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Blackphone fires back: 'BlackBerry betrayed its customers and jettisoned its credibility'

The folks working on the security-centric Android-powered Blackphone have posted a rebuttal to the criticisms made by BlackBerry recently. The piece focuses primarily on BlackBerry's poor market performance, dwindling stock price, and ultimate reliance on competing platforms.

The main selling point Blackphone CEO Toby Weir-Jones posited for their product compared to BlackBerry was encrypted peer-to-peer voice calling, though it continues on to describe the BES infrastructure as restrictive and ineffectual. He even goes so far as to say BlackBerry's previous tiffs with local governments over lawful interception resulted in betrayals of customers.

Here are a few key excerpts.

"Unfortunately, the world discovered in 2010 that RIM was willing to compromise its integrity if sufficient pressure was applied by governments intent on spying on the messages sent via the ubiquitous devices. Various statements from the Saudi, UAE, Indian, and other telecom regulatory bodies all confirmed the same thing: RIM made it technically possible for the formerly-secret encrypted messages to be decrypted and viewed. Much speculation surrounds exactly what was done, and whether it remains in place today, but if anything there was more than one approach which achieved the same basic goal: a betrayal of the objectives of privacy.""In the past five years, the drop is still almost 83%, and that's including the recent bump following Blackberry's announcement that, at last, they're opening up their own Blackberry Enterprise Server to manage the devices people actually buy: namely, iOS and Android.""This touches upon a key point: our approach is attractive because the technology and architecture of the Blackphone ecosystem is more flexible, more transparent, and more usable. Closed systems — like BES and Mr. McGarvey's beloved EMM approach — are not attuned to how most enterprises are deploying mobility solutions today."

Those are some strong words. Be sure to check out the full editorial at the link below. What do you guys think? Are there viable alternative infrastructures that maintain security? Does Blackphone actually stand a chance at addressing the security concerns that BlackBerry has traditionally met?

