AT&T HTC One X benchmarkAT&T HTC One X benchmark

The AT&T version of the HTC One X has been hitting the benchmark apps the past couple of days, and a friend of a friend of a friend was kind enough to send in a few results. On Sunday we saw a few benchmark results from our forums appear, and with one of them, the Vellamo browser benchmark, being built by Qualcomm there was some speculation that it would naturally score higher. We have to agree with that, as any company would want to stack the deck if at all possible -- that's how this sort of thing goes.

Now we have results from AndEbench, Antutu, and CF-Bench to compare. You can see them after the break, but the important thing is that they all appear exactly as we expect them to. New high-spec processor scores higher than last generation's high-spec processor. Tossing out the Vellamo results (they may or may not be biased, so they have to be dismissed), we can see that the Qualcomm S4 is still a great performer, but not the score-doubling monster that Qualcomm's browser benchmark makes it out to be.

I'm still not impressed by benchmarks. They depend far too much on software (especially in Android because of the Dalvik machine) and are easy to manipulate -- either by users or the folks writing the benchmark apps. Will the AT&T version of the One X be a good phone? I'm pretty sure it will be. Will it be as good at the International version with NVIDIA's Tegra 3? Maybe, we'll have to put them side-by-side and compare before we give the final word. As for the specs-on-paper battle, I'm staying out of it because I'm not a big enough hardware-geek to know or care. I'll leave that to the experts, and judge the phones on how they work in my hands. Hit the break to see all the results.

Thanks, Anon!

AT&T HTC One X benchmarkAT&T HTC One X benchmark
AT&T HTC One X benchmarkAT&T HTC One X benchmark



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AT&T HTC One X benchmarked again


I'm interested in the performance of the S4... but those benchmarks don't mean squat to me.

I want a phone that browses desktop web sites faster then anything else out there... cause that's really the only thing I do on my phone today where I feel like my phone is just too darn slow (I'm not much of a gamer).

From the semi-real-world benchmarks that anandtech ran the msm8960 thru it does appear that the dual core S4 is about the same as the tegra 3 if not a bit faster.

Unfortunately, those aren't exactly "real world" either. They're javascript micro-benchmarks. And they're far too outdated.

It's getting to the point where the individual tests they run finish so fast, the main bottleneck is being able to fetch the from memory. Hence, you see that the architecture that performs the fastest is the one with the fastest clock/bus. I.e. Intel's Atom.

Really, the best gauge of actual performance is to get a complex website -- one that would take multiple seconds to render -- and actually measure the time to load (when cached locally). Reviewers used to do this, but as benchmarking tools became more prevalent, they got lazy and just hit the "run" button.

Even anandtech is prone to this, as we've seen.

Agreed to some extent... although the browsermark benchmark at least tries to test HTML rendering as opposed to just javascript performance.

I do wish there was more real-world browser benchmark but no-one seems to have been successful at this. What we have is better then nothing but as is usual for benchmarks, real world use is the only true way to measure it.

Both PC-Mag and AnandTech did a benchmark on the comparison of these two processors.

And other than gaming, the S4 appears to have the edge in all categories.

Left unsaid is power consumption. With ONLY and 1800mha battery in both models, we just can't guess which will be the better handset in real world use. At least not until the ONE X and the ONE XL (at&t) are benched in some sort of battery utilization test.

Given the sorry pace/state of AT&T's LTE buildout, I'm seriously thinking that importing the HTC ONE X (And staying on 4G) might be a better idea for the next two years than getting the AT&T HTC ONE XL (with scarcely available LTE)

Yeah, the battery life is the big question for me as well. It better be efficient since the one series lacks user replaceable batteries.

"phonescoop"'s comments in the forum thread said that the one X has better battery life than any other LTE android phone... but since LTE phones are notorious for poor battery, that's not saying much.

All i know is when i had my transformer prime desktop sites felt as fast a my core 2 duo laptop when loading. Flash wasn't as good though but overall it was very fast.

Edit- this was suppose to be a response to a post above about desktop speed.

I love that the hero is on there! Hero to nexus s, I hope my next phone jumps in performance the same way.