Microsoft's latest slam of Android forgets one little thing ...

Google Play Services presentation
Google Play Services presentation (Image credit: Android Central / Phil Nickinson)

From Microsoft's "Windows Update for Business" blog post, lauding all the security features it's put in place for Windows 10:

This level of commitment and support is far different than Android, for example, where Google refuses to take responsibility for updating their customers' devices, leaving end-users and business increasingly exposed every day they use the device.

Some things have changed at Microsoft. And some things, apparently, haven't.

Google Play Services has become one of the most important parts of any Google-friendly — that is, one that uses Google services — Android phone. But for some reason Microsoft forgot that in its blog post. And the fact that as of a year ago (and as announced at Google I/O last year) some 93 percent of devices were on the current version of Google Play Services, which is updated every six weeks.

Is the OS update rate anywhere good as we'd like it to be? Nope. Manufacturers, carriers and Google all have room to improve. But neither is the situation as dire — or ignored — as Microsoft might have you believe here. That's why Google Play Services is used — to offload some of that burden.

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Phil Nickinson