Source: Blackphone

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  • Shots fired Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5
  • That was more of a baby nuke that Blaxkphone just hurled at them :) can't wait to see how they are going to respond.
  • Dis gon b good. On a more serious note, I feel they shouldn't be arguing as BB us more corporate and blackphone is more consumer oriented Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah but BES is used in a corporate environment and if it is open to android, it is open to BlackPhone. Adds a totally new layer of protection that some corporate customers might really go for.
  • Blackphone?? can't they be a little bit more original? how about comparing their offerings to BlackBerry? i'd like to know... John Chen will respond and he'll tear him a new one! i'm liking him as the new CEO.. he's probably laughing his ass off righ tnow
  • why can i not leave a comment on that article on blackphone..?? did my comment get delete cause i said a bad word? my bad ; >
  • As original as when BB suddenly started offering phones in uh WHITE?
  • uhhh how's colour even related? everyone and their moms offer white phones! and seriously??
    really? do i have to explain myself? and that phone looks EXACTLY like the Z10.. like i know devices can only be rectangular but look at it.. it looks exactly like the render of a Z10..
  • Does the term "Black Ops" come from BlackBerry as well?
  • And the Z10 looks EXACTLY like Droid X2.
    See how that works?
  • They both contain BLACK?! So what? I honestly never thought of the "Black" part of Blackberry to insinuate "security." It's a small, prickly fruit. Even when I owned the worst smartphone ever made...the BB Storm...I only thought of it as "just a name". I swear that device was truly the beginning of the end for BB/RIM. Now Black Ops or Blackphone does imply secret, stealth, or secure to me. Last point is I don't really care about either, just barely enough to do a Google search: When someone pointed out that the tiny buttons on RIM's device looked like a collection of seeds, Lexicon began exploring different fruity names: strawberry, melon and an assortment of vegetables were all bandied about, with no success. The company finally settled on blackberry because the word is pleasing to most ears and the device, at the time, was black, says Mr. Placek.
  • very true.. but since they are in the same industry and the same market it does make for a lack of originality... IMHO...
    if i was in the same industry as another company i would NEVER use any part of their name.. but i guess that's just me... it;s really crazy how ya'll love hatin on blackberry so much... it's pretty funny to watch the herd effect when it comes to hating BlackBerry... "The company finally settled on blackberry because the word is pleasing to most ears and the device, at the time, was black, says Mr. Placek." hmmm so with that quote ... sooooo it's not a coincidence that Blackphone is called Blackphone cause that phone on their website is black?? blackphone does not scream security to me... it tells me they sell a black phone.. BLACK OPS that just sounds cool and dangerous .. i can understand that.. but blackphone?? WATCH OUT FOLKS... I GOT A BLACKPHONE..
    oh you mean u have a phone and it's black.. nah mann BLACKPHONE.... it's secure...
  • LOL I hear you man. It does seem like they go out of there way to make the phone look as black as possible (aka always show a black wallpaper too). Like I said I have zero interest in owning one. Personally I have what I consider a very valid reason to hate on BB. That's the awful experience I had on the Storm and Storm 2 (mulitple units unfortunately...and Verizon didn't exactly help the experience). The experience I had on Android (and occasionally iOS) never left me wanting to give BB another shot even once they supposedly improved. I'm willing to bet that's really the reason the platform fell pretty much flat on its face. That said, I do hope BB sticks around as I value competition and innovation.
  • Why did he look at the losses for last quarter for BlackBerry,.
  • "Blackphone" isn't a reference to Blackberry. It's a play on "Black Ops" (i.e., secret stuff).
  • Chen is a one-armed man swimming upstream yards from Niagara Falls. You can like him all you want, but there's not a darn thing he can do to keep BlackBerry from drowning. At best, he can delay the inevitable slightly.
  • Blackberry became irrelevant when it was unable to counter the iPhone with a viable product. The Storm and Storm 2 were disasters and they weren't able to deliver a modern mobile OS (even one that could handle HTML email well) until iPhone and Android had eroded their business to the last fee BB diehards. They blew it years ago and I just don't see how they'll ever pull themselves out. Even my employer - with 10,000 employees - who used to ONLY support Blackberry doesn't even support them at all any more. Only iOS and select Android devices. Posted via Android Central App
  • agreed... made a lot of mistakes.. and made more with the BB10 launch.. could have done it much better!
    If John Chen came in around the Bold 9900 days it would have been different... they had a lot to win over in the Enterprise space and they just didn't do that... ahh well.. BB will forever have a place in my heart... i have a Z30 back up to my android devices
  • Shots fired! Posted via Android Central App
  • Funny on CB spun the story that BlackPhone started these attacks. "Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."
  • Umm.. where did CB spin the story? The CB post is the exact same post here on Android Central and written by Simon Sage. Why the uneducated lie? Trolls just can't win. You should have read the CB and Android post without your hategoggles on mate. Smfh..
    Posted via Android Central App on my z10
  • Blackberry just got wrecked. Posted via Android Central App
  • No they already have been wrecked, this is one of those last shots before it sinks
  • silly dumb canucks just don't have the smarts to compete. that's all.
  • hmmm what does that have to do with anything?? so can i say that dumb yankees can't compete with the Koreans?? irrelevant!! there are smart people in every part of the world... good things come from all nations.. stop being so naive and think everything revolves around the US... people like you give Americans a bad name... and if wasn't for the DUMB canucks at blackberry you wouldn't have a lot of things you enjoy now on your SMARTPHONE.
  • Nothing good comes from nations. Good things come from people. Gekko is just a troll. Pay no attention to him.
  • Ignoring gekko comments what did blackberry bring to the smart phone world that wasn't already around? "Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."
  • Uh... How about the smartphone. I may not be defending as I once did but do your research buddy. They brought the handheld computer to life.. And then got lazy... Posted via Android Central App
  • Do you really believe a smart phone would of never been invented if Blackberry didn't ever come out with one? They were just the first one to come out with it and have taken a back seat to every other platform Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3
  • that's true.. but if BlackBerry didn't put PUSH messages to your device who would have known emails and messages can arrive without having you check? they might have not invented PUSH technology but they used it in something no one ever had done before... it made us "see the light" on how we can receive emails, messages etc etc... just like the iphone.. reinvented how we see a device... u can hate em all you want... but they did do something amazing for us to experience something different.. gotta give credit where credit is due
  • I am not hating on BlackBerry at all as I was once a BlackBerry user myself for years. All I stated that just because they were the first to introduce the smart phone doesn't mean it wouldn't of been invented. But all of this is irrelevant because that is the past and if they continue to lose users at a alarming rate they will soon become a software and enterprise company. As Android, iPhone and WP continue to become the future. Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3
  • blackberry didn't invent the smartphone. even the Palm Treo came before it and there were a few before the Treo. in fact, you can hardly call a blackberry a smartphone, you silly canuck. it's a glorified two-way pager.
  • What's with your constant badgering of our northern brothern?! Unfortunately too many people around the world think you're the average American. Thank goodness you're not even an average joke. That said, yeah the smartphone was well in play before BB, but you can't deny they played a big part in its evolution.
  • Ignore Gekko, he hates Canada
  • Could have gone with a better name in my opinion.
  • Yeah, they should have gone with, iBlackAndriod
  • I honestly think the amount of people who are going to own a Blackphone is going to be laughably small, even compared to BlackBerry sales. I was interested in it until the middling spec was announced, and the relative lack of security if messaging someone who doesn't have the same suite of apps on their own phone (which they would have to pay an annual fee for), so you know it is never going to become a proper success. Even as an Android fanboy, this reeks of them trying to get some press off the back of BlackBerry frankly.
  • I laud BlackPhone for empowering the average person the right to privacy. Politicians are out of control. Privacy from your corporate bosses and from regulators isn't the kind of security that's going to appeal to IT, compliance officers and corporate legal departments. What they have is a consumer phone with some corporate stuff on the way but no tangible enterprise product. So yeah BlackPhone is a good consumer device and BlackBerry is a good corporate device. I wouldn't dare say either is good in both. That's wishful thinking. Posted via Android Central App
  • Blackberry also jettisoned innovation. Beyond their keyboard and BBS, they offered absolutely nothing over the competition. You can rest on your laurels for only so long before you get left behind, selling products that are obsolete before they reach stores.
  • And The Hub, flick typing, reply to notifications, buttonless OS, print to go, work and personal containers and several other innovations that either Apple or Google have copied. Posted via Android Central App
  • lol
  • i think BB10 is pretty innovative.. it's just too bad their brand got SHOT before it came out... i'm really interested to load up 10.3 on my z30... i've been using it since i sold my Note 3 waiting for my LG G3... i do have an S4 but i'd rather use my Z30... the HUB is just too good...
  • They should have called it "Chocolate Thunder".