Facebook for Android

The official Facebook app for Android just got itself a little update in the Android Market. Here's what's new in version 1.6.3:

  • Improved the design of the composer bar
  • Fixed a bug that made birthdays disappear
  • Fixed the Quick Contacts overlay in Friends
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash on start after upgrade

Go get it now in the Android Market. We've got links after the break.

Thanks, isaiah32, for the tip!


Reader comments

Android's Facebook app updated with bugfixes, design improvement


In news feed, posts with youtube video links still only give browser options in the "complete action using" prompt. The youtube app is not listed as an option. This started back with 1.6.1
youtube video links play with the youtube app just fine in the main fb app screen (notifications, profile, friends, etc).

Hmm people still use stock facebook app? Guess they haven't heard of friendcaster the best facebook app on the market.

since the gmail update, Friendcaster is USELESS. The new API in gmail has disabled the push/delete/archive feature that Friendcaster was known for. IMO, Friendcaster is just as useless as the official app until they fix that.

Periodic polling is BS! I'm not tanking my battery for that crap!

How do you update it if it came with the Evo? It's not asking me to update in the Market.

I'm used to being rooted and being able to uninstall it and download it from the Market. But I'm not rooted anymore :/.

If you install the new 1 from the market it will replace the old version. I have an Evo & had to do this in order to get the update.

You're one of the lucky ones...notifications are not phone specific or Facebook version specific. It doesn't work on my EVO 3D nor did it work on my Droid Incredible (both stock and rooted). Out of curiosity did you have a BlackBerry prior to getting an Android phone? I'm working on a theory here.

Back to this Facebook update. I'll say it again, I fail to understand how Android cannot put out a respectable version. It's criminal.

What is the theory you're thinking of? I had a BB recently and even after switching to android facebook was still not sending me an email for every notification like on BB (which I like) but then last night I got a few random emails from facebook which stopped today. I rarely ever get a notification message on android, yet if I go to the facebook app menu and let it reload it will then show how many notifications I have.

Not the commenter you were asking, but I get push notifications (I'm on a myTouch 4G, haven't gotten my Gingerbread update yet, running the out-of-the-box Espresso build), and yes I did switch from BlackBerry to Android.

I'm curious about your theory.

Ive never had a BlackBerry, but as of yesterday around noon, I started getting push notifications and they have not stopped yet. I have not updated to the newest version either. I got around 20 notifications yesterday and woke up this morning and had 4 more and I have received an additional 2 since Ive been at work.

I have an unrooted Evo 4G running 2.3.3 & I've gotten push notifications even before the update. I did have a blackberry previously but I changed carriers & phone numbers when I got my Evo so they don't have a record of my previous device.

It's FACEBOOK'S fault there is no good official app. Android has nothing to do with Facebook making an official app for their website.

It's the same thing with the iPad. They still have no official iPad app available. Facebook is just horrible with this in all cases with the exception of the iPhone, which admittedly even they couldn't afford to neglect.

Pretty good here. I've never had issues with it honestly. I've always received my notifications. It did crash with the 1.6 update, but the hot fix right after the big update fixed it.

Facebook does not want a great app for its rival and competitor, google. In many ways, the success of android and its parent, google, is a direct economic threat to Facebook. And I'm not really into conspiracy theories - this is obvious.

Updated last night and now I keep on getting a '1 new FB message' in my notification bar on DX2 every few hours. Wont open the notification and haven't been sent a message in a few days! Always some stupid glitch with every update!!

The app still sucks. I'm trying Google+ and their notifactions work and many other things. Once it goes public then Facebook will begin to faze out for me.

Very unlikely, they're quite late and you need a Google email for Google+ to work correctly. I don't see the huge community moving to a whole new system (many having to change their email address) with no clear advantage.

Which is sad, I'm sure Google would have done a great job of it, possibly with fewer bugs than FB and more user-friendliness.

Not sure why they haven't upgraded the chat/messaging system in the app to match the new system online. Chat and messaging have been integrated online, but the app still handles them the old way. I'll get notifications that I have a new message, but nothing shows in the app. I can only get the message if I go online or on mobile website. Is this such a hard concept for them to understand?

This is STILL the worst app on my phone. So buggy I can't believe it. Pretty bad when it takes a minute just to view a picture. Then try backing up! Ha! You're lucky if the app doesn't force close. I hate this stupid app. They need to do something big, because it just plain SUCKS.

Maybe not the worst, but it's far from an acceptable app. For one, it drains the battery pretty hard, I'm almost wondering whether they are polling and using loops for delays ;-)

Then yes, it's very slow, and using a lot of memory. It has obviously been coded by someone who's completely oblivious of good (embedded) programming practices. Then again, the website doesn't strike me as perfect and free of bugs.