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So it's been a couple weeks since we last chatted. Thank the cold rains in London and the allergens in Florida for that, I suppose. But here we are, back again. And things are about to get crazy.

I'm on my way to San Francisco today for the inaugural Samsung Developers Conference. Android Central is the official community partner for the event. And seeing as how Samsung's doing something new (by throwing this little party in the first place), we figured we'd step up our game as well.

So you'll be getting live coverage from us Monday and Tuesday. That includes not only liveblogging the keynote — but we'll be streaming it online as well. Plus, we'll have three hours of live video coverage on top of that. We'll be doing a couple live podcasts, and interviews from the conference.

So join myself and Andrew Martonik. This is gonna be fun. It's all going down at

A few other thoughts runnin' through my head ...

  • Nexus 5 (and Nexus 10) and KitKat Watch — Day 363. (Halloween is looking good, BTW.)
  • No inside info or anything, but I'm betting on seeing devices ship in a day or two after the announcement.
  • I'm really curious to see if the Nexus 5 will break me from the Moto X. It'll probably come down to the camera.
  • I suppose it shouldn't be surprising, given our audience, but most of the folks installing the Android Central App these days are running Android 4.3.
  • Speaking of the AC app, we're starting work on another update. No ETAs or anything, but, yes, we've got things in store.
  • Aviate is really nice, but I still think I can predict what I want on my home screens better than an app. That's why I set up my home screens the way I did, after all.
  • But I'm also curious to try Cover.
  • I think one of the more telling things about BBM launching on iOS and Android — and it most certainly was a messy launch — is how difficult it can be to properly keep millions of users worldwide in context. More than 5 million downloads in two days, folks. 10 million by the end of the week. Think about that before you say "nobody's using it."
  • That said, I'm not using it.
  • And BlackBerry has done a pretty crappy job of convincing me that I need to use it.
  • Still seeing so many stories that confuse what Android actually is. It's not a "stock" launcher or skin. It's not Google apps. It's not a user interface. It's an operating system (or as Jerry says, 5 million lines of code) that lets you have all of those things.

OK, folks. The seatbelt sign is on. Catch y'all from San Francisco this week!


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From the Editor's Desk: Headed to SF for the Samsung devcon


Can't wait to see what cool features you are going to add to the ac app.

Posted via Android Central App

I figured Kevin would have given you all standing orders to be running BBM.... No more excuses lol

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

So since this event will be happening on the 28th and the 29th, I guess the rumors of an announcement by google about kitkat and the nexus 5 on the 29th are pretty much not gonna happen.

I doubt google will want to upstage samsungs dev event....would be bad form in my opinion.

Or was it bad form for Samsung to date the event so close to the launch of a new version/nexus phone?

Posted via Android Central App

You mean so close to the launch of a yet to be announced phone or OS release? Google has had no "Official release" date set, so I don't think Samsung would be in the wrong if both things happen on the 29th...Seems to me that the nexus5 or kitkat are not being announced on the 29th...maybe on Halloween.... who knows.

Google has not even sent out press invites for anything 4.4 or Nexus related. And they would do that at least a week ahead of time you would think.

Let's also hope Samsung doesn't persuade them to make AC a Samsung store exclusive app too. = P

Nothing's final, until it's final. All of the leaks could have been Google trolling the hell out of us, lol.

I don't know. That would be rather elaborate hoax. Service manual, multiple video and image leaks, and branded carrier images all with cohesive design. Personally I think we know what the 5 will look like. The real mystery is what the extent of KitKat has to offer. Which IMO is more exciting.


Yeah, good point. I'm excited to see how kitkat looks and feels, as well. The 4.3 update has been "really user friendly and smooth." So, kitkat should be legit!!

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Hopefully the Nexus 5 will be a treat and not a trick like the n4, gnex...

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I hate to harp on this, but AC is sponsoring part of this event? Ugh. Not the sort of interaction that lends itself to objective industry analysis. If this event was a poorly run flop that people shouldn't go to in the future, how could we be sure AC would say so?

Because I'm there. That's why.

I don't know what to expect. Maybe be awesome. May be inside developer stuff that we might not usually cover.

But I'm not going to apologize for trying something new. If you want the same old thing, there are plenty of places to find it.

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I think the bigger deal than the actuall nexus 5 release is gonna be the event where Phil eats his nexus 4 because of nexus 5 launch. Let me know where I can tune in... If u need to disassemble it to eat everything I think that would probably be okay...

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What, you don't remember promising to eat your Nexus 4 as soon as the Nexus 5 comes out? You need to stop hitting the sauce before you post, buddy.

This. Is. The. Single. Funniest. Thing. Ever. You have officially won the internet.

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Halloween makes sense. A day dedicated to handing out candy to children, why not release Kit Kat on the same day?

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Hey while you're out there, check out the floating data center Google is (allegedly) building out in the bay.

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I drive past it every day and wondered for a while what it was. Now that I'm even more intrigued, there's even less of a chance to get close to it. We'll know when we know.

It had the feel of leaving Tampa International Airport and going out over the bay, including two different bridges over the water. I knew your pic wasn't taken there, but it is kinda cool I can get the same vibe from that picture.

Great post as always Phil.

You really have a great job!

(Not jealous at all)

Keep it secret keep it safe..... ø

Welcome to the Bay!

The 415, 650, 510, 925, 707, and most of all, 408 welcome you!


This should be interesring and is something fresh, im interested to see what the AC update will bring-any clues anyone perhaps a lick of the old paint and a redesign on the layout may be the obvious ones. Come on phil how about a leak lol

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I look forward to this week. I was a blackberry guy, installed bbm and uninstalled the next day and back to whatsapp waiting for sms in Hangouts as well. Is the 31st going to be the day because of the cross promotion on national candy day? Safe travels.

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More like announced on 31st, order on the second, site breaks, backordered out of stock, ships in 6 months site back up, supply chain still stinks

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

They really cannot do it again can they?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I remember words to that effect last year and they woefully underdelivered

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

And i couldnt care less lol yes the nexus 5 like the nexus 4 will offer great specs at a more than decent price point, But i have my Note 3 and im More than happy with it for a couple of years.

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Please don't sell yourself out to Samsung, they haven't been behaving too well of late.

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Let's hope that Samsung get the message from devs that locked down bootloaders are not welcome and neither iare regional locks or Knox flags that invalidate warranties.

Unless Samsung reverse these recent 'innovations', I, and many others over at XDA, won't be buying and supporting future Samsung products.

Agree with android uk, Samsung shouldnt turn Apple and prevent developers from doing what they do best, this was a big plus for them having unlocked bootloaders, So i for one hope its reversed.

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Yeah I'm also debating whether or not I will change to the new nexus as my daily driver. I'm moving the Moto X, and still spend some time with my HTC one. Frankly I think the moto x is one of the best phones ever made.

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