PS5 VR (PS VR2): What resolution is the display?

PS5 PSVR (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Sony has been relatively quiet concerning any news on its next virtual reality device, the PS VR2, but what few specs the company has shown off have only made excitement around the new VR headset even higher. Among the few official specs we've seen thus far, the 4K-quality PS VR2 resolution has us most excited, as it's a major step up from the previous generation.

What resolution is the PS VR2 display?

Playstation Vr Psvr

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

While we can speculate to high heaven on how the PS5 VR headset will perform, Sony thankfully left little to the imagination regarding the PS VR2's display. Sony has confirmed that the new device will feature an OLED display, with 2000x2040 resolution per eye and support for both 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates, instantly making it one of the best PlayStation accessories on the market when it releases.

As far as comparisons to other VR headsets go, this absolutely blows the original PSVR out of the water, as the original device only supported a resolution of 960x1080 per eye. And for the popular Oculus Quest 2, it hits 1832 x 1920 per eye.

The PS VR2's OLED display will also support HDR output, which will aid in widening the available color palette and help bring the virtual reality more in line with the PlayStation 5. Rumors have also circulated that the PS VR2 will have a proper IPD adjustment wheel on the headset, allowing players to move the distance between each of the lenses.

Alongside the massive leap in resolution and much-improved display, the PS VR2 will also feature new lenses inside the device that will provide a clearer image and a wider field of view. According to Sony, the PS VR2 will have a 110-degree field of view. While that only sounds like a slight boost over the PSVR's 100-degree field of view, it'll be a major improvement for PS VR2 owners. A wider field of view will not only allow more of an image to be visible at once, but can also help alleviate any issues that might arise with virtual reality devices, like motion sickness or headaches.

PS VR2 specs

During CES 2022, Sony officially unveiled some initial specs behind its PS VR2 headset. Not only is it a game-changing leap in quality from the original PSVR, but it also proves that Sony is committed to its virtual reality prospects, and is looking to immediately compete with the likes of the Oculus Quest and other premium headsets currently available. You can check out the reported specs for the PS VR2 headset below:

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CategoryPlayStation VR2
DevicePlayStation VR2 headset
Panel Resolution2000x2040 per eye
Refresh rate90Hz, 120Hz
Lens separationAdjustable
Field of View110 degrees
Tracking4 on-headset cameras
Eye-trackingYes, IR camera for each eye
Sensors6-axis motion sensing
HapticsSingle vibration motor
AudioBuilt-in microphone, stereo headphone jack with 3D audio support
CableUSB Type-C

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