the Augen Gentouch 78

My heart has officially been broken, as Google has told LaptopMag that the Augen Gentouch78 tablet's usage of the Android Market (and other Google Apps) is unauthorized.  To be more precise, Google claims that "Augen included proprietary Google software in their product via an unauthorized vendor. Google only licenses its software to partners and OHA members directly."

We have no idea who or what the unauthorized vendor is, but I promise it wasn't me.  It certainly explains why you couldn't really download anything from the Market without a bit of hacking wizardry though.  It's starting to look like I'll never get the uber-cheap family refrigerator calendar tablet of my dreams, and this raincheck from Kmart will have to suffice. [LaptopMag]


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Augen tablet's use of the Android market is unauthorized, Google says


That is really cool! Thanks for sharing. 1 year warranty, 800x600 TFT, 7" diag, Android (2.1?), claims it will be upgradable, 1GB flash, SD card up to 32GB:

No mention of: what processor type or speed, if it is resistive (I am guessing it is), how much memory it has (256MB???), battery capacity or life, if battery is replaceable, GPS? (probably not), camera? (probably not).

Doesn't seem to have the standard Android keys, so it must be heavily skinned? Access to the app store? Seems like a strange thing to have at Walgreens....

As I understand it the latest update for the device is 2.1, however it lacks most of the Google apps including the marketplace.

That being said, there are many guides out there for rooting it etc to make it more of a tablet device. But, its not got the fastest CPU and is intended to just be an eBook reader.

Weird thing is Wallgreen's wont ship to CA...

This sucks. Google needs to build a tablet to push that space forward like they used the Nexus One on the handset side.

I bought It and did the market entails using android emulator setting up market account on the emulator getting the ID from that and pushing it to the kpad(kmart android tablet..wut I'm calling gentouch)'s really not a bad stylus tablet, I put launcher pro, enabled froyo like app drawer 3d enabled....n dolphin HD also

If you don't get the market fixed or is a secondary android market and app brain but you need market fix for app brain I believe...

RotateD allows you to flip it into portrait mode..if you need any help Dextermorph@ gmail

I have one with a "hacked" market and it works. Not the greatest thing in the world but it's open and the word is Rom Manager will be on here shortly. Augen has put out an update to use their market which completely sucks.

The people over at slatedroid are putting some real effort into making this device work, google apps or no google apps.

I wish my K-Mart had not gotten them in stock. I bought mine last Tuesday and began testing it. I loaded my g-mail account information, but shortly thereafter decided the screen was too blurry, it was very slow, and that it took too hard of a touch to register on the device. In short, it was unusable. I did a Settings-->Privacy-->Factory Data Reset which is supposed to remove all user information. Imagine my surprise when the g-mail account was still there. Every kind of reset, hardware and software, has had no effect.

I called and e-mailed Augen Tech Support every day for a week. I finally got through today on the phone, Monday August 9. They said they would post a fix sometime later this week, maybe.

My local K-Mart said almost everyone who bought the Gentouch 78 has returned it. They said they are shipping them back to Augen as defective. I will wait a few days to see if Augen posts the software patch, but then will return the device regardless of whether I can remove my e-mail account information.

Update. I installed the SD Card & USB Driver Update Files from the AugenUS Web site (

After I did that, I turned the tablet off and powered on while holding the HOME button on the back. A screen with the Android robot and a green triangle with an exclamation point shows on the screen. I released and then pushed the HOME button. That brought up a screen with several options including one to reset the device to factory settings and erase user data. You move up and down the list by pushing the MENU and SEARCH buttons and select by pushing the RETURN button. Just select the Reset option and then confirm that Yes you do want to reset and your g-mail account (along with some installed apps like And Explorer and ES File Explorer for sure) will be gone.

I have returned mine to K-Mart and received a full refund. K-Mart told me that they are enforcing the 30-day return policy on electronics, not their more liberal 90-day policy for most items.

I got one of these things. 150.00 paper weight! I cannot access Android market, the company keeps promising a "patch" from Google for this any day now. I cant reformat the thing to get my information off it so I can return it, because once ...again the unit doesnt perform the task as requested it just shuts itself off instead, it does pretty much NOTHING that it claims it can other than surf the web and it does that painfully slow. The sound on it is messed up, it crackles and pops and thats with or with out head phones, so if you didnt get yours yet, COUNT YOURSELF AS LUCKY!! Now what I want to know is HOW do I get my personal information and address book from G mail off this piece of garbage so I can return it???? The company has not responded to any emails and I cant get anyone on the phone. All they have said is a patch to resolve all this will be posted on their web site soon.

I hear you. It's like they release a beta product for sale.

But there's good news, there are people who can help you. But first you must breathe. Then check out the XDA thread for the augen. They also have a wiki. You may have to read through 50+ pages of threads, but you can get your questions answered, and you can either mod it to your liking, or remove your personal stuff so you can return it.

Don't bother with Augen anymore. Their update roms are intended to appease Google now, not their customers.

To erase data:

Turn off, hold home (I think or one of other buttons) while turning on, a triangle with ! N android will show up, press menu n search for up n down n return to enter/select...then wipe device..but try the market fix via xda...or augendev..

Slate droid is good. So is XDA. If you already know android and are will to run some batch commands, you can tweak this thing to your heart's content.

K-Mart doesn't have any because they are selling out. I had to call 15 different k-marts day after day before finding one 45 miles away. Regardless of what you read. You can have market and google apps, you just need to do the work and read the forums.

The gentouch is a great look at a 7inch MID form factor that is going to take over everything. All it needs is a a capacitive touch layer and it will be a great device. TCC8902 variants are coming by the ton from China. I think this device paves they way for them.

I was at my local KMart yesterday to look at one of these. They had 5 in stock. It had the unauthorized Google-market access. However, I didn't buy one. The clerk fired it up for me. It's slow, and the the resistive screen is not very responsive unless you press firmly. It wasn't bad for $170, but I'll wait until better comes along, which I expect won't be long.

How about the android tablet from Flat Computing in Austin. Says they have a different android tablet. Anyone have one of them?

I was at K-Mart with the wife and kids the other day, and they had one of the 7" augen tablets in the case so I played with it for a few minutes. the build quality was cheap, the display was washed out, the touchscreen is resistive(Boo!), it was slow, and of course the whole Market problem.

It would have to be less than $50 for me to even think about buying it. The e-reader at walgreens look promising, I might have to take a jaunt up there tomorrow.