support;
- customize income message notification: default sound/your sound file, LED, vibration, status bar notification.
- chat history. Export (email) selected messages, open chat messages, whole history for a contact, whole history for all contacts. Archive attachment with 7zip.

Facebook features:
- all non-chat permissions are revoked, customize period.
- upload image (several share options)
- send image to a contact (private wall post).
- send message to a contact (as a private event or private wall post).
- set status message.

i wasn't getting my notifications so i did what i do when something ISN'T working...i logged off facebook via my phone and logged back in. now i get all my notifications! :D