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OUYA says it has shipped consoles to 32-percent of early backers

50-percent of consoles expected to ship by end of next week, no matter your location

In a weekly email update from the OUYA team, we now know that a full 32-percent of early kickstarter backers of the console have had their devices ship out. If you'll recall, the first shipment notifications started heading out at the very end of March, and we're sure OUYA is cranking these things out as quickly as they can. Based on their initial estimates of shipping times, the consoles are actually getting out slightly ahead of schedule.

OUYA says that they expect to hit the 50-percent mark for shipments by the end of next week if all goes according to plan. They also explain that no matter where you live in the world, if you're an early backer those shipments should be picking up next week as well. These are exciting times, and we can't wait to see what these consoles can do once all of the developers have them in their hands.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • When will the OUYA get its Key Lime Pie update!? Too soon? Will be very interested in reading some reviews of this device and platform. Hope it succeeds. I'll be on the side line cheering.
  • You expect them announce the update to an unannounced software version?
  • Don't take this the wrong way, but it's already failed. The amount of things wrong with the Ouya are endless: 1. The store is filled with shovelware crap. We're talking games that are worse than Flash games. Games so bad that it's questionable whether you could even play them.
    2. The hardware is already outdated, featuring a bog-standard Tegra 3. It's barely able to run The Ball at a choppy 20 frames per second, and that's with significantly lowered quality compared to other versions.
    3. The controller has flaws in its design (the right analog stick catches on the case and the buttons slip under the faceplate).
    4. There's a huge abundance of software bugs. Sometimes the controller doesn't sync, leaving the Ouya as a useless doorstop. The functionality of the home button wasn't even standardized until shortly before the March "ship date".
    5. Most of the "promised" games aren't actually promises, they're more "eh, if the Ouya is hugely successful, we might port it". See also: the lack of Minecraft despite being in the pitch video.
    6. Any major game worth playing is already playable elsewhere, usually from an Android port.
    7. The GameStick is basically the same thing as the Ouya, except it's portable, cheaper, and has a controller that at least was somewhat refined.
    8. Ouya's support has been absymal, including telling people if they want refunds to issue a "chargeback". Yeah, I'm sure Amazon Payments would be really happy about receiving a chargeback thanks to Ouya's idiocy.
    9. Most of the software is incomplete, and there's no way it'll be ready by June/July. The settings menu isn't even skinned, it's bog standard Android.
    10. All of that on top of the fact that they seem to be outright lying about their shipping numbers, and they're not even shipping to backers in order. Hell, they even gave away Ouyas for free to non-backers before making sure backers were getting them. Wow, I managed to actually list 10 separate things and I didn't even have to Google it. Whew.
  • Link?
  • I guess I'll be waiting for a while yet. I didn't order on kickstarter, I preordered on their website. So much for April shipping estimate :(
  • And we have yet to receive a single update. Yet the article states they are ahead of schedule. I'd say over a month behind. This system has a lot of disappointment to make up for.
  • Yup. Only info I have gotten was the email saying that they got my preorder and my money. That was 11/30/12, not a single thing since. Starting to irritate me to be honest. Even if the ship date was pushed to end of May or June, I wouldn't be as upset, but this is what I get trying to support something different
  • What they say and what is actually happening seem to be a huge difference: Seriously, I feel like they're lying out of their ass by this point. At the rate they're /actually/ shipping Ouyas, it'll take several years!
  • I looked at that site and it appears to be a site for people to complain. I wouldn't fill that out unless I had an issue. That said, some policing by backers makes sense. Honestly, I don't know that they are lying, but they are delayed. They did say starting to ship at the end of March. I was excited, but I still don't have mine. I look forward to getting it, but I look at it this way: - The company is brand new
    - They are learning to manufacture a product
    - They haven't gone to market yet with a launch I will be annoyed if they launch and I don't get my unit by launch. Until then, I don't think you can take the stance they are lying.
  • Multiple posts now from Android Central (from different authors, too) praising OUYA for their communication and shipping times. And yet the comments are consistently filled with people such as myself that have received NO communication, NO shipping estimate (other than what was on our pre-order confirmation, which in my case said "Your order will be shipped to the address provided in April, 2013." Note that it says "WILL BE", not "might be" or "should be"), NOTHING AT ALL. But they sure took my money fast enough. I just e-mailed them and told them I want to cancel my order. I doubt they're going to honor that. Actually, I doubt they'll even reply. They sure haven't communicated well in any other regard. So, Android Central, why do YOU feel OUYA realizes "the value of communication" (Jerry's words)? And why do YOU feel that OUYA's shipments are "ahead of schedule" (Andrew's words)? Because I STRONGLY disagree with these sentiments. Startup or not, small company or not, they took my money, promised to ship me a product in April (yes, I know April isn't over, but it's not coming in the next few days, either), and haven't said a word since.
  • Delays happen especially when they decided to fix the gripes that had with the controller and such. You will live if its a few days late. Or maybe not maybe the delay will cause you to suicide if that is the case see you in hell.
  • They can't even provide a single hard number for the number of shipped Ouyas. Why? Because they're not shipping any. All they have is a MS Paint graph (seriously, that's what it is) with no actual numbers.
  • Cool concept but I just cant justify a purchase. My tablet has HDMI out to my TV--hook up bluetooth controller (PS3 controller) to tablet and voila I have the same thing with a better controller, better interface, and compatibility with all of the top games on Android.
  • Everyone is so angry about the shipping of a device that hasn't been released to market with a launch date yet. Everyone needs to relax. Those of you that "haven't gotten a communication" need to check their emails. has posted one of these articles every Friday. The same time that Ouya has sent out an article about shipping times. The company has literally thousands of devices to ship. I doubt they are going to tell every single person where their devices is in the process. The company (and it's systems) probably aren't mature enough to do so. Give it some time and look to enjoy the system when it arrives.