Mineblast!! is a physics-based platformer from the folks behind Super Cat Tales [Android game of the week]

Mineblast!! (Image credit: Android Central)

Retro-styled platformers are alive and well on mobile, thanks to developers like NEUTRONIZED. They're the folks behind the popular Super Cat Tales series which is as fun to play as it is cute to look at.

Their latest mobile release, Mineblast!!, is a challenging physics-based platformer where you play as a miner trapped in an underground mine. You must use your limited supply of dynamite to dig for gems, blast through rocks, and destroy pesky enemies.

As always, I absolutely adore old-school graphics and the accompanying chiptune soundtrack. I could honestly leave the app open all day and just enjoy the level music on repeat.

In terms of Mineblast!!'s gameplay, I've found it really takes time to get familiar with the game's physics and how to master the controls. You get on-screen buttons for controlling your character's movement and dropping or throwing dynamite. If you're moving when you press the dynamite button you'll toss it in the same direction your character is headed, but when standing still you'll simply drop the lit dynamite at your feet.

This can lead to some frustrating moments. For example, I'll instinctively try to drop a dynamite behind me while being chased, but instead I end up tossing it ahead of me and boxing myself into a trickier situation. You only get two hit points before you're sent to the beginning of the level, so it's more important to avoid enemies all together rather than trying to take them out. That's because you can only damage them with dynamite, which is a finite resource you shouldn't waste trying to kill enemies when you can usually find a way to slip past.

Here's a solid tip: dynamite pick-ups will respawn as you progress through a level, so if you ever run out, you can typically backtrack and restock your supplies. Dynamite is required for digging for gems, blast through rock obstructions, and can be used to destroy other elements in the level that can create bridges across large gaps or uncover other secrets. The destructible environment is by far the coolest part of the game, but it can also land you in trouble if you blow up too much stuff and might force you to restart the level.

There are currently 40 levels included in the game, each with rare gems hidden throughout that you discover by blasting through dirt and destroying crates. Given your character's limited hit points and how challenging it is to kill enemies, it should take you several hours to complete this explosive, free-to-play platformer.

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