HTC Sensation

If you're rocking the HTC Sensation (a.k.a. the Pyramid for you geekier types), here's a bit of news that should interest you -- the CyanogenMod team has made the "official" CM9 repos for both the Pyramid and the MSM8660 chipset common files available and open to the public. There's no official release candidate for the Sensation just yet, as there are a few kernel bugs the team wants to iron out before releasing an official CM build, but this means that your favorite ROM developer now has access to what many feel is the cream-of-the-crop in third party Android development -- CM sources. 

We've seen ICS builds leak for the the Pyramid, and these no doubt helped push along the development. But if you've been waiting for a Sense-free build of Android 4.0 for your Sensation, the end is in sight. Keep an eye on your favorite developer, and get ready to start flashing.

Source: +Keyan Mobli. More:  Github (1), (2)


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CM9 source code now available for the HTC Sensation


Yup. I'm very glad I went with the Sensation. The Galaxy Nexus came out and within the same month we had ICS roms. I've been using ICS since November. They've just been getting faster and faster. Quadrant scores are at the top and Antutu is scoring 6900. If I had a faster SD card I'd probably be scoring higher too.

I got a used Sensation just a few months ago. Running the Virtuous Inquisition rom(senseless ICS) and it is awesome. I love this phone!

I bought the Sensation on release day and tbh i was disappointed! But HTC fixed some things ( especially with ICS ) and XDA devs made it a great device! Development is getting better and better! I can't believe that Sense 3.6 is running so smoothly ( custom rom and kernel ) that even a hardcore iFan friend of mine admitted that android is better than iOS ( duh!!! )! Can't wait for a fully functional Sense 4.0 ( almost there ) and CM9 ! I love this phone!

I've had the sensation since day one and i LOVE it!!! I have rooted/Modded it since the minute the ROMS were available. I am currently running (InsertCoin v5.1.7) 4.03 w/ sense 3.6 and its smooth as heck, battery life is AMAZING... I am thinking about trying a sense free rom just to see.... maby.

Agree with every the Sensation is definitely a great phone once it has been rooted. I am currently running EnergyROM battery life with this rom is so-so (great when not in use, but do a few things and within the hour battery life drops about 20%) but it runs excellent. What exactly are you seeing for battery life with InsertCoin???