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Viber adds games to its Android messaging app in five countries

Viber has updated its Android messaging app in the Google Play Store five countries (Belarus, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore and the Ukraine) with a feature that allows users in those territories to play a select number of games inside the app. This feature will be rolled out worldwide to other parts of the world in the coming weeks.

Viber says the games will feature "many of the characters that have already become popular staples of Viber's Sticker Market." It added:

The launch line-up features Viber Candy Mania and Viber Pop from leading mobile game network Storm8 and Wild Luck Casino from leading casual games developer, Playtika. The games were built using "Viber Connect," a new private API that allows users to sign in with their Viber ID to connect with their friends and contacts on Viber, send them gifts and brag about their achievements. Additionally, users will be able to send game invites via Viber, and see what games their friends are currently playing.

Source: Viber

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  • I got the update, I barely use Viber but in the notes for the update it did mention the games. I thought nothing of it due to how little I use it. However I did check the app after reading this article because you mentioned only five countries got it, I live in Canada though. It seems the update got pushed but the ability isn't there for the games. Atleast maybe not yet who knows. Posted via the Android Central App